Alisha Ballard was a contestant during Cycle 14 of ANTM.

The then 18-year-old was a student from Marietta, Georgia during her appearance on the show. Alasia revealed to the judges that in order for her to join the show, Alasia told her teachers that she couldn’t come to classes because she had “family matters” with which to deal.

During episode 1 of Cycle 14, Alasia divulged that she is a devout Christian, even quoting scripture during on-camera interviews.

Alasia had shaky beginnings on the show, as she didn’t impress Mr. Jay during the “Which supermodel are you?” shoot. She was supposed to embody supermodel Naomi Campbell, but couldn’t think of any ‘classic’ Naomi poses to show the photographer.

In episode 2, it’s clear that Alasia and Ren clash in the Top Model house. Alasia’s rambunctious and strong personality rubbed Ren (whose typically quiet) the wrong way, causing a full-fledged yell out between the two.

Episode 2 also found Alasia in the bottom two with Gabrielle for the second panel judging. Judge, Andre Leon Talley, found Alasia’s modeling methods adventurous during the nude photo shoot, so Tyra chose to eliminate Gabrielle instead.

Alasia’s performance during episode 3 put Alasia back in running for Top Model when she was called first following the “dance” photo shoot with Cade Martin. Tyra said that Alasia’s ‘interpretive dance’ photo chosen for panel was just one of many exceptional photos she took that day.

Alasia managed to stay ahead of the game in episode 4, when she was, for the second week in a row, called first during panel following the vampire photo shoot with Sarah Silver. Tyra described Alasia’s photo as “stunning and unbelievable.”

Despite her remarkable performance during the photo shoot and in panel, Alasia was not as popular with the girls in the Top Model house, specifically, Anslee. After an argument over frozen vegetables (aka veggie-gate), Alasia made a comment about the upbringing of Anslee’s daughter, which caused Anslee’s temper to flare.

During episode 5, Alasia maintained her forward momentum in the competition when she received good critique from the judges for her “fake” photo taken by D-Nice. The judges liked her photo and thought her body looked great. They also said that she evoked style and thought out of the box. Additionally, Alasia won a $5,000 diamond ring from Jude Frances Jewelry (a prize she shared with Jessica) for being called first during the previous elimination. In this episode, she was called 4th during panel.

Alasia began episode 6 as the center of attention because of the rising conflict with other girls in the house; specifically Jessica, Raina and Brenda. After some choice words in the limo with Jessica, she also showed attitude with Raina, after hearing Raina talk about her in the Top Model confessional.

Later, during the first challenge with Ann Shoket at Seventeen Magazine, the girls had to choose fashions that suited their body shapes/proportions. Alasia wanted to shower before they left, which caused the whole group to be late to the challenge. Ms. Jay and Ann Shoket were outwardly frustrated with the groups tardiness.

During the next challenge, which was a one-on-one talk with Manhattan socialite Tinsley Mortimer and mingling with industry insiders, Alasia appeared less confident and fidgeted frequently while being interviewed. Tinsley included this point during her critique of Alasia’s obvious nervous idiosyncrasies.

The bad news continued for Alasia during the “New York women” photo shoot with Mike Ruiz. Mr. Jay said that she failed to deliver overall. He added that she showed no emotion behind her eyes and that he didn’t have one quality photo to show to Tyra. Alasia became upset, leaving the subway set in tears.

During panel, Ann Shoket said that there wasn’t a lot in her photo. Andre Leon Talley said that she’s improved from week to week, but this week she didn’t do well. Tyra said that she needed to include her dancing energy behind her thoughts. Nigel said that if she’s not thinking of anything, it’s going to say just that in her photos.

Due to her unimpressive photograph, Alasia became one of the bottom two girls with Brenda. While in the bottom two, Tyra said “You were the girl who embraced dancing; the judges told you to hold on to that. Then you threw it out during your shoot. That was your gift.” Tyra added, “You thought about nothing during the shooot; and they saw nothing in her photo.”

Despite her poor performance, Brenda was chosen for elimination instead of Alasia.

Episode 7 began with Alasia back in the spotlight due to her proclivity for being late to challenges/shoots. The other girls piled into the elevator to go downstairs, leaving Alasia, still getting ready, upstairs. Because the elevator took so long to return, she had to take the stairs.

During the runway challenge at Lucky Cheng’s, Alasia failed to dazzle Miss J and the other guests. Fortunately, she managed to once again produce an impressive photo following the “Hair Couture” photo shoot with Jerry Metellus.

Andre Leon Talley said her photo was ‘high fashion’ due to her foot positioning. He also said her photo was very reminiscent of something you’d see in an Alexander McQueen ad. Guest judge, Whitney Port, loved her photo as well. Despite being loved by ALT, Tyra criticized her film, saying she had the same pose in every shot. She said Alasia didn’t take enough chances. Alasia was called  fifth during elimination, which included her as part of the group traveling to the international destination of New Zealand for the second half of the competition.

During episode 8 (in New Zealand), Alasia did well during the go-sees challenge and was confident, unfortunately, she was disqualified from the challenge for being 45 minutes late back to the agency.

When Alasia stepped on to the hillside set with Nigel Barker for “the same dress shoot,” Nigel said that she looked amazing, but was “lost” when he began shooting her frames. Her strategy was to be “serene” and “calm,” but Nigel said she gave him “nothing.”

