Allison Harvard was a contestant and runner-up during Cycle 12 of ANTM.

The American artist and fashion model from Houston, Texas, resided in New Orleans, Louisiana during her appearance on America’s Next Top Model. She is a painter and photographer, who describes her style of art as “surreal” and “psychedelic.” Her artwork is featured in the novel The Story Told at Night by Lisa Kuznetsova.

In late 2005, Allison gained notoriety as an internet meme on 4chan, where she became known as “Creepy-chan” due to her ghostly digital photos of herself in heavy eyeliner and broken-baby doll outfits and poses, as well as her fascination with nosebleeds. When cheerier images later surfaced, her moniker was updated to “Cute Chan.”

Allison successfully auditioned for Cycle 12 of America’s Next Top Model. She stated that she wanted to enter the competition because she was into art and photography. During the audition process, she stated that she loved nose bleeds and hemophilia.

Allison performed consistently throughout the competition. She was called first by Tyra Banks four times, in episodes two, ten, twelve and thirteen (the first part of the finale). Despite her consistent performance, Harvard was in the bottom two twice. In episode four, she landed in the bottom two, with contestant Nijah Harris, because she was said to have over-analyzed her shoot. In episode seven, she landed in the bottom two with contestant Tahlia Brookins because she had a lackluster commercial and she was told she wasn’t versatile.

Allison made a significant improvement, and during the finale episode of America’s Next Top Model, she gave a convincing Covergirl commercial and was hailed for her improvement from the previous commercial. Allison made the final two due to her improvements in her Covergirl commercial and her unique high-fashion look. In the final runway walk, she was deemed the most improved, despite being deemed the worst walker out of the bunch at the beginning of the competition. Paulina Porizkova commended Harvard’s runway to Tyra Banks by saying, “She looks awesome!” while Banks replied, “She does.” during the fashion show. Despite her improvements and strong look, Harvard lost the competition to Teyona Anderson, making Allison the runner up.

Allison signed with Nous Models Management in Los Angeles.

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242 Responses to “Allison Harvard”

  1. writingdog Says:

    I adore Allison. 🙂
    And this post.

    The pictures are wonderful!

    • momhiebear Says:

      i love ur face allison ! i love you more !!! ur the unique girl in the world ❤ ily ❤

    • rose Says:

      I LOVE allison i think she should of won cycle 11 and all-star cycle 17
      i, 2, 3, 4 underwater

      • queenlr Says:

        I really do believe she should of won one of those cycles. She was great.!!

      • Anya Says:

        Hi and Allison was not on cycle 11 she was on cycle 12 and I’m the biggest Allison fan hi Allison if u read this I would like to say u r the most butiful girl in the world a and when ru coming to brasil again.

      • SOMEONE :-D Says:


      • allison Says:

        hi thank you so much i glad you like me and i was in cyclle 12 but that doesnt matter thanks everyone so much

      • allison Says:

        hi everybody thank you so much for the great comments i really appricate them. i was in cycle 12 not 11 but that doesnt matter and im glad you like my song.i made it for my dad and i hope he likes it as much as yours. thanks to all my fans.

      • Mary Says:

        I absolutely think Allison is the most unique model I have ever seen and she is totally my role model. Her eyes are like the gleam of the son, fierceness of the sea, and gentleness of the wind, all put together. She can model, sing, act, dance, and talk like she’s been doing it her whole life. Personally, I think she should have won all star cycle 17 because it is sooooo hard to find someone as unique and stunning and exquisite as Allison. She is so perfect for Vogue. Also, Allison isn’t just a model, when she lost ANTMAS she still had various talents to turn to, and that’s what makes her so special.

      • Chronize Says:

        I totally agree! Allison should have won cycle ANTM and All Star-cycle. Allison is the most beautiful woman God ever created. ❤

    • IVAN RIVERA Says:


    • HELLO Says:

      i love her eyes she so cute…:)

  2. xiaomoogle Says:

    This is the myspace she has listed on her twitter. – it’s private.

    I ❤ Allison, Nicole (cycle 13), Yaya (cycle 3) and Laura (cycle 13). Truly beautiful.

    I prefer Allison will blonde hair though, completes the baby doll look.

  3. auszra Says:

    I absolutely love her beauty!!! Love her as a model and even more as “Creepy Chan!”

