Alexandria Everett was a contestant during Cycle 16 of ANTM.

This Huntington Beach, California native was 21 years old during her appearance on America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 16.

Source: The CW / Troy Jensen

Source: The CW / Russell James

Source: The CW / Mike Rosenthal / Pottle Productions

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132 Responses to “Alexandria Everett”

  1. Makister Says:

    She’s good, but I’ll wait and see what’s with her.

    • Kristy Says:

      So, basically she’s done nothing but put a bunch of ‘selfies’ on a website. Probably a waitress somewhere.

  2. Mari Hyatt Says:

    I think she rocks; she has an incredible face that manages to look different in every shot. Versatility is the name in this game, and Alexandria definitely has it. Right now she’s my fave!

  3. bonjoss Says:

    Wow! She is very beautiful; definitely high fashion, but also a little commercial. We’ll have to see how it plays over competition.

  4. Gustavito Says:

    I like her looks, but I guess she’s going to be labeled as the “b*tch” of the show for her know-it-all attitude.

  5. Irving Says:

    I NEVER comment on ANTM girls, but this time is different she’s my favorite ANTM contestant EVER!!! Even though her personality is effed up because of the way she got edited by the show. But at least for me it’s clear to see how all the girls really are and SHE’S AMAZING.

    I love the fact she’s trying to help others, but they show her if she was bragging about it, but she’s like me, she likes to help people. She was so right when She told Nicole to not look like she’s thinking her name isnt going to get call. I love love her.

    I dont think she’ll win because come on its ANTM they never choose the best model, but I really hope she doesn’t get eliminated until the show is almost over.

    • Carly Says:

      IKR!!! She is definately the best model on the show and all the others hate on her cuz theyre jealus. I rly hope she wins!!!!

    • Marie Says:

      I agreed with you about a hundred percent! The only thing I thought differently on was that I think ANTM has selected the best model a few times.

    • Emily Says:

      i completely agree….i never comment either, but i like her drive. And she is right, at the end of the day she isnt there to make friends.

  6. boo Says:

    I don’t think she’ll win; I think she might cop out and lose on purpose because someone else might have a better shot at hiring her. Another cocky miss know-it-all; if that’s true, she shouldn’t have needed ANTM to help her be a top model.

  7. Jeff Says:

    She doesn’t look good without lots of make up and glam as seen in the “house” confrontations.

  8. Makister Says:

    She wanna look b*tchy, but she is NOT. I can see she has good in her heart; it’s visible from some of her reactions in the house. I don’t know why they isolated and showed only her bitchy moments to make her look mean.

    • Jeff Says:

      Looks to me she is overbearing and gets involved “mommy syndrome” in places she is not welcomed. Lots of good hearts in the cycle, but more a wolf playing the lamb. Last photo shoot to upstage others she was in her element. She came out of the gate as aggressive and don’t mess with me “chicken” in frig. The old line “you don’t know me .. B*tch.” is over used as much as “It is what it is.”

      Can’t believe the lastest in world news from Japan where one cycle had it’s overseas location life really comes into perspective. One day living is normal then within hours petty fueds and haters mean nothing. Too bad the show will not be able to address Japan’s massive earthquake as in one post the show has already completed shooting last week. With radioactive nuclear leaking that might effect Tokyo, a city that is a fashion center, really a terrible event which as of today is still counting bodies and missing people. Maybe Tyra can edit a show or two to incorporate this terrible event and have a way for the American public to donate to help out of friends in this nation that is in complete choas financially, emotionally, spiritually.

      • Zsa Says:

        You do know Tyra’s brother has a Japanese daughter who lives in Japan with her mother right? SO I am sure Tyra has a lot of feelings about it. I hope she does do something in honor of Japan. Alexandria has a crooked mouth which is both intriguing and annoying. She photographs well though.

  9. Bella_Isa Says:

    Can somebody send her home? This girl is so freaking annoying! Her parents raised her wrong and now there’s nothing anyone can do about it because she’s already been raised. Too bad they did it wrong, this girl lacks basic social skills. She’s totally not likable!

