Hannah Jones for Studio Rocket Science (2012)

August 23, 2013

In 2012, Cycle 16‘s Hannah Jones appeared in a fashion editorial by Jason and Jonah Gilmore with Studio Rocket Science. Below is video from the shoot.


To learn more about Cycle 16‘s Hannah Jones, visit her bio page here.

Credit: Studio Rocket Science
Wardrobe Stylist: Bonnie Thompson
Makeup: Brandy Elliot
Hair: Cynthia Hodges
Art Direction: Jonah Gilmore
Editorial Layout: Studio Rocket Science

hj 1

hj 2

hj 18

hj 19


hj 20


hj 3

hj 4

hj 5

jh 6

hj 7

jh 8

hj 10

hj 11

hj 12

hj 13

hj 14

hj 15

hj 17

hj 28

hj 35

hj 9

hj 16


hj 36


hj 23

hj 24

hj 25

hj 26

hj 27

hj 29

hj 30

hj 31

hj 32

hj 33

hj 34

3 Responses to “Hannah Jones for Studio Rocket Science (2012)”

  1. Natalie Says:

    Loved this girl!

  2. kate Says:

    there’s just something wrong the way her bones stick out from her shoulders. thinner than the usual “model thin”
    her face is still as beautiful as ever.

  3. Isabella Says:

    LOVED HER WAAAYYY MORE TALENTED/BEAUTIFUL INSIDE &OUT THAN AWFUL MEAN MOLLY!!! It’s too bad this photographer didn’t know how to fully capture a model at her best bc in most of these pictures you can see it’s the direction the shoot wanted Hannah to go in but it really lowered the bar in terms of how much more talent she has that they failed to capture 😦 Go Hannah!!!

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