  4. izzitme Says:

    Great expressive eyes, but not a model!

  5. collette Says:

    She is rather ugly!!!!!

    • einez Says:

      Models have to have something unique about them. It’s not always being pretty or drop dead gorgeous. Even a little gawkiness goes a long way.

    • Re Says:

      You don’t know beauty until it smacks you in the face.

    • Kelsey Says:

      Uh. No, she’s not. She has something unique about her that makes me want to photograph her.

    • LoveAlli Says:

      I’m sure you aren’t so attractive yourself, or you would not have said something so ignorant.

    • Kelsey Says:

      And that, my dear, Collette, is what you call an opinion. Too bad its truth only covers your perception.

    • love tvd & red rh Says:

      i think allison is yes very strange looking, but she is so pretty! In such a weird way. she is weird but if she wasnt shed just be awkwrd. she is amazing! i remeber in that greece episode they had a shoot in a giant bowl of salad and she was like “its so cool, like stepping into someones organs!” ehehehe

    • Neha Says:

      Alision isn’t the regular bomb shell blond hair blue eyes stereotype model but that’s what makes her beautiful

    • Pierson Anthes Christensen Says:

      Sorry!I was talking about the jerk who said she was ugly but my comment got moved. To be more specific, Collete is an asshole! Allison is beutiful

    • hannah Says:

      your sooooo wrong shes beautiful your the ugly one your stupid and mean *****

    • Boone Says:

      And I suppose you are a raving beauty who is already a Supermodel of the world, Collette dahling? Everyone knows your name and falls at your feet? I highly doubt it and who in the hell are you to be the judge of beauty anyway? Nobody knows you and likely nobody wants to. Rude, snappy little bitch comments like yours never get you far. Trust. Every person has something attractive and/or unique about them. Whether you find it so is of course up to you. But, you may want to take a look in the mirror first before judging others and look close. See those flaws? We all have them but some of us make them beautiful and even better, we know HOW to. There, you just got your ass read by a humble gay man from the beautiful Rocky Mountains.

    • Riley Says:

      That’s only your opinion

  6. silver nail polish Says:

    What are you talking about? She’s stunning! Her look is great.

  7. a Says:

    What some people see as “ugly” often IS high fashion when it comes to tall thin girls. I think she’s amazing looking; so unique. Hope to see much more of her in the future.

  8. Tessa Says:

    So sad she didn’t win!!! Her look is so unique!

  9. Roula Says:

    I love Allison. She looks like a sad doll.

  10. neesy Says:

    LOVE HER! She should have won!

  11. Melissa Elisa Says:

    Oh, I love you, Allison.

  12. Mariana Says:

    One of the most unique faces in the history of ANTM in my opinion. Also one of the most beautiful girls. I LOVE ALLISON!!!

  13. Ailin Says:

    SOOOOO unfair she didn’t win. Should have won; she’s better than Teyona if you compare the photos. She has a sparkle that I haven’t seen in a model for a while; something special. So, SOOO UNFAIR!!!!

  14. alexis Says:

    Wth! Allison has no flaws in anything, a better personality, so much improvement and her bottom two situation sucked! Her commercial was better. Some of her photos were not bad. It’s cute, just like her being 2nd was not good enough. Teyona was great, but Allison was 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 times better.

    • alicia Says:


    • shannon Says:

      Alison is gorgeous she was robbed. Colette stop hating

    • Jamaica Says:

      I disagree. I thought her look was very weird and not in a good way, and on some occasions rather disgusting as well as vacant. She has no versatility, no modelesque qualities about her whatsoever, what is so special about the girl?

      I honestly thought she was just a waste of space, and made it to the final two to appeal to viewers. Nothing more.

  15. tets Says:

    Stop staring at me with them big ole eyes!

  16. Обожаю её!!!

    Почему её выгнали.

  17. sad Says:

    It’s so sad that Allison decided not to pursue modeling. she is rumored to be working as a waitress nowadays.

  18. Susan Green Says:

    She looks like a little porcelain doll with big eyes and a round o for a mouth. Very cute.

  19. Guz** Says:

    I love Allison. She is a wonderful and nice girl.

  20. Says:

    Anybody know what happened with her????