    • J_ette Says:

      Did you watch through all the shows in this cycle? She is the kind of a great big sister. She needs to be strong to be able to raise and protect her siblings. Is that so wrong? She is not trying to harm people, she just wants to help sometimes, but ofc if anyone think it’s too much, they should tell her. She will listen I’m sure, better than to dislike and talking sh*t about her, right?

      • Dyani Says:

        I agree. I think this girl is just misunderstood. At first, I was sooooo annoyed with her that I want her home. But then if you try to understand her and where that strength (the “bitchiness” part) comes from, she’s really a nice person deep down. I have a friend with same personality. Who would have thought that someone with Jacklyn personality would be good friends with someone like Alexandria’s!

      • Bella_Isa Says:

        If you checked the dates, you would know that I posted my comment about a month before you replied and that makes about 4 episodes difference. But now, after another month, I still claim that this girl is horrible and there is nothing good that I could say about her. She’s a witch and I’m glad she’s gone but the truth is that she did a great show.

    • ghenzie Says:

      i think she’s great though..and better than brittani

    • startledbylightening Says:

      I totally agree with you. She might mean well, but know your place and where or when people may want your opinion (if they ever do period). She’s that person that always thinks she knows best, and it’s not a good sign when EVERYONE has a problem with you (every girl in the house, plus the director, photographer, creative director, etc.) How hard is it to understand that you’re the model and not the director, lighter, editor, whatever. Ug, you just want to slap someone like that.

  10. Sophistikatie Says:

    The only thing that’s memorable is her bitchiness and that is not a compliment. Also She reminds me too much of Anja Rubik and Hana Soukupova as well as Dewi Driegen, and Julia Stegner. Yes there all blonde but have a heart and tremendous talent, and not to mention killer face stucture and all that is more than I can say for Alexandria!

  11. Gabby Says:

    I don’t think she’s as mean or b*tchy as she would maybe like to look like, but come on, she is complaining about everything. What do we have here, another Liz (cycle 15)?! 😀 Besides, if I don’t judge her social side, she looks old to me; she just does. If Chelsey from last cycle seemed old for many people, then Alexandria is waay worse. My opinion.

  12. bee Says:

    Compared to Nicole Luca, I think she looks older than Nicole.

  13. Sarah Says:

    She is always giving a pout in pictures, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. I don’t think she will win antm at all.

  14. rishelle Says:

    Even if she’s freakishly bitchy, I still love her physically. I mean look at her! Stunning and beautiful! Also her bone structures and her dough eyes! I really just hope she has a different personality though. But I never disliked her anyway! And I don’t think she looks old. It depends on the makeup she is wearing.

  15. boo Says:

    I agree she needs to go home. I mean, if she knows it all already, she wouldn’t need to be on ANTM to show what she has. I mean, if she thinks she knows best then she would already be a supermodel! What a wasted space for someone like her. Very annoying. And yes, I do believe they need to kick her out. I mean, I’m pretty sure that the hair dressers, make-up artists, and the people working on the photo shoot, even the photographer – their complaints will send her home. Ugh, they’ve sent girls home before for doing it. I mean who would want to work with someone who thinks they are better than the director of the photo shoot? Sheesh c’mon.

    • katrina Says:

      Just give the girl a break. I’m sure she doesn’t think that she’s better than the director or anyone. I think that she was just trying to help out in the set. It came from a good place.

  16. Alia Says:

    I think Lex is great, she has a kind heart. It’s horrible that other’s treat her this way. They all like sheep, and I would slap every single one of them.

    I hope she will win, but if she won’t I think she will become a great show presenter.

  17. Amy Says:

    She’s ridiculously photogenic, but she’s not telegenic at all. She looks so normal, almost plain on video.

  18. Alise Says:

    She said in one episode that her lips are pouty by nature and you don’t have to like her. What? Of course you have to be liked by photographers, designers, stylists etc. No one will ever book her if she keeps on like that. Nasty nasty. And not even funny like Lisa episode 5 who was also side cast by others (But at least she was funny crazy not nasty crazy).

  19. kiki Says:

    Alex rocks and she isn’t even a b*tch. When I heard about her past (We could have heard about her past if they had the casting process) I understood why she acted like that. But still even though I think she is amazing she has been seen as a b*tch in to many scenarios and that she isn’t going to win, which sucks.