During panel, Nigel said that her picture had drama because of the landscape, but it wasn’t inspirational. ALT said he wasn’t getting emotion from the photo; maybe she should have interacted with the sheep. Guest judge Sara Tetro said that she would flick right through her picture in a magazine.

Due to her poor performance, Alasia ended up in the bottom two with Jessica.

While in the bottom two, Tyra said that Alasia lacked focus and had potential, but when she got on set, she’s not mentally present.

In the end, Alasia was eliminated. Upon leaving, Tyra told her that she’s stunning, but she needs to connect her brains with her body and focus.

Upon leaving, Alasia said the following:

“It’s the end of the road for me; I’m just happy I made it this far. I’m an amateur; I did not know anything about the fashion industry and I made it this far. I’m happy with myself. At home, I always felt boring and plain, like I wasn’t important and I didn’t stand out; I was just kind of there. But being in this competition and making it this far changed my mind completely; I’m somebody.”

To read Alasia’s post-elimination interview with RTV Games, click here.

Alasia has not yet broken into the industry as she is still finishing high school. After she graduates from high school on May 22, 2010 and  plans on moving to Atlanta to pursue a career in modeling.

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To view more photos of Alasia, click here.

104 Responses to “Alasia Ballard”

  1. Aline Says:

    Typical ghetto black gal from Atlanta. She says she’s from Marietta, but it’s the same as Atlanta. She has a fat belly, butt and thighs. And being from Georgia, she will get bigger due to all the fried food and sweet ice tea they consume. She can only be a funeral home model if that.

    • nikki Says:

      Why are you being so cruel? Jealous? You must admit, she is a beautiful, black young woman. True she may not fit America’s idea of beautiful (blonde, blue eyes, anorexic), but she is an inspiration for young, darker-skinned women.

      • Trina Says:

        Hold up now. You best not be hating on Georgia girls. The South is where it’s at. People are classy and have a manner unlike those northern rude yankees. And I’m 18 and 110 lbs. Fried food and sweet tea are in my blood, so don’t blame the food. Anyway Alasia is skinny. You’re jealous cause you’re some ugly loser who wishes you were a model.

      • Sherra Says:

        Yes, she’s black and from Atlanta, that doesn’t mean she is a funeral home model. She is gorgeous and her skin is phenomenal. She is fabulously beautiful.

    • kiki Says:

      So what? Ghetto is her personality, but she is one the prettiest girls in that group. Before you even dare comment on her body (which is beautiful) look at your own and get that green monster out of your head.

      • Missy Says:

        I find it amusing that people use the word “ghetto” on this web page without getting backlash, whereas on the Krista White web page the word “ghetto” caused an online lynching of one girl.

    • jeannette Says:

      This is just straight-up racist.

    • mizz_pumpkin Says:

      For one b*tch: Marietta is NOT Atlanta. And for two of you haters, here’s the real talk. If she was gonna be fat from eating, she would have been fat already! Alasia is my homegirl and I dont give a f*ck what a b*tch gotta say.

      Hmmm, I dont remember seeing your ass on AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL. LOL, females theses days. Why don’t you and the rest of y’all hatin’-ass females get a goddam life!

    • donna Says:

      Idiot, idiot, idiot. Obviously a racist functioning on one brain cell.

    • trey Says:

      who the heck are you aline? quit hating and move on.

    • bellaclaire Says:

      Wow. We are in 2011, long beyond the days of Roots. If you aren’t an African American individual, I must say, you sound quite racist and if you are an African American individual, you appear to have low self-esteem! Please take notice to the word appear, because I am not accusing you of being any of those things, I am jut pointing out how you APPEAR. If you are either of the above-mentioned characteristics that i have pointed out, I feel sad for you. Therefore, I will keep you in my prayers. Also, I wonder how do you describe the very confrontational white women that are straight up and down and clearly larger than Alasia… rhetorical.

    • wowwww. racist much. she’s beautiful. period. get over it

    • PrincessDiva Says:

      You a re just jealous….she;s a beautiful girl and you know it. Her body is sick and she’s fly. Post a picture of yourself so we can tear you down…I’m sure you are busted and disgusted and that’s why you gotta hate on this young girl. Hater!

    • Jas Says:

      I met her in high school and she was one of the nicest sweetest people I have ever met. She stood up for me and became we became good friends. NOT ONLY can she model but she sings as well, we met in chorus. She isn’t fat and probably won’t b till she is older. Your an ass whole is basing your judgment on a stereo-type.

    • sushi Says:

      wow what a jealous bitch you are. she’s not fat, she has an awesome body. stop being so cruel. she has a body, not like most anorexic models you idiot.

    • Jennifer S. Says:

      I find it amusing that the person that was insulting Alasia’s belly, butt and thighs does not realize that all of the attributes that she was attempting to critique are the very same that white woman are paying big money to get. The full butt is in and in style now and it sounds like you are lacking my dear and it’s hilarious!!!

    • bonnie Says:

      I actually know her personally and she is not ghetto! you are just mad to see her doing better than u

  2. Allen Says:

    Congrats on your graduation today!! I know you will make it into the modeling industry. I look forward to seeing you! 🙂

  3. marta Says:

    Beautiful and interesting girl. Maybe she can come around in Europe. This kind of beauty here is considered exotic.