  21. Jaamgirl Says:

    She’s very modelesque but she needs more versatility to her face. Clients don’t want to see the same face over and over. She’s relying on pretty and needs to learn to be a participant in her modeling.

  22. Rina Says:

    She is a winner to me, she should have taken the first place. To me, the other girl was too old for 17. She wasn’t fresh. She does take good pictures. Allison is high fashion to me.

  23. Mickey Says:

    OMGosh a waitress? I hope she did not become a waitress!!! Only quitters become waitresses!! No offense to any waiters here.

  24. Алёнка Says:

    А что с ней случилось? Я не в теме???? Ну вообще пол Росии болела за неё! Она талантлева и только она должна была выиграть!!!! Люблю её! Элисон forever
    Элис супер
    Элис класс!
    Кто не верит
    Тому в глаз!!

    And what happened to her? I’m not in the topic?? Well, actually the floor Rosii ached for her! She talantleva and only she would win! “I love it! Alison forever
    Alice super
    Alice’s class!
    Who do not believe
    Besides the eye!

  25. Ria Says:

    She is really GOOD! Even if her eyes are like, so HUGE, she can make it in the fashion industry! Have you noticed that the black and white photos look SO VOGUE? It’s great! Go Allison!

  26. Chris Says:

    Allison is a very strange and beautiful creature. If I were emotionally unstable I would stalk her.

  27. boo Says:

    She could do a lot more.

  28. Brunito Says:

    Undeniably beautiful and extra special.

  29. einez Says:

    This was one gal I thought who would not make it to the final 2. Glad I was wrong. LOL.

  30. fatboy Says:

    She proved to be a real class act; never gossiped or played the nitty-nitty bang thing the other girls did. After she lost, I never watched another episode of ANTM. The injustice was glaring. She is ethereal and moves above the clouds. The winner, I can not even remember her name – Tyrone? Tyra gives the impression she is for the truth in the art form and she just proved herself a bigot. Keep up the work Allison; I hope to see you in magazines and other forms. I am looking for you and will buy any magazine that features you.

  31. Patricia Kayden Says:

    Still a model, but I just don’t think she’s pretty. Her eyes are way too big for her face — lookes like a cupie doll.

  32. anna Says:

    I love so much her face. Allison is the greatest model that I’ve ever see in ANTM.

  33. anna liza Says:

    For those people who says that Allison is not pretty shame on you!!! You don’t have any GUTS to do what Allison does.

  34. Anasta Says:

    Она молодец!!!!!!!!

  35. rey Says:

    Allison Harvard has a unique look.

  36. olle Says:

    The unique face… and no emotions at all. I was waiting much more from her

  37. carli Says:

    I still wish she would have won. She is so beautiful and has such a cool look!

  38. Anna Says:

    I love her, love her, love her. She is unique and she deserved to win Antm. Teyona did not.

  39. Анютка Says:

    Aаааааааа я обожаю Элисон!! почему она не выйграла!!??? блин … она моя самая любимая участница!! а Тиона полная дууууууура!!

  40. Анютка супер Says:

    Aаа она моя любимая участница со всего шоу!! кто со мной согласен пишите!!! почему она не выйграла?! а Тиона эта … вот кто она!!

    Translation: She is my favorite participant from all show!! Who agrees with me, right?

  41. Meister.Heart Says:

    I love Allison. She’s just amazing, both of the finalists have distinct looks, Teyona has a versatile and fierce look while Allison has a cute and beautiful look yet a mysterious and a high-fashion one. Just look at her photos, she used her cuteness to create something fierce and that’s hard, lots of models can’t do a fierce face you know. It was so depressing when she didn’t win ANTM, like it’s unfair. She has a sparkle within her and a WOW factor like thing, and look at those eyes, there’s a story in those big huge adorable blue eyes.

  42. strawberry Says:

    I love Allison. She’s so cute, and takes amazing pictures.

  43. Sotto Says:

    She is a waitress and she’s not ashamed of it. A modeling career is just a consolation for her. What she loves is art and photography. Let’s just all sit back knowing that she’s enjoying what she loves doing in her own unique way.

    By the way, she’s the only reason I watched the show. Allison/Creepy Chan/Cute Chan is always and forever will be the top model for me no matter what.