  20. j Says:

    She reminds me of Renee Alway from cycle 8. Blonde and strong features, with an attitude. I like this girl.

  21. Sarah Bee Says:

    I agree with Mr. Jay that she has a controlling personality, & that gets annoying pretty quick. It certainly seems to be a turn-off to the photographers & directors thus far. Also not sure if I buy into her whole “poor me, I’m so misunderstood” schtick. She seems to be deliberately mean to the other girls. If she loses the attitude and chip on her shoulder, she has the potential to go far. Strong personalities make for dramatic tv!

  22. Stella Says:

    She’s beautiful and gorgeous but her personality just ticks me off. She’s an awesome model but she needs to show it through her personality too!

  23. Mariana Says:

    Can’t stand her.

  24. goddess_lala Says:

    I totally agree with boo. She needs to leave.

  25. AnKa Says:

    Of the girls in cycle 16, she’s one of the oldest looking, not the most beautiful or likable and her photo aren’t that good.

  26. Zsa Says:

    I wish she would stop wearing that get up in the confessional. It makes her look less pretty and just odd.

  27. Max Says:

    HEY, ALEXANDRIA IS A REAL NICE PERSON IN REAL LIFE. THEY JUST DID AN EDITING HIT JOB AGAINST HER! Have you noticed she’s like the whole topic of every show? That’s cause they need conflict for the draw! If you look at the synoposis of the show, it says “b*tchy cat fights” in it.

  28. Says:

    The first picture on here looks like an overly skinny, drowned barbie doll. Sorry to be mean. I know she has had loads of crap in her life, but still, she makes me madddddddd.

    But then again, who am I to talk? she does better than I could.

  29. mona Says:

    I think she’s beautiful naturally and in her photos. She’ll go far with or without ANTM. And I do’t think she is mean; they show that just for ratings. Watch, if she goes home they’ll find someone else to show as the mean b*tch. It’s all for ratings.

  30. katrina Says:

    I don’t know why the other girls are really angry with her. In the show it seems that she’s just quiet in the house and the other girls are all gaining up on her. I get that she was a little mean in the first shoots but she’s not doing anything bad in the house to make the other girls isolate her like that. It just seems that the others are kind of misreading what she’s doing. I just hope she goes far coz’ she’s kinda good.

    • eliza Says:


      “But she’s not doing anything bad in the house to make the other girls isolate her.”

      She’s annoying, cocky and bossy. Gurl, you need to re-watch the show.

      • i go for what eliza said… she’s so agitating.. but she has the face.. pffftt!

      • Elle Says:

        Agreed also she has ticked off people on the set quite a lot something even most professional models would not do. It doesn’t pay to be a diva on set.

      • Melisa Says:

        Eliza,YOU are the one who needs to re-watch the show. Alexandria didn’t do any harm to the girls while the girls were constantly talking behind her back, backstabbing her and even read her diary.
        Molly was the most annoying of the bunch and Brittani was really cocky by saying Nigel made the wrong decision, just who the hell does she think she is?

      • ellie Says:

        i guess that you should be the one to re-watch it. alexandria has a strong personality even though she can be bossy sometimes. but some of the others are rather bitchy as well; take molly as an example. it was a shame she got eliminated, though. i just wish that you and other haters would realize that she`s human and she isn`t perfect.

  31. Gorge Says:

    The only reason why she or Monique are acting like bitches is coz of the editing. I’m sure they are real good people at heart and in real life.

  32. Alex Says:

    Yeah Alex might be a crazed bitch by moment but what girl wouldn’t be with a drive like hers, thrown in these elements with all the pressure and the desire to become the best and be liked by the judges and all?

    In this weeks episode (the Recap) they show how she reconciled with Brittani…

    I’m pretty sure Brit and Alex will be the top 2 and I think Alex will win…
    And that’s not because my own name is Alex.
    She’s very good.
    But especially because Nigel giving her the car and Tyra getting mad at Brit about her reaction to it and the way they edit and focus on certain girls on regular episodes, the recap was pointing to Alex being the winner of Top Model for this cycle.

    I could be wrong but I’ve rarely been.
    It’s all in the editing.