  4. Kim Says:

    Alasia is a beautiful chocolate chip! Visually, she reminds me of the young ladies in my family, stunning. Alasia will blossom and she will be fabulous. She is ONLY 18 years old. She still has a lot of growing to do and I appreciate the fact that she acts and looks like an 18 year old. She will mature, gain experience and will become a force to be reckoned with. Alasia, I wish you the BEST of luck and I look forward to seeing you soon.
    Aline, you sound like you are fat and unattractive, stop hating. Jealousy is so unbecoming.

    • Janelle Says:

      How does someone sound fat? Interesting… So if I comment that Alasia seems stupid, ignorant, and ghetto – do I also sound fat and unattractive?

      • Chere Says:

        No Janelle, you sound like you have a really small mind and no life! And that’s why you must hate on Alasia, and make weak-minded remarks about a talented and beautiful young lady that is growing into a beautiful and strong African American woman that will probably go further than you can dream or even think of. To me it seems like you are an upset over privileged dingy white blonde that could afford to have a great education however, because of the size of you brain it couldn’t grasp the concept of learning anything past the 4th grad level other than being a slut. So now when you see an underprivileged black woman succeeding in life and shining more than you; you feel like you dying in side….. why don’t you either jump in a lake and forget you know how to swim or either go get your life. Its amazing that even in 2011 there’s still racism, even tho WE African American influence every aspect of America, even after years of being held back by white racist such as yourself, you still can’t hold us down, we just shine brighter than any star. It just tears you up inside that every since our freedom, you bite, and steal our style over and over again, you want to be us African American so Bad that you give yourselves Cancer laying in the sun trying to obtain our skin color, you purchase your breast to be the size of African Americans and not to mention the botox for your lips to make them fuller like ours, and you but implants to give you the curves we naturally poses. You all so much want to be us, so that is why I understand how you can just hate us. We have everything you want. The only thing you poses naturally is how to rob and steal from the beginning you come over to this land called America stealing and robbing land, and then you judge us. Like I said either kill yourself or get your life, because your small mind is so pathetic those are the only two choices for you at the time. You are disgrace to your race because I know everyone of your kind is not like you! I know this is so last year but i was watching the rerun and decided to Google her life now and saw your post, may you be blessed enough to read the truth…….

  5. rubyswan Says:

    Contrats on your graduation! Hooraaaaaay! You’re such a beautiful, black young woman. It was a special treat to see you on ANTM. May the good Lord shower down ((much)) blessings on you!

  6. Jessi Says:

    She should not be a model. Alasia was the most immature contestant on ANTM. Yes, she is eighteen, but she acted with no disregard for anyone else. She was always starting fights and screaming when it was unnecessary and it made her look like a terrible person. She even dared to judge Anslee about how she raised her child! And she took some of the worst pictures of this cycle and the entire show. Her runway walk wasn’t good and her first picture was horrible. After that, she only took one okay picture. Not even a good picture. She doesn’t look like a model or even perform like one. She was a disappointment. This cycle in general was very disappointing.

    • 4sher Says:

      Not true. Everyone can and could see her potential. That is why ANTM gave her the chance. I recommend anyone who thought she started all the trouble watch that cycle again. I did and found she was not the trouble making one, but the one trying to make a change.

      • Manny Says:

        It’s true, she was honest the whole time and didn’t pretend to be something she wasn’t. Raina Hein and her gal-pals were unaware of how inconsiderate and dishonest they were towards the “realist” ones. They should know that black girls don’t lie or pretend to be something they’re not. They, as the expression goes, keep it real. It’s kind of hard to believe when they’re shown as crazy, ego-maniac and tempermental due to clever editing. If I was hanging out with the contestants of Cycle 14, I would prefer the “realist” group because they don’t live in a fantasy world that’s sunshine bubble crap all the time. They understand hardship and struggle.

    • joejoe_no1 Says:

      Watch the show. She was minding her business everytime someone said something that started arguing. They pushed it in gangs. Krista started on day one. Then her roommates would be talking about her friends. she wouldn’t say anything. So then one would say something about her to get her involved. I’m watching the marathon now.
      She southern and beautiful. Fatty foods are in every state. So the Atlanta food comment was super stupid. Probably written by one of her former ANTM roommates.

    • Matthew Rivera Says:

      When Alasia and Anslee both fight over a bag of frozen vegetables, Anslee was also in the wrong too. Her attitude kinda stank there and talked to Alasia like a little girl. Keep re-frig-er-a-ted. What was that about?

  7. Kitten J Says:

    Alasia, I thought you were the best model and a gorgeous girl! Good Luck to you in the future and I wish you the very best!! I look forward to seeing you in the future pages of Vogue and Elle!! Knock ’em out cause you got what it takes! Keep up the good work! Best Wishes!

  8. brandon Says:

    Alasia, your are beautiful; beautiful skin and long hair. My sister and I were with you through the entire competition. Don’t worry about these stupid people here or anywhere else commenting negatively about you because they don’t determine your future; only you do. The little WHITE girls on this cycle were all HATERS and not very classy themselves, but were always trying to make fun of Angelea and Alasia.

    Anslee and Brenda were both FUNNY LOOKING. Brenda looked liked a transvesite and Anslee just looked a HOT MESS period. I would throw up a little in my mouth at the sight of those two LMAO! Alasia, you’re a beautiful black princess and don’t let these stupid people bring you down.

  9. Shan Says:

    Sweet Alasia, here’s to hoping you have a wonderful modeling career and so many more years of success to come.

    Sadly, some people fail to become a productive successful member of society and instead work to put down others in an attempt to bring some meaning to their own sad excuse for a life.

