Alexandra Underwood was a contestant during Cycle 14 of ANTM.

This student from Kerrville, Texas is 21 years old. During episode 1 of Cycle 14, Alexandra proclaimed that she was probably the most competitive girl on the show. (She’s also  the only plus-sized model in this cycle.) She’s been the captain of every intramural sports team of which she’s been involved.

During panel interviews, Alexandra revealed that she was a “girly tomboy,” embodying qualities of both boys (she’s sporty, fly fishes, wake boards, surfs) and girls (she has a high heel collection that rivals most queens). Alexandra also divulged to the judges that she was 6 feet tall in the 8th grade.

During the first photo shoot, “Which super model are you,” Alexandra drew a gargantuan mole on her face to impersonate Cindy Crawford’s famous mole. This comically shocked the Jays and Tyra, but wasn’t portrayed as as malicious or mocking.

During episode two, Alexandra performed fairly well during both the nude photo shoot with Jonathan Mannion and the elemental fragrance shoot with Brian Edwards. However, Alexandra had a difficult time during the runway challenge; not only did she slip on the stairs leading to the runway, she was knocked off the catwalk when she was hit with a decorative pendulum, an obstacle placed over the catwalk as part of the challenge. Despite her slip up, she did not land in the bottom two.

Alexandra impressed the judges once again in episode 3, when she produced a beautiful ‘breakdance’ photo with Cade Martin. The judges said she “could really move,” which was much of the purpose of the ‘dance’ photo shoot. This led to her ultimately being called fourth during elimination.

During episode 4, Alexandra’s vampire photo, shot by Sarah Silver, impressed the judges, although Nigel felt that she was using the same pose shoot after shoot. Tyra felt that her pose could become her signature should she become successful. Alexandra was ultimately called fifth during panel.

Alexandra’s performance took a turn in episode 5 when she didn’t impress Nigel during the 3-minute ‘chemistry’ challenge. Also, her photo didn’t get a great response following the photo shoot with D-Nice. The panel said that her pose was ‘catalog’ and that her styling and makeup is what carried her performance; not her modeling technique. It was because of this that Alexandra ended up in the bottom two with Tatianna.

Tyra said that Alexandra was beautiful, statuesque, and that she had a body that anybody would want; unfortunately, she didn’t know what to do with what she had. Ultimately, Tatianna was elmininated, leaving Alexandra to compete another week.

In episode 6, Alexandra managed to stay out of the drama in the house and maintained a strong performance.

During panel, the judges loved her “New York women” photo, taken by Mike Ruiz. Ann Shoket said that she would book her in a heartbeat for a beauty story in Seventeen. Tyra loved the energy and her lean (which had incidentally become her signature pose in the competition). She added that her photo looked like a real CoverGirl ad. Nigel said that her photo was her best photo to date because she told a story and was present.

Alexandra’s great performance resulted in being called 4th during elimination.

During episode 7, Alexandra began showing a lack of confidence. She expressed frustration over not winning a challenge, especially since she puts ‘her all’ into everything she does. Her lackluster runway performance at Lucky Cheng’s didn’t help her confidence, either.

During the “Hair Couture” photo shoot with Jerry Metellus, Alexandra had difficulties focusing due to the other models being allowed to watch and heckle while she was shooting.

At panel, Nigel said her photo wasn’t a great shot and that she doesn’t always look good when she looks straight-on to the camera. (During deliberation, he did say that her proportions were spot-on for a plus-sized model.) ALT said that her hands looked awkward. Tyra said that her face looked strong and stunning – and at one time, divine. Guest judge, Whitney Port, said that her photo looked a bit “off.”

Alexandra’s average performance landed her in the bottom two with Anslee. While in the bottom two, Tyra told Alexandra she took decent pictures, but the judges were feeling a lack of drive and desire to be in the competition. Anslee was ultimately eliminated, allowing Alexandra to travel with the other girls to the international destination of New Zealand.

Alexandra began episode 8 with a somewhat flat performance during go-sees in Aukland, New Zealand. The girls had to visit six designers immediately after arriving in New Zealand (and a 22-hour flight) – and many girls weren’t prepared for the surprise. Alexandra was one of those girls. Wearing Ugg boots and very light makeup, she was often criticized by the designers for not being dressed for the part. Alexandra made it back to the agency on time, but didn’t book any jobs from the challenge.

Alexandra’s luck began to change when she performed brilliantly with photographer Nigel Barker during the “same dress” shoot. Nigel said that she had “fire” and “passion,” often paying attention to the angles in her face (which was a critique from the last panel judging).

During judging, Nigel said that she had a great personality. Tyra said she looked great despite being face-to-face with a sheep. Alexandra’s impressive performance resulted in being called 2nd during elimination.

Alexandra began episode 8 by declaring that “this competition wasn’t about being friends.” Which supported her dislike and annoyance of Raina and Jessica. She also began a close friendship with Krista, who is known for poking fun about the girls in confessional and openly.