    And she can rap!
    Now that’s what all models need to learn how to do!

  33. Jan Lacuna Says:

    Alexandria FTW !

  34. okaaaayyyy then.. i think she’s got an A-prob…
    peace yow.. 🙂 she has this, “don’t mess up with me”—looks..she’s pretty though.. BUT london is faarrr better.. sorrrrry 😀

  35. Raina Dy Says:


    Kasia deserves another chance right?!

    Alex is one word… “FAKE”… and you should change your attitude if you want to have a better life so people will be able to respect you…


  36. boo Says:

    yea i agree with some of what is said above but people you have to remember that when you are looking for work and you get hired to do a job, do the job, it’s great to have opinion and great to put it out there for the photographer to have an inspiration, but seriously if the director of the shoot feels like “oh if you think you’re better than me then why am i here and why are you here” kind of a deal then of course no one wants you there…….i didn’t agree with how brittani went off on her at a shoot, but still if they had done it at the house without the judges alexandria would’ve been like making her sad face, oh pity me face and called the girls out on it…….i guess that what i’m saying is that ok everyone has a sob story we all get that, move on……the thing is if she says that she’s a GREAT model already then she shouldn’t need to be on antm to boost up her career, if she believes she knows better already, then why is she here on antm, i know that everyone gets a chance, but still, it would’ve given another girl the chance at putting out a fresh new face and the chance at getting somewhere………i just think that she went on tv just to give her a little more, like she says if she’s knows better then why need to be on tv for it, and i believe its because no one wants to work with her and that she used antm as an excuse to put out some of her work…….

  37. boo Says:

    and people stop typing, oh quit hating and stuff like that, let me just say that if people don’t hate and put out their opinion none and i mean NONE of any of the models who put their face on tv would be recognized……’s just the way it is……… some of you said, it’s better to get noticed for something than to not be remembered….i mean honestly if we go back to some of the models, no one remembers them…………just my two scent…… 😛

  38. Nike Says:

    I don’t care what the other girls say on the show, I love this girl! She took some getting used to and she’s a bit bossy but I just love her! I think she’s so confident and naturally beautiful. Go Alexandria!

  39. Chels Says:

    Did anyone see her on Tagline: “The most extreme thong bikini site on the net!”
    Classy, Alexandria.

  40. Jenny Chaffy Says:

    At first I thought Alex looked ordinary..not necessarily pretty. But her looks have really grown on me. Her sleepy downturned eyes, her quirky mouth, her bulbous forehead. I love them ALL and they’re definitely unique! As far as her personality, I’ve seen it a thousand times. Her social ineptness is a result of some kind of abuse. Her I’m going to reject you before you reject me and rappin’ gangsta’ front are all defense mechanisms of low self-esteem. She was robbed of 2nd or 3rd place. Shame on you ANTM.

  41. Zsa Says:

    Blah, Just when I was starting to like her.

  42. Jenny Says:

    I’d just like to say that Alexandria is also a porn star on She goes by the name Lexxie Everett, and if you need confirmation, she has a Youtube video up under that name. She’s lost a lot of weight since that video, but her voice is exactly the same and you can tell it’s her.

  43. mary ann Says:

    i just love her..=)

  44. Khatarina Says:

    She is stunning and I don’t understand why those other girls hated her so much. She smart, beautiful and unique. I LOVE that girl!!!!!

  45. gerald Says:

    Alexandria is very I don’t know weird she had the creepiest smile in the bunch she always do that when some of the girls did something wrong, but she had a tough time in the competition… I suddenly recognize that all of the girls who came in 4th place all are toughs you know like Cycle 9 Bianca, Cycle 10 Dominique Cycle 13 Erin, Cycle 14 Angelea and now her Alexnadria.Brittani is right she looks evil I kinda laugh in the episode when Brittani did the evil laugh at Alexandria at Morocco….

  46. crystal Says:

    Well see how she does in the all star cycle.

  47. Ny Says:

    Cute girl, takes good pics, but she annoyed the HELL outta me.

  48. jason Says:

    I just asking what is the marital status of Alexandria Everett whether single or what….

  49. carly Says:


  50. Ashley Says:

    You know what defined her personality the whole show? Editing, Editing and more Editing.