    Saying that, some of these people are saying comments in which you need not even respond with a dignified answer. We know that you and Anslee that same day talked about your disagreement and she appologized to you.

    You and your cast mates were on the show and anyone with at least a Jr. High education knows that shows are edited to be the way the producers want. So ignore the immature, jealous ramblings of ignorant people.

    I will say that I hope you follow your dreams and soon I will see you in magazines everywhere. Elle, Vogue, Essence, Harper’s Bazaar … because sweetie, your star will always shine as long as you let it.

  10. neesy Says:

    What is wrong with you people? There is no excuse for someone to act like she did. EVER. And to do it on national television? I actually feel sorry for her that she was such a fool.

    • joejoe_no1 Says:

      What do you think about the girls that kept starting the mess with her as the target? Those girls were simple. And the really needed each other. They never said any slick comments when they were alone.

    • Sharon Says:

      yes, she did get mad but you are acting lik cant no body get a temper. who was the prettiest girl on cycle 14? Alasia Ballard. who photographed phenominally? Alasia Ballard. who do you wish you were right now? Alasia Ballard.

  11. hittia Says:

    The first picture that she took was embarrassing. I swear down. I am not pleased with her, but she is a beautiful girl.

  12. Susan Says:

    She’s 5’8, which doesn’t make the cut in NYC elite fashion or in the haute couture market of Europe. Her face is typical, not unique for an African American. She is also a thin girl which is good.

    She has to study fashion history in order to make it as a model where ever she chooses to find work. If she is lucky, she can book mainstream middle-level commercial work in NYC. Now, if she looked like Iman or Oluchi she would be a shoe-in for Parisian modeling, but she’s not. I assume BET fashion will be her route as a model.

  13. Ani Says:

    I didn’t like Alasia at all.

    Yes, she was 18 and immature, but the girl should have put herself together and behave as she was broadcast in various countries. She just gives me the impression of a young girl who talks too much and doesn’t wanna learn. Besides, I didn’t like her pictures either. Whoever says that her beauty is considered as exotic in Europe, doesn’t apparently know what’s going on here.

    I am European myself and I would give Alasia not more than average. The African models in Europe are to die for, it just literally hurts to see them; they’re perfection. To wrap it up, I was not and I will never be a fan of such a personality and behaviour.

    • Missy Says:

      I agree with what you are saying. There is a HUGE difference between Africans and African Americans; not just physically, but culturally as well. In Africa, the bone structure translates as refined and avante garde. The most beautiful black models in the world come from Africa, whereas in America there is more than two centuries of the body evolving to what it is now. A change of diet, culture, a difference in the natural environment and climate can cause the body lose its original look. It is a fact that these elements can contribute to body change. In Africa, you get the best pick wherever you go.

      • Nicole Says:

        African-Americans are not necessarily supposed to look like Africans. For all the things you have ‘assumed’ (probably mistakenly) have created the differences between the 2 groups, you left out the biggest which is that most African-Americans are racially mixed with white blood due to the white slave-masters widespread rape of black slaves. There are extraordinarily beautiful women in ALL races and in ALL combinations of races and this most definitely applies to African-Americans as well. I personally have seen many drop-dead, naturally gorgeous African-American women in every shade. It’s just so unfortunate that America only wants to celebrate one type of beauty which is so narrowly defined and as such is not a universal standard of beauty.

  14. Chilly710 Says:

    Alasia was the only girl in that cycle that was truly great. She had stunning pictures and always stayed true to herself. Almost every single girl hated her and her attitude. That’s because she felt DISRESPECTED by everyone because she was young. I really feel for her because I saw true potential and I think she is going to make it far. And for all you people who don’t like her…SHE’S PROBABLY GOING TO BE MORE SUCCESSFUL THAN YOU EVER WILL, SO CUT IT OUT! Go Alasia!

    • Missy Says:

      For someone that is a devout Christian, she behaved like a demon-possessed child: always screaming, berating, throwing things at people … an unrefined girl.

      • Joy Says:

        So true. She’s always screaming and everything. If you want respect, you gotta give it first. Be classy!

      • mary1 Says:

        I’m so glad someone else thought this; she presented as very ugly-hearted person with such hate. I really hope she saw herself on TV and made some changes.

  15. Ferr_Remy Says:

    Ugly and the most annoying person on ANTM. Big mouth. I love a lot of black models, but she is definitely not the one.

    • Missy Says:

      I know what you mean! She’s just as ugly as Krista White. The only difference is if she wears lipstick it makes her look like she just did coke. It’s wrong to know fashion designers and models, though for some reason Andre Leon Talley was fond of her.

      I think when the show aired he saw that he made a fool out of himself, lowering his expectations for a professional model to someone who is suitable for hip-hop fashion shows and printwork. For Cycle 15, if he had kept the same approach Ann would have been gone within the first few weeks. All Mr. Talley is about now is what Europe wants. If the prizes still included Seventeen Magazine Alasia would be a shoe-in. My favorite African models are Iman Abdulmajid and Alek Wek. One of my favorit British models is Naomi Campbell. Her facial bone structure is exquisite.

  16. Janie Says:

    Seriously the most annoying girl in awhile besides Jade. So immature. And I have a problem with how she acted towards the other girls and then had the nerve to say she’s a devout Christian? No. So irritating.

