Alejandra “Leslie” Mancia was a contestant during Cycle 6 of ANTM.

Before she joined America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 6, Leslie was studying at Arizona State University.

Leslie was only 18 years old when she became a finalist on America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 6, making her one of the youngest contestants. She was roommates with Kari Schmidt and was called “my girl Leslie” by Brooke Staricha. The major criticism that the judges threw Leslie’s way was her all-too sexual look in person. The judges requested that she tone down her sex appeal, and Leslie bounced back during the sixth week, when she came out very strong in a mock CoverGirl commercial challenge. However, Leslie found herself in the bottom two with Sara Albert the following week, and was ultimately sent home because despite appearing great in print, the judges still couldn’t see Leslie as a model.

After appearing on the show, Leslie decided to go back to school, but after some time, dropped out so that she can continue to pursue her true passion: modeling.

Leslie Mancia later signed to Ford Models in Los Angeles, Muse Management in New York, The Arizona Agency, the Campbell Agency in Dallas and Heffner Management in Seattle. She used to be signed with Elite Model Management in Los Angeles and Miami, Nous Model Management, Major Model Management, and Percent Model Management.

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To view more photos of Leslie, click here.

16 Responses to “Alejandra “Leslie” Mancia”

  1. steena Says:

    I think she was underrated; her pictures are beautiful!

  2. silver nail polish Says:

    Wish she had gone farther; it seemed like she had something!

  3. kiki Says:

    Her crumping shot was so great. Just like all the rest of her photos.

  4. Alex Says:

    Very happy to see that she continued her carrier cause she was the prettiest BY FAR of this cycle.
    Very beautiful.

  5. Kat Says:

    Saaw her in a Macy’a tv commercial late last year…she looked good then…those pics make her look real bad, like eating disorder bad. What is with all these girls with implants and so thin and all?

  6. Ny Says:

    kind of reminds me of nicole scherzinger

  7. kweed Says:

    I just literally ran into Leslie while she was walking down the street by my office. Totally random. I started screaming, “are you top model Leslie???” and she was so nice and even more gorgeous in person. She is phenomenal!

  8. lulu15 Says:


  9. scorpio Says:

    she’s Michael Costello’s model on project runway all stars :]

  10. sydnee Says:

    She’s modeling on Project Runway All Stars! And she looks great and apparently she worked on her walk – its flawless.

  11. Lynn Says:

    She is also a regular model for I recognized her on PR-All Stars. Good for her. ANTM has been helpful. These girls may not be stars but they are working and WE know them.

  12. kiki Says:

    My favorite photo was the photo she took before she got sent home. It was just amazing and it was different than the rest of her photos.

  13. Grace Says:

    Loved her, she seemed like a really cool person. Very sexy, and a great model. Glad she is in the spotlight again, being Michael Costello’s model on Project Runway All Stars. I heard a lot of the designers complementing her and Michael also said she made him questioning his sexuality. Which is great haha, she definitely deserves the recognition

  14. Rhiannon Says:

    She was so cool and relaxed I liked her. Im happy to see her do well.

  15. I have watched a rerun of cycle 6 after getting so many commendations. Ohhh God, it was well crated and very hilarious and moving. I really wouldn’t mind if i didn’t watch any other cycle. Well to me, i think Leslie was given a fair treatment. That’s the furthest that she could go. I mean look at all those other gals that went beyond her, every single one of them was very talented.

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