During the first challenge in New Zealand’s Hobbiton, where movie Lord of the Rings was filmed, Alexandra had to model harem pants in front of the doorway to a hobbit home from the movie. Mr. Jay said that she came off a little “pin-up girl.”

During the “shadow shoot” with Tyra behind the camera, Mr. Jay said that she was a trooper due to combating the sniffles the entire time. Tyra really enjoyed shooting her and felt she got a great shot.

During panel, Nigel said her photo was beautiful, with a powerful story. He also said she was finally “getting it.” ALT said that she was creative and looked almost ethnic, like from Istanbul.

Alexandra’s stand-out performance earned her a 2nd call during elimination.

At the beginning of the Top Model finale, Alexandra voiced her disappointment over not yet having a 1st call out in panel. In light of her disappointment, she still felt she’d end up in the final two.

During the first challenge of the finale episode, which was a runway walk through an airplane while flying to Queenstown, Alexandra did very well according to the Jays. Unfortunately, Krista (once again) won the challenge.

During the “ugly pretty” photo shoot with Monty Adams, Mr. Jay said that she was gorgeous, but she wasn’t attaining the fashion edge needed for that particular creative.

At panel, Nigel thought her photo was interesting, but not really fashion. In fact, he said it felt more like a still from a film. Mr. Jay said that she sometimes went too ugly, instead of ugly/pretty. Tyra liked that she played with her hand. ALT said that her photo was not his favorite, but he liked her face and how it projected an essence that was not in line with her usual personality.

In the end, Alexandra ended up in the bottom three of the double elimination with Raina and Angelea. While in the bottom three, Tyra said that her body was rare, amazing and gorgeous, but her photos were not consistent.

Ultimately, Raina was picked to compete against Krista – leaving Alexandra and Angelea eliminated.

Upon leaving, Alexandra said the following:

“I’m so mad. I really, honest to god, thought I was going to be in the top two. I wanted to give girls like me something to believe in. Walking away without the title is just sucky. Especially when you know you pushed yourself really hard. I’m going to take this and run with it. I just can’t take all the things I’ve learned over the last couple of weeks and throw it out the window. You’re going to see me. I’m going to be in the magzines. I’m going to be out there. Don’t you worry; my modeling career is about to take off. And I can’t wait.”

To read Alexandra’s post-elimination interview with RTV Games, click here.

As of May 2010, Alexandra is preparing to graduate from Texas Tech University with a degree in broadcast journalism (in addition to becoming certified in equine therapy and hippotherapy) and plans to later relocate to New York to pursue modeling.

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To see more photos of Alexandra, click here.

36 Responses to “Alexandra Underwood”

  1. Paublo Says:

    There is nothing plus-sized about her. She’s perfect!

  2. Marts Says:

    Best proportions ever on a plus-sized model. Plus, she’s got the face to go with it!

  3. kiki Says:

    If she had Toccara’s personality, she would have been in the top two. The rest of her is what sells in the fashion industry.

  4. alex Says:

    Alexandra is fricking gorgeous!!!

  5. nat Says:

    I dont think she is model material.

    • Mel Says:

      Then you don’t know anything about the industry. I am a photographer and I WISH more models had the natural grace she does.

      Not only is this woman beautiful, she has a rare true feminine quality that is strong but refined. Excellent bone structure and lovely mouth

  6. stcjane Says:


  7. abygail Says:

    The only figure I envy throughout antm. Heck, don’t want to be skinny like most of the girls in the show… and Whitney is too pornish.

  8. TLynn Says:

    She’s gorgeous. I hope to see her on things soon.

  9. Grace Says:

    I find her so bland, whiney and annoying. Her face is so forgettable too, although quite pleasant I guess. Never thought she produced a single great photo worthy of one in the final 4, would have been so annoyed if she made top 2. Was surprised she didn’t though, cos she and Krista were monopolizing the top 2 positions for the last few tasks. One thing I will admit is that she does have quite nice proportions for a plus size model. Quite well-balanced instead of the typical pear shape.

  10. Grace Says:

    Oh and egoistic, to top it all off. Here’s her post-antm interview sounding off on why-she-should-have-been-in-the-top-2-not-raina

    Did I mention whiney?
    Sore loser much.

    “Reality TV World: Was there any specific photo shoot when you thought your photo should have been called first but wasn’t?

    Alexandra Underwood: Yes. There were multiple times in New Zealand where my photo should have been called first. ”

    Really? I looked her photos up and down and all I see is blah-blah, and blah.

    “Alexandra Underwood: Editing was a huge part of it. But in New Zealand I really opened up and was able to be myself, which was a huge comfort. You have to push out a lot of sides of yourself whenever you go on the show. It’s very one-dimensional, they show one side to you. They took that competitive side of my personality and they ran with that.