  17. Marcah Says:

    Wow. I should say that I’m kinda appalled by some of the criticism being given to Alasia. Well, getting staight to the point, I think Alasia is indeed a Beautiful lady. Full of potential and I should admit I did love her character. She was always true to herself and never let anyone bring her down. Alasia”behaved like a demon possessed child.” Really? I dont think, so no Christian is perfect. We all got flaws and Alasia is no exception. My advice to Alasia is that you’re a beautiful lady and you should keep up the excellent job. Dream big and am positive you gonna get there soon.

  18. Gzel Says:

    She and Angelea is my favorite model in ANTM cycle 14. I still like them even though they are being bithcie and like to cause problems. But they produce nice photos.

  19. Lisa Says:

    First, I am not African-American, but a 1/2 Black Hispanic. I have taught in the inner city schools here in Atlanta. I can’t really talk about Alasia’s beauty; for me she is typical. Even if she was the most physically beautiful woman in the world, her behavior was absolutely horrid. I am sure when modeling agencies look at ANTM they wouldn’t hire her. People sticking up for her acting that way, probably act that way themselves.

    I can’t understand it, (I am originally from New York) but it is the southern culture here. I always teach my students, there is their world and the white world and you have to know the difference. Obviously no one sent the memo to Alasia.
    I hope she has learned a lesson in humility, and couth. When she would have a scene on the show I usually changed the channel; I didn’t have the stomach to watch her.

    • sher Says:

      I’m surprised at you … a teacher… half whatever u are (who cares) but this 18 year old young lady, even teenager who admitted her weakness, lack of wordliness, and poor self asteem found herself by the end of the show, had grew up in front of america (the world) and was thankful (not embarrassed) spoke volumes about her character. Sorry I can’t say the same for you. A teacher, you should be ashamed of yourself for not be forgiving. The young make their mistakes, as teachers we let them know it is what you do after that makes the diff!

    • joejoe_no1 Says:

      Why are people talking about maturity? First of all, these are young girls put in a high pressure place – and I don’t mean the photos – I mean living with the people you are competing against. No tv. Just opportunities to get on each other’s nerves. I don’t know how they do it. They are going to war almost every season with this amount of togetherness and boredom.

      And the fashion industry does not hire people due to their maturity. They want people who can sell; get the attention. If they went on maturity and behavior, Naomi Campbell would not be one of the biggest models in the industry. She’s trouble. She bullies other models – and not just Tyra Banks. But she is big.

      These comments telling people who can and who cannot be a model are so ridiculous. These girls beat out thousands of girls to make it to this show. They can be models if the industry sees them as such. People who don’t work in the fashion industry are just watchers. The media shapes opinions and attitudes. Not us who watch.

      And to speak about the behaviors of the poeple on the show… The behavior on this site is crazy. And you all are not in a room together. There are no cameras in front of you. But some of you are saying things to start an arguement with people you can’t even see.

      Put you on a reality show and you would be the monster in the room for sure. I am speaking to those who comment on this young lady being ghetto, un-Christian like and all othe other mean comments. If you were in the room with her, you would start something with her. You may want to deny it, but it would be crazy to believe that the contestants do not look at these pages and read the comments. I am sure she has and has been hurt. And then, the comments leave the modeling profession and go into racism. I have to scroll down to get back to what people think about her modeling. That is what this site is for. Not to bash people and assign their personalities labels. Please stick to the modeling and stop the bullying.

    • Chere Says:

      MAYBE IF YOU HAD NOT BEEN CHANGING THE CHANNEL SO MUCH YOU WOULD HAVE SEEN HER GROWING INTO A BEAUTIFUL PERSON……………..HOWEVER IT IS OBVIOUS, …………………….You are the typical I’m mixed and confused about the African American Race child, so I will excuse your remark and no it does not surprise me, being that I am mixed myself and had that problem. Thank God I had some strong mixed, and African American Women in my life to teach me better, so that I did not turn out as you obviously have. For most people it is astonishing to hear such things coming from what I would assume a very well educated woman, considering you are a teacher. Unfortunately you do have a blind side of the situation, and maybe a little angry about having that African American side of you. Now considering you are a leader in a sense, I am going to pray for you, because even you are being a little Judgmental and non-understanding of the situation, and I know you display this manner with your children in class…; (poor children) no one to teach them better because they are so insecure about their partial race they will never learn a thing from you! Be happy you not my child’s teacher, I’m hear right hear in Atlanta, and every time my child gets a Teacher like you, I check, and you RESPECT IT. Every one wants to act as if no other race does anything wrong, when in fact they have many flaws and act just as bad and or even worse than African Americans, however we are looked at as just so Bad. When the reality of things are that we should be given medals for the many Aspects of America that we have influenced, even through the constant hold back from Americans such as yourself. And it is so sad! That most races want to be us in skin color, shape, look, and etc. …the strength of my race, from beginning to now & our accomplishments are tremendous! and yes I claim the African American Race, Not mixed, I’m black regardless of the color of my skin, and I love being Black. I’ll tell you; you should feel ashamed to have waist-ed someone’s hard earned money on the education you received because you are still ignorant. Lady Get a life then try to claim my race until then stop claiming that 1/2 Black mix because we don’t want you claiming it, and making us look bad yes you make us look bad, Because we are Black and Proud and you are just pathetic….. Also, how dare you talk about the South, when I just moved from your dirty extremely cold state called New York where in your inner city every one is on Section 8 and welfare and every one is rude then you bring that nasty attitude to the south and want to blame it on us… Lady I have to go, because you sound dumb and dumber the more I think of your statements, how about you Go home, Back to NY, and leave our land of hospitality, corrupting our children and their future. Why are you here when it is clear you need to go back you don’t BELONG here… and we don’t need you hear either! Just a waist of education is all I can see when I read your remarks…

      And by the way there is one world, and you are just a sad individual from what i can interput from your remarks…

  20. Clara Says:

    Alasia is beautiful and what dummy called her fat? You must be anorexic because she has a nice petite frame. And as for the dumb a$$ comment above me made by Lisa … Who freaking cares about your nationality? No one asked!