    The episodes prior to her confrontation between the girls was the usual ‘outcast of the house’ videos- a bunch of girls saying crap about another girl. Each girl probably said a dozen things about every other girl in the house in that little ‘booth’ (In the little ‘review’ episode before the finale, they showed footage about people bad-mouthing Molly. But Molly wasn’t labeled the B*tch the whole show, now was she?). It’s all about what videos they edit in and what has more drama and Alexandra was that drama. The girls didn’t like Nicole Fox from Cycle 13 and trashed her because she was shy, and they made sure to edit that in because it made drama. They could have easily edited in more footage of another girl getting trashed, like the Erin from the same cycle. Alexandra was edited into the position of the b*tch and probably wasn’t as hated by the other girls, but was purely attacked in a sort of mob mentality that groups of girls have.

    But after the confrontation? She was butterflies and rainbows and nothing bad could be shown about her. Now, regardless of a bad fight, that would not change the opinion of a whole group of girls. SO. Was she edited into the victim position as well as the b*tch position? It wouldn’t surprise me, but I can’t say for sure. It’s all about the editing and personally, the clear line of the before and after is enough proof to not trust the footage to categorize her into a generality.

    It’s a TV show. If there isn’t drama, the producers are dang well going to make it look like there was some.

  51. Kees Says:

    This model looks to commercial

  52. Priscilla Says:

    She is merely one in a million young blonde models working in the international industry. There’s nothing unique about her look because it’s been done before. If she were brunette or had black hair and very pale skin she would book jobs in Paris or London. Paris is always looking for something completely different from the previous trend in modeling. They want something that will mesmerize them because of its rarety. Sudanese models are a great example.

  53. CadetPanda Says:

    I mean she’s IS pretty, I’ll admit that but, she has this weird thing going on with her lips. Like she always has a roll of tissue under there and like I DON’T KNOW it’s weird ok xDD LOL. Like a duck lip or something.

    Her attitude on the show downright sucked. ANYONE can see that.

    BUT YEAH, Yeah she takes some awesome pictures

    … Especially the ones that kind of DON’T look like her, lmao.

    Just don’t like this girl, sorry !

  54. happy Says:

    I wanna her takes with bow photo. Give me this pls…

  55. Iris Says:

    Без неё и смотреть совсем не хочется…

  56. vasou Says:

    She is a good model and she has much potential but with her attitude will do nothing.Fake, liar and bossy? ANd this before becoming popular?

  57. I say Alexandria is doing well in commercial print. Haute Couture? Maybe not. Heck, most of the contestants during cycle 17 aren’t. But I’m glad to hear that most of them have jobs! Who cares if you don’t win ANTM. The exposure and experience is enough to benefit from.

  58. Mark Says:

    I just think this beautiful girl is misunderstood. And episode one of all stars, the audience was soooo childish and unfair!

  59. andrea Says:

    during 16, i didn’t care for her at all, i thought she was sooooo annoying. but now in cycle 17 with her new hair cut and new attitude. i adore her.

  60. Leah Says:

    So far so good in the All Star cycle, no one can call her a bitch yet.


    • vergo18 Says:

      i really love her the first time i saw her in ANTM, I think shes just misunderstood, Its really hard to talk or make friends to the people who ARE NOTHING but Back stub her.

  62. DeAnn805 Says:

    So…the finale for the All Star cycle is this Wednesday, and I can’t wait! I was soooo hoping Alexandria would be a finalist and take it home. She’s gorgeous. Since it isn’t going to be her, I sure hope Lisa wins, luv her! I didn’t think Alexandria did anything mean to the other girls on her cycle. In fact, it was they who mistreated her. They read her diary behind her back thinking she was writing negative things about them and they were wrong. Anytime Alexandria won a challenge or got first photo, every single one of the girls got mad, jealous, and said she didn’t deserve it. They all united against her and spoke negatively behind her back the entire time. It’s ironic that Alexandria is known as the “mean girl”.

    • hghg Says:

      Finally someone saying what I thought. Sure, she probably had some problems with communicating, she could have been more polite and gentle etc, but she wasn’t a bitch. She didn’t want to be like that.