  44. virenne Says:

    She has the eyes that all Asian girls would kill for!!!

  45. carly Says:

    she’s amazing 😀 how could anyone hate her?
    her look is so unique people say she’s ugly
    but she’s not. she was the runner-up!
    she should’ve won

  46. hangedman Says:

    she like an angel,with big eyes

  47. Alexis Says:

    Love her sooo much!! I would die to meet her!!

  48. Re Says:

    I love Allison, I thought she should had won. She has improved so much <3!

  49. BHIE Says:



  50. ischi te Says:

    omg… where is she now? i cant find her in magazines!!! es she married now?

  51. ischi te Says:

    can someone tell me a magazine where i can find allison?? thank you in advance!!

  52. Beth Says:

    Absolutely, HANDS DOWN, my favorite contestant out of all seasons. Unbelievably unique…and a sweet personality. Talented artist, too. So glad to hear she is going to be on the All Star show.

  53. Sarah Says:

    There’s no doubt that she should have won, it wasn’t cool for the judges to make it look like they were going to pick her and then just decide on the other girl… what’s her name… who had nothing really special about her. I loved Allison and im glad she’s doing well despite the fact that she was robbed of this competition!

  54. Wuxiuhui Says:

    I am a Chinese girl.I very like Allison Harvard.I have to say my English is not good.
    I’m only 15 years old.I like her without cause.

  55. gerald Says:

    Oh I loved that girl she looks like a doll when I saw her in judging with that pink dress I saw like a real doll you know when she didn’t move and you placed her in some toy shop she can hide pretty well.., Anyway I love her big blue doe eyes and such unique face she can definitely book high fashioned editorial…

  56. ~ilove ALISSON so much i wish i can go there and have some memories with him . i absuloutly care about him . ihate Aminat because she hates Allison. :))

  57. jacky Says:


    speak for yourself, idiot.

  58. dude-ish Says:

    she is supposely going to be on the Cycle 17 All-Stars and her odds look the best… lets wish her luck!

  59. Team Allison Says:

    To all my Allison Harvard fans… It must have crossed our minds or it might have been one of our dreams. And, it now has come true. Allison Harvard will come back for America’s Next Top Model Cycle 17. She will be one of the many other models from other cycles that will be returning for this new season! It’s no joke! Now Allison will get the second chance she deserves! She has always been the winner for me and now she will be able to prove it! Go Allison! And hooray for ANTM Cycle 17 All Stars! (Google it, I’m not kidding!) This is amazing! I’m extremely happy!

  60. Diana Says:

    Эллисон лучшая из лучших!

  61. Eliana Says:

    Love Allison so much! Shes fabulous. I still think she should have won!

  62. Heather Says:

    She should have won. Another big mistake ANTM.

  63. sarah Says:

    I think Allison is stunning and unique she SHOULD of won….

  64. Cat Says:

    Cute but definitely not a model, she cannot walk the runway. Walks awkward on her toes. Thats why they didn’t do runway in the finale. Tiona would have stomped her and it would have been so one sided. Thats also why they didn’t allow Aminat into the top two. She would have out walked any of them.

  65. evangelical Says:

    Allison was the most fantastic model ANTM has ever seen.

  66. ngluvjj Says:

    I love love love this girl!!!
    First I thought nicole is the prettiest, but when I see her, OMG!!! XD

  67. joan Says:

    Allson is the prettiest girl in ANTM!!! I really like her eyes…the same with my duaghter sashica..

  68. that huge eyes! I love that! 🙂

  69. She’s beautiful. I LOVE her big eyes.

  70. Karen Knowles Says:

    I think she has broad, wonderful appeal, I enjoyed her so much!

    Tyra Banks has her OWN agenda on that show. It is unsavory and sickening to see it so bold-faced pushed on viewers.

  71. ray Says:

    One of the few models that actually grabs my attention. Love the photos whoever took them.

  72. nat Says:

    until now i wondering why allison didn’t won.i hope she win this antm 17 all star.

  73. Terra Says:

    My favorite for all time! I can’t wait for cycle 17. I have a feeling it’ll be rigged in Allison’s favor! Finger’s crossed!

  74. Scarlett Says:

    She’s adorable! Those eyes! SHES STUNNING.
    She should’ve won.