    Women! Stop the hating and raise up other women who are doing there thing. Too bad Lisa was not a contestant. She is young who lacks experience. But I loved her on the show. The bottom line is she should have won over that alien. Ugh! Anyway, hopes she continues to pursue modeling. As for you Lisa, go back to your low-paying job and teach special education. That’s probably where you would make the most impact. Hahahahaha!

  21. vivian Says:

    Maybe she knows how to model, but with that attitude…? She’s going NOWHERE.

  22. Grace Says:

    She has such a flat face and a horrible personality. She looks plain even in photoshoots, worse when she has her glasses on in pjs with her hair clipped up and bundled up. Didn’t like her at all. ATL was just too nice to her. In fact he was really nice to all the contestants, but–sorry if this sounds racist, but I did notice it–mostly to those of darker skin?? Maybe it’s really just my thinking. Sorry if it offends.

    • sher Says:

      she is one of those dark beauties reminiscent of an african tribe. the flat face is a beauty trait same as the european bland and thickness like the mona lisa is considered beautiful. no one disagree and no pun intended it is just a culture beauty thing. check out her new pics she is a rather lovely young girl.

  23. T Says:

    I think she did quite well to get as far as she did because some of her photos are quite good, but she does have a dead/flat look at times and I guess that’s something she needs to work on. Best photo for me is the vampire one of her; it shows a different angle as well – jaw line looks good.

    Besides all that, she was always guns blazing. I think it’s a defense mechanism. Especially if she’s someone that’s not really seen or done much in life. It’s a protective coating I guess and she is only 18. I’m not defending her at all because it is about bad attitude as well, but I do think she did learn from it more towards the end.

  24. KriStina Says:

    ФУУУУУУУУУУУУУУУУУУУУУУУУУУУУУ. Как она могла так долго продержаться на проекте.

  25. Gustavito Says:

    She reminds me of Kenya cycle 4 both looks and personality somehow.

  26. Diya Says:

    This girl went to my high school, Wheeler. She is crazy . She got in a fight with this girl and bit a chunk of her stomach out. She tried to play all innocent and sweet when she got on the show, but that’s definitely not her true personality. And Marietta is far from ghetto, so I don’t really know what she was talking about…

  27. Khatarina Says:

    I just watched cycle 14 and Alasia was such a stupid b*tch. Shut the hell up when people are talking to you!!!

  28. Mal Says:

    Alasia was far too immature. She tried to bully her way into the spotlight. Screaming at people, demanding their attention, spying on confessionals … wow. Insecure much? Her attitude is not something to encourage or celebrate. It only hurt her on the show. She was so busy wasting energy on drama that when her turn came up at the camera the results were inconsistent.

    • Ariana Says:

      She did not; you need to know it’s not her fault. Why do all you girls, who are messing around tick me off? She’s black, ghetto and lovely. She can jack anyone up on this page. Don’t hate because haters are my motive. All you haters just give me more strength and power. You need to relax. She didn’t try to bully her way into the spotlight. And no offense, but I bet the marjority of you girls b*tching about her are white. No offense; not trying to be rude or anything.

      • mary1 Says:

        What on earth does color have to do with someone being rude, arrogant, spiteful and downright pissy!? I’m from Detroit and color doesn’t mean squat in the main game!

      • Mal Says:

        How is it not her fault? Every person is responsible for their own behavior. This is the first season of the show where I had to turn down the volume on my TV because the yelling hurt my ears. People can blame the editing all they want. If Alasia had learned to walk away and keep it professional she wouldn’t have been so stressed out.

        No offense taken. I am a black woman.
        I was raised by strong, beautiful, and classy black women. They taught me that being “ghetto” is fine with family and friends, but it needs to stay at home when you go to work.

  29. yana Says:

    I’m not a racist and I hate all that’s connected with it. I’m an Asian. But still this girl Alasia is a very spoiled person and disguisting in her behavior. She’s jealous as many girls of 14 cycle – Angelea, Krista etc. they are ugly inside and that’s bad.

  30. Aaron Says:

    Alasia was most definitely my favorite contestant of cycle 14. Her skin is gorgeous and her hair is nice in texture and length. She has very interesting facial features, which are due to her mixed African and Native-american heritage. Yes, she’s from Georgia, but she looks like she can be a native of Nigeria, an African queen.

    • mary1 Says:

      While she is beautiful, you’ve obviously never seen an African queen let alone a true African woman.

      • Bukky Says:

        That is actually very incorrect. I am 100% African (Nigerian) and naturally, know many Africans -not just from Nigeria. She could easily pass for African.

  31. mary1 Says:

    Does anyone know if she ever matured? I doubt anyone would book her to work with others in runway or other group type scene with her poor ability to be around other humans? It seems her heart and attitude are not as beautiful as her face and body.