      Reading someone’s diary behind one’s back on the other hand.. what are you, 12? That’s so so so rude.

  63. foxykiwi Says:

    bad fillers in lips – check out the red lipstick photos – def older than 21 !!

  64. Juliana Says:

    Damn! I really loved this photos! Alexandria is definetly my favorite ANTP ever! I like her, bcuz she is herself all time, and she is stronger than all other bitches that told bad things about her. You rock girl!!! She is just amazing ok? So shut up haters!

  65. adim Says:

    alexandria ur the real model universe

  66. Lisa Says:

    I really liked the cute grey beanie hat with the bow…where did she buy it…I want one!!!

  67. Says:

    Lol. Alexandria has done some soft porn!

  68. Shoot Says:

    I love Alexandria, but she seriously needs to learn how to control her lips.

  69. AShley Says:

    I know her personally an she is one of the most beautiful people I know inside and out , She is a a really good person an has come very far , an I’m happy to be a friend of Lexi. So stop hating people , its just not right , For all you Haters out there you obviously dedicated your precious time to look her up an write unnecessary comments.



    • vergo18 Says:

      yah we are so proud of her

    • Melissa Beatty Says:

      I sooooooooo agree with you I wish I personally knew her because when that skank ASS whore manly looking piece of shit Brittani treated her like she did Alexandrea didn’t stoop to her elementary school level of immaturity but just sat there and defended herslf quietly the judges should of let Brittani White go. I LOVE ALEXANDREA SHE ROCKS

  70. BOOM. Says:

    I freaking love Alexandria.
    She’s so in your face, but that’s what I love about her :3
    She seems really sweet and I honestly believe that her bossy personality was greatly exaggerated by editing.

  71. Bre Scullark Says:

    I think she looks older than Nicole. Nicole is more high fashion and the tallest girl. But, since her attitude improve ANTM’s rate, so Tyra kept her until the competition almost over.

  72. vergo18 Says:

    I dont care what others say about alex. i know in my heart that she is a very nise person. No one has the right to judge her in a mean way. i think like other girls she just want to achieve her dream. go alex

  73. allie Says:

    Alexandria was my favorite top model.



  75. Megan Says:

    I know she was a bit of a b*tch at first,but I love this girl,shes gorgeous!and takes amazing photos,which is what it’s all about to be fair!however there were just better models in this series so I think she deserved to get eliminated when she did..I hope she’s successful!when are the other photos from this season being uploaded?cant waaaiitt!!!!

  76. Kat Says:

    You go sweety! Your beautiful! I think you
    were very misunderstood on ANTM.
    I didn’t see you as mean,
    you had to grow up fast and your a
    Fighter who speaks your mind.
    I defiantly think the girls were jealous
    Of you. Sure you over stepped your
    bounds but I think often editing made
    You look controlling when you were
    just trying to ask a question.
    I hope you do well! Hugs Kat

  77. Sophie Says:

    I am soooooooooo glad she didn’t win….what a BITCH!!!

    • Melissa Beatty Says:

      Why call her that shes a wonderful,gorgeous,sweet,kind,sweetheart and all the great words to describe her the real BITCH Is Skank whore manly looking piece of shit Brittani White (ugly ass immature BITCH)

  78. Sasha Says:

    I think she was on of the best, all the other girls were so jealous and mean to her. She is so beautiful and a high fashion model, I hope she makes it big. She’s just so cool the way she handled the girls and everything. I think her personality is great, at least she’s not fake like the other girls on there, thats why she so great.

  79. Katherine Says:

    Were all of you idiots watching a different show? She was absolutely horrid. Why would any of you like her personality? If someone treated you the way she treated the people on this show, you would all flip out. So, seriously, stop worshipping her. She was such a bitch. She treated everyone like they were scum, and in her mind, she thought she was God’s gift to humankind. She’s beautiful, but her ugly personality overshadows it. What a waste of a beautiful face.

    • Claire Says:

      And is it possible you haven’t watched further down in the show? Brittani was really inspiring at first, but did a complete 360 at Panel. She acted so immature and whiny–THAT’S an ugly personality. Sure, Alexandria was a bitch, but she didn’t huddle around and talk behind people’s backs. That’s your ‘awesome’ and ‘good-hearted’ Brittani there.

