Allison Kuehn was a contestant during Cycle 10 of ANTM.

Allison Kuehn was the 19-year-old hostess from Waunakee, Wisconsin. Allison was actually one of the more experienced models on the show, as she had begun modeling at sixteen years old; she had mentioned that she frequently traveled to Asia for her previous work. She was one of the more experienced models coming into the show.

Allison has been remembered for a few reasons. The first being that she openly admitted that she was once anorexic. This came out while she was arguing with Fatima Said following a comment Fatima Siad made about Allison’s weight. Allison was also known for the manner in which she was eliminated from the show.

During episode three, Allison exhibited a conceited attitude with regard to her makeover. Tyra complimented Allison for looking “so soft and pretty.” Instead of saying “thank you,” she answered, “I know!” Even after Tyra pointed out that she needed to say, “Thank you,” Allison still didn’t acknowledge Tyra. This coupled with a lackluster photo shoot landed her in the bottom two. She was the third model eliminated from the show.

Allison agreed with the fact that Cycle 10 was the most competitive cycle ever.  She said that not only did the girls look beautiful, but everyone had that competitive attitude. “It really brought out an ugly side in most of the girls, and that’s why there seemed to be a lot of fighting. All the girls, myself included, wanted it so bad,” she shared.

Allison was previously with Ford Models in Milwaukee, Vue Model Management and I Model and Talent in Los Angeles. Since the show, Allison has been in Wedding More, Jessica Code and Pop magazine.

Allison Kuehn is currently signed to DreamModels Workshop in Hong Kong and BMG Models in Chicago. She now lives in Hong Kong with Cycle 1‘s Elyse Sewell.

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23 Responses to “Allison Kuehn”

  1. neesy Says:

    Myself also being from Waunakee, Wisconsin, I am disgusted that she would represent us so poorly with her arrogance and ignorance.

  2. corrine Says:


    ANTM’s b*tches that do reasonably well in the industry :

    1) CAMILE (her mean-ness was rather exaggerated though)

    2) JADE (she was somewhat successful in Asia)

    3) MONIQUE (Gawd, I’m hoping she falls off a cliff and hopefully dies.)

    4) BIANCA!! (That’s my favorite beyotch in ANTM history. I love her as much as I resent how she treated the othe girls in her cycle.)

    5) Well, as we know ALLISON KUEHN (her personality wasn’t that memorable though)

    6) Sandra (EWWWWWWWWWWWW)

    Well, that’s about it! Angelea appears to be not doing very well … we’ll see!

  3. rishelle Says:

    Oh my god! I really love her even though she was eliminated early at ANTM. She was still succesful these days. Most of her photos were so stunning. And when cycle 10 started, I was really hoping for her or Kim to win! So I was really disappointed because they were eliminated early and I was not expecting that! But I still love them sooo much! I hope Alison will have a bright future! Cause I was really a fan of hers!! Cause her face! Woah! That’s a real face of a true model! WEW! I just adore her.

  4. PHIL Says:

    She looks like Jessica of cycle 14.

  5. boo Says:

    She has the Alyssa Milano look, but yep I agree with everyone who wrote something. She was too cocky and very arrogant. That’s why she was eliminated.

  6. Полина Says:

    It’s very beautiful! It is a pity that she left early.

  7. 4sher Says:

    As the judges say, “I don’t believe it.” She has more of an actress look then a model. I don’t believe it.

  8. Renka Says:

    Pretty, but nothing special.

  9. diraaa Says:

    she looks like Ariana Grande .. did anyone mention that ?

  10. ella alden Says:

    I find her photos mediocre and her personality repugnant. I’m not surprised she’s living with Elyse from cycle 1, two of a kind.

  11. I didn’t get the appeal to her at all. It is really hard for me to believe that she had a lot of experience before ANTM. Looking at these pictures I would have to say she is mostly one note, not good for a modeling career.

  12. hollisss Says:

    She looks great in her post ANTM pics, I did not like her on the show though. I do like her bangs. She is very pretty.

  13. Ally Says:

    I hated her arrogance and she seemed so fake especially when she saw her makeover for the first time. All they did was change her hair colour – nothing else. Glad she got eliminated. And if she didn’t want Fatima commenting about her size she shouldn’t have initiated the conversation in the first place.

  14. divinem1 Says:


    If you’re ugly inside, you’re ugly outside. There is no beauty in this girl.

  15. george Says:

    what an overly self pompous bitch this girl is

  16. timeandtimeagain Says:

    she’s very pretty, but i don’t think she’s got that “it” quality that some of the contestants from her cycle antm had (fatima, kat, etcetera). at least, she’s working and has found work.

    • Jamaica Says:

      None of them are that great to be honest with you (except maybe Fatima), and yeah, I do agree, Allison is nothing out of the ordinary. The thing that’s frustrating and at the same time kinda scary about her is that her look is photogenic–but it’s not a modelesque look.

      You have to understand, so many contestants after the show have gotten successful modeling careers–it doesn’t make any of them particularly special (except Toccara, Yaya, Eva, Yoanna, etc.) Even Ambreal from Cycle 9 and Rebecca from Cycle 4 (who by the way, was deemed too “commercial” by the judges) had modeling careers that took off. So it’s good for Allison that she got a modeling career.

  17. mquincy Says:

    pretty sure i just saw her in a lord & taylor ad in the April 2012 People style watch magazine

  18. Ella Says:

    Those are some of the worst hairstyles I’ve ever seen on a model. Her hair looks chopped up and ridiculous.

  19. Katherine Says:

    I can’t figure out why she is so full of herself. She really isn’t a good model.

  20. erin Says:

    She Looks like Sarah Silverman to me.

  21. mayme Says:

    She reminds me Eva Longoria! I thought she was so pretty, wish she had a better attitude. I also can’t believe Elyse would put up with such a pompous biatch living with her she hated the catty drama.

  22. no night is too long Says:

    her soul is ugly and this is reflected in her eyes, they are the same in every picture? i saw that expression at the man who robbed me on the street, like “you are nothing, i’m doing what i want”. And no, she is no actress either with that frozen face.

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