  32. Alex Says:

    The prettiest girl to have won this show! Very happy!!!!

  33. Алина Says:

    А ещё будут сезоны?

  34. Poppy Says:

    The thing is…she never(not as far as I can remember) fought with any of her employers, it was just the girls in the house. And honestly, the drama started with Ren. True Alasia was loud, but did Ren ever approach her like a lady and ask her politely, to keep it down? No, Ren wanted to cause problems/blow off some steam, and told Alasia to shut up in a very snarky manner. Ren = drama starter.
    Now Alasia definitely wasn’t always in the right, and definitely has some growing up to do, but that doesn’t make her any less physically striking/beautiful, because she is stunning. Great body, thin but not deathly so(healthy), dark, even complexion. She’s really a beautiful girl.
    Why all the negativity? I do wonder.

  35. Misswest Says:

    first of all who are you to judging them ?
    because their black they don’t need to be ugly inside baby, i know the truth hurts. Alasia knows at least how to stand up for herself, not everyone has to be like you 😀

  36. A'merie Says:

    First of all Marrieta is NOT Atlanta . Second of all there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with Alaysia’s face or body . Granted she may not be the ideal ANTM , skinny , blonde , blue eyes , etc . But she’s black , beautiful , and a great model . I’m just as dark as Alaysia , just as beautiful , and I embrace every moment of it . She’s nowhere near fat ! To me , she brought the realness to that Cycle full of fake asz females who do nothing but complain and backstab . And a funeral home model ? Seriously , grow up dude . Jealous much ?????? Lmao , females these days

  37. tash2012 Says:

    Modeling has gave people like me hope of becoming something in life because of the change in requirements. I am not a toothpick and I’m black. People like Whitney, Alasia, & Danielle gave me inspiration to become a model. Whitney because I’m not small, Alasia because I’m young, & Danielle because my speech isn’t brilliant. All the negative comments are directed toward the big people & the black people. You don’t have to be an anorexoid white pretty girl to be a model. So whether you like it or not, we takin’ ova!

  38. BBBW Says:

    Gotta love how everyone here speaks about other girls being a racist yet they put huge importance on the fact that she’s black. Doesn’t matter people, not important. She’s beautiful and has a lot of spunk. Quit with the damn race and grow the hell up. Anyone going overboard and being outwardly rude and offensive is just being childish, don’t waste your breath responding, that’s the only way they can get attention lol.

  39. I thought Alasia was gorgeous, and a good role model (as far as actual modelling, not in personality) for other dark-skinned black girls. With that said, I don’t know why, but most of the black girls that season acted VERY stereotypical (ie. Ghetto). However, not only the black girls were bitchy that season. Most of the girls were. It was a little disappointing, especially if you consider the fact that most of the REALLY cut-throat girls were MOTHERS. Yeah, I’m talking to you, Jessica, Brenda and Raina (with her two-faced passive aggressive behaviour). Anslee, even though I didn’t find her physically attractive, I thought she was a great person.

  40. kahuna Says:

    Alasia has “It!” Now go out and show the world what you have girl. 🙂

  41. v. Says:

    Starting at the top, I began reading the comments. I reached Lisa’s comment, and felt I could not go on without making a statment: There is a “white” world, then there’s “their” world??! Really!?? I am so GLAD someone finally told me this. Where have I been living, these past 28 years of my life? I thought I had been residing in the United Sates of America, where people of all races and backgrounds were treated equally. Yet, Lisa has decided that I can’t live there. Nope. Gotta pack my bags and move to the “white” world. I suppose my 2 children will not be wanted, since their skin is the wrong shade. I wonder if I’ll have to take a rocket to get there? Honestly, what archeic text book are you reading, Lisa? It should have been burned once Intgration began. “Can’t we all just get along?”

  42. marie Says:

    I never watched the show and I came across this website and I think that she is a very pretty girl. I don’t know about her attitude but naomi campbell isn’t a nice person but hey if you got it you got it and I think she is very pretty and would make a great model!

  43. K'Yara Says:

    Alasia is my home girl she lived near my nan in marietta Geogia n i live in Atlanta and i know that she will make it far….. love you Alasia my girl

  44. asker Says:

    I just want to comment on Alasia, you go young woman, how beautiful you are, black and beautiful. I loved the backward vest shot, it was adventourous, and the shot of you in the alley adjusting your shoe, top posing. you are young and will grow stronger in yourself, work on gentleness, and patiences toward yourself and others, and go ahead and get where your going.ADW from Augusta

  45. Cari Says:

    Based on her modeling on ANTM, I wasn’t impressed. The did manage to get a few decent shots in, most notably her interpretive dancing one, and that was all well and good. Unfortunately, she did and does need more time to learn and evolve in modeling than what the show/competition could give her. When she softens her face and gives herself a character to play she looks much better. Unfortunately, she hadn’t learned that quite yet on the show.

    On her behavior, it was appalling. It is hard to really have any different opinion on that based on how they edited the show. We only see so much. I do wish that even if she hadn’t started the conflicts that she would have learned that screaming and shouting were not always necessary to have someone hear you. People tend to take what you have to say more seriously if you don’t always blow up. I don’t take the excuse of being “ghetto” in reference to behavior. It may have influence in personality, but look at Angelea, she was ghetto and beautiful and confrontational but she embraced it as a part of herself and knew when to turn it on and turn it off. Age, also, has only so much to do with it as well. She was not the only 18 year old on the show, so again, it comes with personal growth and how she grew up, not an excuse.