  75. Tori Says:

    *yawn*..BORING! I dont know why people are so obsesed with this girl? She is pretty but there is something about her that does seem right within her looks! Sorry to say if this is offending someone but darlings the truth hurts!!!

  76. Liz Says:

    Allison is my favourite along with Anne and Heather. I was shocked when she didn’t win, Teyona was good but Allison was better.

  77. silgirl Says:

    allison is my favorite out of everyone

  78. john vergel Says:

    Wonder who would win if Allison Harvard (cycle 12), Ann Ward (cycle 15) and Shandi Sullivan (cycle 2) were in the top three. Thoughts, anyone? 🙂

  79. Junejiee Says:

    The first time I saw her. I got starstruck. She is just a plain jane looking girl but when the photoshoot comes this girl has a great evolution. That’s why Tyra Banks stated that there is something on her. 🙂

  80. Reinachan Says:

    ohhhh i love this gurl 😀
    when i saw her at first, i was like ‘what the hell is this creepy doll doin’ here?’
    guess i made the wrong statement, huh?
    She’s mad gorgeous..her eyes..her bubbly clueless personality, and she’s very photogenic
    so sad that she didn’t win antm 12 TT
    But i like Teyona also…both of them are super duper high fashion

  81. Ana Says:

    She’s cute!
    Go Allison!!
    Make me proud!!!
    You have to win ANTM cycle 17!!! Woooooohooooooooo

  82. NBH Says:


  83. zed Says:

    How I love allison 🙂 she’s sooo beautiful.!

  84. teresa Says:

    If Hollywood ever makes a movie based on the book “The Strangely Beautiful Case of Miss Percy Parker” they need to cast Allison as the part of Miss Percy. Just like the character she is strangely beautiful. She would be perfect.

  85. ALLISONIAN Says:

    I love her I love her I love her. Her Eyes Her Eyes makes the stars look like theyre not shining!!!

    I do hope she will win this time!!

  86. Weskain Says:

    I am enjoying watching Allison on America’s Next Top Model All-stars! I want her to win. These are GREAT photos and she is a Top Model in my book! Very beautiful in an unique and mysterious way!

  87. sunny Says:

    there’s something about her entire vibe that makes you want to protect her. Her big eyes, bleached wavy blonde hair (in the show), usually painted-red lips, and small nose truly makes her look like a delicate porcelain doll. On top of that, she’s always wearing “dolly” looking dresses, it’s just a look that really works for her! I think she does a very good job to make this look more high fashion, and she possesses it without looking commercially at all. As an artist, I’m inspired to draw her. I would imagine any photographer would love to take her picture.

  88. eli Says:

    i love allison’s creepiness ! she is still cute in the same time pretty 😀


  89. Richard Callahan Fitzstephen Says:

    Well i’m saying Allison Harvard should win the competition. Seriously she more talented than Teyona. Well of course she does not showed her reation to win American Next Top Model, but i mean it she more talented and deserve to become a winner.

  90. Nancy Says:

    Allison is intelligent and articulate in addition to being beautiful and memorable. Could any of the other All Stars be a good correspondent for Extra? Don’t think so.

    I hope she wins ANTM All Stars!

  91. Jenny Says:

    This girl stole my heart. She’s beautiful in so many ways. Love her!! I’m a big-eyed, arsty, wierdo too. lol

  92. Gracie Says:

    You Should have won ANTM!!! I really wish you did. You are an amazing model, keep following your dreams

  93. maddy Says:

    she is the best by far abd deserved to win. she is the best.

  94. luis Says:

    hey i love allison she is the best model i have seen how i wished she could have won the all stars

  95. allison2 Says:

    i dont think so if lisa deserves to win over allison she is the best and yet all time favorite but still im happy 4 her because she have reached that far among the other models kudos to you allison WE LOVE YOU……

  96. ` go alisson ! ,, im your no.1 fan ! xD

  97. Leslyn Oidi Says:

    whoah.!! this is great.!! ❤

  98. Kitty Says:

    I LOVE ALLSION! She soooo should have won ATM both times! She was way better than Teyona and Lisa! Truly stunning..

  99. rhona Says:

    hi allison..i like you so much!ur so cute and pretty.. .you look like a doll,a very pretty and adorable doll!