    I’m not necessarily that competitive as they made me out to be, and I am not that serious. I don’t take myself that seriously, I don’t take life that seriously. But they did make me seem really serious in the end.”

    Yet the interview is not edited, and she comes across as a competitive sore loser! WHAT IS SHE TALKING ABOUT. And her “true personality” in NZ just showed her bitchy side! Geez, she has her head so high up her butt! She keeps coming up with reasons, show politics everything just a big conspiracy to make sure she didn’t win. She just can’t see/accept her photos as mediocre!!

    And did nobody tell her the reason she didn’t win the airplane runway challenge was because she decided to be Penelope too-many-pitstops?!

  11. Sabrina Says:

    I love her eyes; they’re blueish-grayish. LOVE THEM.

  12. Amy Says:

    She is not a plus-size woman. Especially by Texas standards, she has curves. God forgive anyone for having a little meat on your bones.

    Anyways, I didn’t like her at all. Way too critical…she never could find the positive in anything, her and krista just sat around b^tching about sh^t. But shes a good model, and they aren’t hired for personality, so she may make it.

  13. Debra Says:

    Best proportions for a plus-size model, crappiest demeanor ever. Beauty is skin deep sweetie and your fat a** acted like you were all that when you really weren’t. You were lucky to get as far as you did and you certainly should be grateful for what you were given. Negative Nelly is your name.

  14. Re Says:

    I love her face and body, I would kill for a body like hers <3.

  15. Heather Says:

    Loved her!! She is drop-dead gorgeous…I don’t care what anyone says. If there had to be a plus size top model, it should have been Alexandra.

  16. KriStina Says:

    Она чем-то похожа на Whitney из 10 сезона внешне, но фото у неё конечно во 100 раз лучше…. На мой взгляд, она была лучшей в этом сезоне и я болела за нее. Она должна была быть в финальной двойке вместе с Raina!!!!!!!

    Alexandra —- ты просто супер!!!!!!

  17. Aufa Says:

    My winner ❤

  18. Cassandra Says:

    I liked her look, so far off and detached sometimes. She made me look twice. A beauty and I would always forget she was “plus-sized” whatever that means. Hope she finds lots and lots of work.

  19. mabs Says:

    Her photos are passable , but her personality’s horrible , not fit to be the last few standing in cycle 14 😦

  20. Carolyn Says:

    First off I do agree that she is a very beautiful young lady and has a body I would kill for,but I have a problem with her personality.While competing on ANTM she made a nasty comment to Jessica Serfaty about being a model for Dilliards,well I just received my new Woman Within catalog and SURPRISE SURPRISE guess who is in it,none other than Alexandra.Just goes to show,watch what you say or it may come back and bite you in the a**.

  21. suzannah Says:

    i think she looked like drew barrymore a little bit =p

  22. Tammy Clark Says:

    I’m pretty sure she models for Woman Within. I wasn’t a big fan of her attitude sometimes but she is stunning!

  23. austin Says:

    im really mad Krista won it should have been Alexandra and Jessica in the top 2 winner click here to watch the video only 43 seconds long

    • Jamaica Says:

      Okay, first of all, in my opinion, the only ones who really looked like true models to me were Alasia, Krista and maybe Raina even. Alexandra was a beautiful girl who reminded me of a well-known actress, not really a fashion model, and Jessica’s beauty is the type of beauty that everyone has seen before. She was like the typical All-American beauty who photographs like a pretty girl, not a model. Jessica is very pretty, but her look is, I mean, I can find girls who look like this right here in Liverpool. Nothing special about Jessica.

      Of course, taking into account many people despise most of the winners for their rightful place in the competition and that they either don’t know the difference between unique beauty and run-of-the-mill beauty or just despise the true sense of the former, I wouldn’t be surprised that people would rather have two commercial/glamour-looking girls as finalists than real top models.

  24. Jack Says:

    she looked good but sometimes didnt see model on her.

  25. Liz Says:

    She’s in the UK with Models1 now! Not bad!

  26. Makenzie Says:

    Physically, she’s absolutely gorgeous. Her proportions are amazing. I’m also plus sized and to have someone so confident about their body, even though her body is considered large, is something to look up to. Too bad that she and Krista were terrible people. She would’ve been one of my favorite contestants.

  27. Katherine Says:

    She’s beautiful, but not high fashion. I didn’t like her attitude at all. She was arrogant and a show off. I’m glad she didn’t win. And no…I’m not jealous.

    • Jamaica Says:

      Yeah, there’s a difference between typical beauty and high fashion beauty. While I do agree she’s prettier than Whitney, she doesn’t speak model to me. And if I had just went all out and said it in brutal honesty what my thoughts about her were originally when I first saw her on ANTM, I’d say Alexandra is star quality, or an actress.

  28. Adi Halevy Says:

    She looks old 😦

  29. bianca savage Says:

    why was she introduced as Alexandra pilzner on the show?

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