    If she applies herself and really takes the time to learn the industry and how to work her body and face she can make it in the industry, but she has to really work for it.

  46. boo Says:

    anger issues…………..sorry but because of how she was portrayed on the show, it makes the world view her as, attitude problems, and hard to work with others……don’t blame ppl for having an opinion about the girls on the show because of how they were shown on tv, ppl just accept it for what it is because everyone has an ugly side and don’t worry we are all being judged……………but yes she was annoying and it will be hard for her to get into the industry still have attitude to work with………

    • Sparkle Says:

      I’m someone who knows Alasia personally and that was there the whole way threw. People don’t realize that they edit the show the way they want it to be pretrade. There’s things that was showed and things that was cut. Alasia is one of the hardest workering individuals I know. Her hard work is the reason she was able to make it in the Essence Magazine April eddition (on pg 44)2012, also she has been on House Wives of Atlanta,was invited to the Grammy’s, London, and theTruimpet Awards. She is still doing other things and growing as a model, bussiness lady, and woman. Also, Alasia has multiple of talents and can do more then just model, and that’s what make her so awsome. She is not a quiter and that’s what I love about her. She has been working her but off since she left the show. Being on the show was the first time Alasia was ever away from home, and that took a lot of courage to do that and to be able come back home and finish high school. To all you haters you better watch out cause Alasia is on a mission and she not going to stop until she reach her goals. Thought for the day, you can’t always believe what you see and watch on tv.

    • dissapointedintiffany Says:

      Alaisha was wonderful. Young and wonderful plain and simple. God bless you Alaisha. Pay no attention to negative posters as truth is, they are just cowardly drunks hiding behind a computer spewing nonsense for nonsense sake. Bottom line, set the world on fire with your beauty Alaisha. You were memorably wonderful.

  47. anonymous Says:

    “After she graduates from high school on May 22, 2010 and plans on moving to Atlanta to pursue a career in modeling”

    Atlanta? what? She needs to be in NY if she wants to model

  48. whatever Says:

    She is a beautiful girl with a bit more maturing to do. Not meaning that in a bad way, but she’s still in high school. But when it came to modeling, she tried her hardest to learn. I wouldn’t say she’s a bad person for all the conflicts, but maybe when she watched herself, she realized that she can tone it down and not make low blow remarks. But with editing, you never know.

  49. Sparkle Says:

    Alasia I love you

  50. AminaSkye Says:

    I think I saw her on Real Housewives of Atlanta for Cynthia Bailey’s model search.

  51. Jack Says:

    anger issues for sure she always got mad for the smallest thing. although sometimes good pics.

  52. Pierre-luc Says:

    I’ve never understood why guetto people were so glad to act, speak and treat people with disrespect like they were nothing. Almost all the meanest girls in ANTM history were guetto : Angelea, Alasia, Sandra, Monique (she was really something…), Tiffany, Ebony, Dominique(Gosh!!), Aminat.

    Poor heritage…

  53. Efia Says:

    I loved Alasia ohhhh please every girl there was bitchy and rude but if you really look at each argument she was only reacting you should have seen hers and Jessica argument I was disgusted at Jessica’s behavior she just the same age as alasia and acts like a bitch Raina I think she was just being a sheep to Brenda’s and Jessica’s disgusting attitude and the comment about her looking like a standard african American is completely wrong you need an outside view on that isn’t the watered down curly haired light eyes breed standard there sure Alasia was never punctual but at least she is one of the only girls who listened to the judges without making up stories and talking back I believe in second chances and I think that Alasia just needs time to grow the reasons most of you think she’s fat or ugly or ghetto is because of your ignorant minds not to look below the surface I actually call out the people saying she was a horrible model to take a few shots and send them in I loved her vampire shot at the end she probably was concentrating to much on the drama in the house I’ve stayed in America and lets be honest I also see light girls walking around even ones who used to be dark I’m appalled about how this sense of white or light is better than dark has arrived in Africa I would know I’m African. Honestly I’m sick to death about how horribly bitchy some of the girls comments are then call out Alasia on her defensive attitude I have her attitude of course I’m not ghetto or whatever label you’ve giving that poor girl but I sure as hell can relate to her there is being defensive and being a bitch

  54. Chere Says:

    Good Luck in Life Alasia, I routed for you all through the show, I know your attitude was a little over the top, however, its just how you were, I saw you growing and learning! But do know you did nothing different than the other trifling females on the show, they were only calmer about it, however, they were even more ridiculous to me especially being older and mothers. I wish you the best you and have faith that you will go very Far in life, even though you had no experience you Did very well!

  55. Orphan Says:

    I never had a problem with Alasia. Yes, she was a bit much at times, but I think she was just young. I know age isn’t really an excuse, but in her situation, I think it is. A lot of girls on the show were just as bad as her, but no one called them out on their age. Also, all the other girls were so condescending to her. They treated her like a child, and while she may have caused that with her actions, they had no right to do it regardless. The only time I didn’t like her was when she brought up Anslee’s daughter.

  56. Matthew Rivera Says:

    When Alasia and Anslee both fight over a bag of frozen vegetables, Anslee was also in the wrong too. Her attitude kinda stank there and talked to Alasia like a little girl. Keep re-frig-er-a-ted. What was that about?

  57. LMAO Says:

    She was a bitch, pure and simple.

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