  100. rhona Says:

    ..i thought that ur going to be the winner in allstar cycle but its ok,i’ll still love you..:)

  101. Alex hill Says:

    Allison u are soooooo cool u should have won

    • Pierson Anthes Christensen Says:

      I agree with you 1000000000 times! I’m still mad that she didn’t win! an the people that are left on BI are idiots

  102. Teo Tuyệt Tác Says:

    Allison is so great! The judges were wrong chosing another girl T.T

  103. Allie Says:

    Love Allison. She’s my fave from all the cycles. Beautiful girl, beautiful pictures. Let’s go Alli! We’re supporting you! ❤ Another Ali

  104. richard Says:

    i wish that u will be back in americas next top model

  105. rose Says:

    i LOVE allison
    1,2,3,4 underwater

  106. veren Says:

    it was so sad that she didn’t win antm all star, but it’s OK! i still like her! ow, and i have just known that she has a younger sister, emma harvard from wihelmina models!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  107. clare Says:

    You should have won…:(
    your eyes are so breath taking
    and your personality is so cool and unique
    your pictures are not just about the clothes
    also about how possible and special a model can be!

  108. meghan Says:

    Your eyes are gorgeous I’m not sure how this works but I want to become a model too so if you have any tips or what not please reply….anyone im soo confused on how this works okay bye ❤

  109. Jlo Says:

    i think allison is a role model to people with big eyes ……………….i dont have big eyes

  110. imee Says:

    she’s so awesome!!! I haven’t encounter that face before!!!

  111. Jada Says:

    I love Allison Harvard!!! She should have won ANTM. She is the BEST contestant they’ve ever had in my opinion. I want to be a model and she is my inspiration. I was also thinking of starting a website about Allison. Comment to tell me if you’d visit.

  112. morena reyes moreno Says:

    i love allison so much! she’s exotic; so pretty. from all the girls i’ve seen in ANTM, she’s the one who really stood out. she’s really an artist. i also liked the song she wrote. hope to see more of her.

  113. wow excellent photo!!!
    unique face!
    luv u so much

  114. Kathe Says:

    your very photogenic Allison.!! :)))

  115. Алиша Says:

    какая красиваяяя *_*

  116. guiltypleasure Says:

    I don’t get the Allison love. She is so one-note. She looks the same in every picture. That kewpie doll look gets very tired, very quickly. Teyona deserved to win.

  117. jan jan Says:

    Absolutely beautiful, articulate and stunning woman wishing her the best in all she does. She should have won all star.

  118. KLS Says:


  119. courtney Says:

    i love allison shes my role model i love her eyes and her hair nd all of her i also love her art she inspires me so much wish i was her

  120. JJ Says:

    how can someone so beautiful, unique and sensative not have won? the most amazing and humble girl on all the shows – she outgrew everyone and it is sad that it did not get noticed – imagine how far she could have gone had she got the prize she deserved…

  121. Saule Says:

    I love Allison. She is unique.

  122. VENEZUELA -LVY! Says:

    THE BEST!!! 1,2,3,4, underwater!!!
    SHE KILL-ME whit her eyes!!!

  123. wendy Says:

    very beautiful

  124. premadonna Says:

    Allison’s quite ugly isn’t she? Her innocence and good girl act is quite annoying.

  125. RaYnE Says:

    ..i love ur eyes allison!!!!!

  126. daphneb Says:

    Allison walked for three designers for New York Fashion Week early this year, and as well as Philippine Fashion Week. She just did some motion editorial for Michael Cinco’s perfume campaign (Michael was featured three times in ANTM). I blogged about her recent achievements recently and I included some video clips of her shows. You should probably update Allison’s page in this awesome site of yours. Here’s the link to my post~ 🙂

  127. Ludo Says:

    WANDA NARA. Same face

  128. euni Says:

    love u allison….i hope it will be updated s0on,.. love to see her new Bench/ photo in here

  129. Caisha Says:

    I just want to put her in my pocket ❤

  130. Hektor Says:

    She’s my favorite contestant ever. She should have won both cycles :/ she’s undeniably unique And versatile. Being brought back only to be runner up again :/

  131. Taylor Says:

    I think Allison was the prettyest model yet she has always been my favourite and I love her

  132. steph Says:

    i think she should have won the cycle 12, but teyona has stronger photos

  133. Susan Says:

    i have nothing against her really, she’s one hell of a sweet girl (character-wise) but she really looks like those Japanese blow-up doll men use for She freaks me out.