    • Melissa Beatty Says:

      What a lie shes wonderful the real fake BITCH was skank whore manly looking immature ass Brittani White. Brittani. White is the one who is a waste of skin

  80. Katie Says:

    I did not like her at all. She is very two-faced and untrustworthy. The reason the other girls didn’t like her and “bullied” her was because she pushed everyone to their limits. She acted like royalty and bossed everyone around like they were her slaves. She even treated people on the set bad, like the photographers, hair stylists, and so on and so forth…When she “changed” her attitude, it was so fake. She was all nice and happy on camera, but as soon as she wasn’t in the spotlight, her mean side came out. She should not have went as far as she did, and I disagree with the judges about what they said about her. She bullied people, but when people stood up for themselves, she cried and pouted and expected everyone to love and worship her.

  81. Alexandria clearly has a huge diva attitude. Being a top model takes a lot more than just being beautiful on the outside. I would bet anything that Tyra has NEVER and I mean NEVER, even after all of her success, acted like the spoiled, know-it-all brat that this girl did on the show. She didn’t win…as a matter of fact she didn’t even make the final three…why you might ask…because she knows better than the ANTM staff, the judges and panel (eye rolling when she was being critiqued and/or ended up in the bottom 2) and laughing when others are being critiqued, the director, the stylist, other models, even Tyra. In the beginning of episode 5 she said she didn’t like that people didn’t understand her…we understand you perfectly Alexandria…you know it all and everyone else can’t wipe without your assistance! I have watched most of ANTM and she is one of the worst! Outer beauty is a part of modeling but there is a lot more that is required to be a top model. Nobody and I mean nobody likes a know it all or pushy bossy people. Outer beauty can absolutely be ruined by a bad attitude…which is the case with Alexandria. If she were the most beautiful person on the planet (which she is not) the attitude she has would and does make her undesirable.

  82. nonii Says:

    I love alexandra, love her attitude. Even though they ALL hated her she still pushed forward and did her thing, she is my role model right now..

  83. DamianO Says:

    Her attitude makes me SICK, But she is soooo Talented.

    Don’t like her

  84. Janice Says:

    Some people when they grow up abused get super sensitive, some people miss the cues entirely because they never learned proper conflict at all. Alexandria doesnt mean to be nosy or bossy, at least she had better intentions than Brittany who said ” I’m fake because I’m nice”. Girls always hang up on one girl, its unfortunate that her awkwardness gave them so much amo and none of them had the guts to talk to her openly. We women need to rekindle a social sisterhood. Plus she couldnt be the person they portrayed her to be, half the time people were braiding her hair. Monique was far more vacuous.

  85. Veli Says:

    Very pretty girl

    • she’s one of those people who are rude to others without realizing it, and if someone reminds them of that, they think other’s are the ones who don’t understand them. I don’t blame her for her controlling and angry personality but if that many people complain about you, you should know there is definitely something wrong and you should work on it.

  86. Reka Says:

    i don’t care if she’s misunderstood or not, she came off just so irritating….or they managed for her to come off irritating..??

    she did have some beautiful photos but all of them was with this sleepy eyes and duck mouth so very typical of her…
    not to mention this annoyingly-fake smiling all the time when someone professional talked to her. and why on earth does she have to have a comment and a reply on everything she’s ever been told by the judges, photographers etc.?? and the way she managed to look all the girls bad in front of the judges, except for her…

    anyway i was just glad she didn’t got anywhere near winning.

  87. Ariane Ali Says:

    She’s always doing her duck face.. But I like the photos..

  88. carmina Says:

    I loveee youu alexandria !!! i hate that brittani won cycle 16, you are amazing and everybody was just jealous!!! you should have won

  89. Katherine Says:

    Beautiful…when her mouth is closed. She does remind me of Cara Delevingne. However, not all of her shots in ANTM were that great. I don’t think she should’ve went as far as she did, especially with her heinous attitude.

  90. Is she part of an model agency today?

  91. Mk Says:

    She took some good pics. Her personality was so abhorrent that she deserved nothing, though. One of the absolute worst antm contestants of all time, based on attitude and (lack) of human decency alone.

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