  134. felisa fisher Says:

    I really enjoyed watching Allison on antm, she is very pretty and absolutley unique.

  135. livliv Says:

    I love Allison (cycle 12) Sara (cycle 2) Lluvi (cycle 4) and expecially… Anchal (cycle 7)

  136. Jen Says:

    I LOVE Allison… In my opinion she was better than Teyona and Lisa… just my opinion…

  137. carmen pagano Says:

    I’ve been a supporter n fan since ur first appearance on Americas next top model

  138. Janeiry Allison's huge fan Says:

    Allison i think your a awesome model you and i have alot of thing in common i think blood looks pretty too always did always will:-) you are a person that i look up too your so unique and full potential when i grow up i want to be like you abd my sister alexa justo shes modeling too too but she also is trying to get a singing career too butt she loves modeling alot also she thinks your an awesome model too and also my sister sara we all love you and think you should have won both competition cycle 12 and all stars your so great i hope that a girl like me can have great potential and unique modeling skills and personality like you and alexa i don’t ever want you to give up even in hard situations please try to show up on top model again i know you’ll win if you try never give up. P.s I LOVE YOUR EYES THEY’RE BEAUTIFUL AND AWESOME!!!!:-) i hope to meet you some day…:-/ i wish i could personally meet you I’m you number 1 fan

    • Janeiry Allison's huge fan Says:

      I love your song too 1,2,3,4 underwater potledom topmodel backwards GO ALLISON! !!!! 🙂 YAY!!!:-)

  139. Zeeni Says:

    Prettiest girl I’ve ever seen in my life!! Luv u Allison!!

  140. Jamie Bolton Says:

    Allison is AWESOME! I about cried when you didn’t win but I knew that someone would deffinately want you for your heart and inspiation. I like the way you think. I think that you & I are alot alike.I wish you the best of luck in all that you do. Love to ya Ally Cat! -Jamie Bolton

  141. Leah Says:

    Allison most interesting and alluring antn contestant ever. Smart too! Should have won both times.

  142. Damo Says:

    while i wasnt a huge fan of her in cycle (had the same expression in nearly all photos) i was blown away by her in all stars. the final panel she looked incredible and was robbed of the win in my opinion

    final two should of been alison and dominique in my opinion

  143. hannah Says:

    i love allison i wish she woudve won on the all stars and cycle 12 i hope shes modeling now and someone found her and said we need u to be a model and shes an AMAZING singer so she sould be a singer and model i love u and ur big eyes allison

  144. Lilith 'Lily' A Says:

    I love Allison! She definitely my favorite!

  145. Your Lawyer@C4C Says:

    Creepy Chan… Eeew. Just proves that Ameericans will believe anything they are told often enough. This chick has all the sex appeal of a bologna sandwich, Dry, on white bread.

  146. isaax Says:

    tiene una linda mirada y una rara belleza

  147. Aurora Says:

    I love Allison she is so cute looking….I was hoping she would have won the allstars she is so good at modeling!!!!!!

  148. Aurora Says:

    I love Allison……she looks so cute with her eyes.i was hoping she would have won the allstars .she is an awesome model.

  149. Roz Says:

    really loved Allison. She was a good sport.

  150. Woody Says:

    Unique, Irrepressibly beautiful. Worst mistake the judges ever made. I think they did not no it at the time, but they were racist.

  151. I would like to voice my respect for your generosity giving support to individuals who really need guidance on your question. Your very own commitment to getting the message throughout ended up being certainly insightful and have without exception made regular people much like me to achieve their desired goals. Your personal useful useful information can mean a lot a person like me and somewhat more to my mates. With thanks; from all of us.

  152. iloveny1118 Says:

    Allison is one of my favorite models on ANTM EVER, with Analeigh and CariDee (from other cycles).

  153. shannon Says:

    Alison is gorgeous and she was robbed. Colette stop hating. Go Alison

  154. dee Says:

    You did good , antm , am ur fan,

  155. Veli Says:

    My favourite girl of ANTM.

  156. Emily Says:

    Allison was the reason I watched Cycle 12 & 17. And after watching those cycles I sadly understood why she lost – she doesn’t walk well, her body isn’t very sexy – just rail thin, and her overall performance just doesn’t live up to the splendor of her eyes. She’s frustrating because she has something special, but not enough to really make it. Also high fashion doesn’t want “cute.”

    • Emily Says:

      That being said, Allison has a beauty all her own like I’ve never seen before. She’s probably the most enchanting contestant to ever grace the show.

  157. Laila Anane Says:

    Allison should have won the all stars cycle! I think lisa was soo…mean! Allison is gorgeous and her eyes are to die for! Lisa<Allison the judges dont seem 2 get the equasion…

  158. regene Says:

    hi allison,, i’m your number 1 fan, i hope I’ll see you in personal, love you…

  159. falling Says:

    I love you Allison!!! and for me you’ll always be the winner!!!!
    Good luck in your future endeavors!!!!

  160. Jennifer dean Says:

    We love you! You are so unique and pure. You don’t need to change your personality for anyone. Its what makes you special and you. Your father is probably beaming with pride! Keep on! Jenn and Sarah

  161. lily Says:

    Good luck in your future too! you’re amazing! real diamond. greetings from Russia!

  162. jasper Says:

    She is the Top Model that ANTM never had.
    bless you allison.. you are the best top model for me..

    • pointandshoot Says:

      Sort of late, I know, but….I see her on reruns from time to time, and she really grew on me, esp. her bird in a nest pic. She sort of reminds me of the English singer Sarah Brightman a bit….funny, given her horror at having to sing!

  163. len chenes Says:

    even she was robbed twice, and been a runner up.. no doubt allison is one of the most succesful antm contestants. got the chance to be a model of Michael Cinco’s line and perfume. a lot of projects are coming to her.

  164. Joyce Wendlandt Says:

    Allison, I hope you one day read this. Please bleach your eyebrows, stay blond, and somehow get a modeling gig in Japan. You’ll end up a millionaire for sure. Stay sweet, my lovely.

  165. TazzyUK Says:

    She is Super Gorgeous and those big beautiful eyes are a godsend..unforgetable beauty

  166. TweetyPye Says:

    We wuv you Cweepy Twan

  167. Allicia Says:


  168. Nicole Stevens Says:

    OMG, Did the panel make a BIG mistake on this one!!!!!!! Alison has that “IT” factor hands down, compared to ALL the other girls in that cycle. And probably most of the girls in all the previous & post cycles! ALISON is Soooooo unique looking in a Super FABULOUS way! Unforgettable face, body & modeling. I Love ANTM, but I have to say that this particular cycle was TRUELY a Finally Disappointment!!!!! Allison WILL have a FABULOUS Career ahead of her, if she aspires to do so. Best wishes Alison, you keep on keeping on, skies the limit for you, your uniqueness & Beauty is undeniable! sincerely- Nicole

  169. pattycakeer Says:

    I think Allison should have won Cycle 12. God bless you, Allison.

  170. Malina Says:

    Allison is my favorite model in all of Top Model and has inspired me to consider doing Top Model once I’m eligible. She is absolutely stunning and I hope one day I get to meet her. You’re perfect Allicat! 🙂

  171. Jennifer Keller Says:

    I loved Allison!!!!! She was robbed out of all stars. Wherever you are Allison I hope you are doing what you love.

  172. Maria cristina Says:

    Soy tu gran amiraDora me gustan tus fotos y el programa AmErIca next top moDel yo tan bien quiciera sEr modelo

  173. Laura Durand Says:

    Saw you pic in paper to my husband is a relative of jan Harvard good luck dear

  174. Every weekend i used to pay a quick visit this web site, for the reason that i want enjoyment, since this this web page conations really fastidious funny material too.

  175. sheri Says:

    I LOVE. Allison! She’s soooo quirky & smart, and those eyes are mesmerizing!she should have won, but I know she will excel at everything she sttempts.I hope she keeps modeling & designs her own line of “lacy & flowery” ball gowns. I wish her the best of luck & hopefully ANTM will invite her back this season to compete with the boys!!!! She’d win, gor sure! A fan, sheri

  176. so gothic style!!! love her!!

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