Michelle Babin Interview with Reality News Online (Nov 2006)

February 4, 2013


In November of 2006, Reality News Online interviewed Cycle 7‘s Michelle Babin following her elimination and appearance on the show. Here is the text from the interview (written and posted by Phil Kural):

“I Always Had Someone There I Trusted” – An Interview with America’s Next Top Model 7’s Michelle

Michelle was sent packing this season on America’s Next Top Model because the judges felt she didn’t have enough passion. Was that the case? Did Michelle want this more than we were shown? Find out right here what she has to say!

As a set, the twins made it all the way to the final five together, but Michelle was sent home over her sister (both were in the bottom two) because she had less desire to win the competition. I had a chance to talk with Michelle about her time on the show, and although I was expecting her to be fun and crazy like she was on the show, it was a pretty tame interview. I almost felt like she didn’t want to talk! Nevertheless, Michelle did answer some important questions for me, so here you go!

RealityNewsOnline: Hey, Michelle! First, let me thank you for taking time out of your day to talk with me today. Did you watch previous seasons of the show and was your main motivation for trying out for the show because your sister was?

Michelle: I saw episode of the show here and there. Mainly just the first and sixth seasons though. My main motivation for applying wasn’t simply because my sister was, but I’ll say that I never would have done so on my own since it never crossed my mind until she was doing it!

RNO: It was made clear to the viewer that you weren’t passionate about modeling, but understood you had a talent. Would you have continued in the competition had your sister not been picked to be in the house?

Michelle: Oh yeah, I definitely continued on. I would have felt bad had Amanda not made it into the house, but there is no way that I wouldn’t have still tried to win the thing.

RNO: Did you find that being part of the “twins” in the house was more of an asset or a liability? Was it ever used against you?

Michelle: I’d say that it was a little of both. It was an asset because I had my sister with me. I always had someone there I trusted. It was a liability because I always had to worry about not only myself, but my sister as well. I do think that the judges used it against us at times, comparing me to her and her to me, but I guess that was to be expected.

RNO: At any point did you think the other girls viewed having twins in the competition as unfair? Did anyone voice these concerns to you?

Michelle: Yes, some of the girls had a problem with it at first, especially during the semi-finals. However, I told them that they were born with their look and I was born with Amanda!

RNO: Do you regret picking Melrose to accompany you during the clothing challenge? Did she at least share a few things that she won? After all, she only won them because of you!

Michelle: Well, I wouldn’t say I regret picking Melrose. She did actually share the clothes with myself, Amanda and CariDee, but that was never shown. The editing so far has been great, and although they are showing Melrose as a big villain, she really is a nice person.

RNO: Did you have a feeling that the judges would put you in the bottom two with your sister and did you think you had a chance of staying over her?

Michelle: I kind of knew that for the past three eliminations, I was beginning to be on thin ice. You start to realize when your time was coming and I knew it would be me. As far as having Amanda next to me, I think once again that it was expected to happen.

RNO: You revealed something very personal about yourself on the show. Do you look back and regret telling the other girls about your confusion over your sexuality on camera?

Michelle: No, I don’t regret that at all. I actually told one of the casting directors about it first, but ended up telling the girls a little bit later. I don’t think anyone was bothered by it at all, aside from what you saw on the show.

RNO: It almost seemed as if you were a bit relieved when you were eliminated from the competition. Was that the case?

Michelle: I wouldn’t say that I was relieved that I was sent home. I was very disappointed about it. I was just happy that Amanda would continue in the competition.

RNO: Did it make it tougher or more frustrating for you when other girls would question your commitment to the competition and how did you handle the stress?

Michelle: Well, I obviously didn’t handle the stress too well since I ended up getting sent home! Na, I tried to show them that I just didn’t care what they thought. It did hurt when people would say to me that I didn’t want to be there, but I knew what I wanted, and couldn’t really listen to them.

RNO: I’m sure it’s a given that you are rooting for your sister to win, who else do you think has a good chance of winning the competition? Is there anyone else you are rooting for?

Michelle: Of course I’m rooting for my sister, but I’m also rooting for CariDee as well. She really does have a great look!

RNO: Why did you tell the judges that you felt CariDee had the most potential of the group over your sister, or even yourself? Is that something that upset Amanda, or that you wish you could have changed?

Michelle: Amanda wasn’t really all that mad. The reason I didn’t say my sister had the most potential was because at that time, my sister wasn’t acting like herself and her photos weren’t as strong as they were before. I felt that CariDee really did have the most potential and was putting forth the most effort.

RNO: I asked Jaeda two weeks ago about Melrose intentionally going out of her way to make the other girls look bad in front of the judges. Do you think it was Melrose’s intention or was she just trying to play up how much she practiced?

Michelle: I don’t think it was Melrose’s intention to make the rest of us look bad, I just think that she was trying to make herself look better, which in the process made it look like we weren’t doing as much as her. That’s up to her how she wants to present herself to the judges, but I don’t think she was going out of her way to make the rest of us look bad.

RNO: So what have you learned from the experience? Do you see yourself trying to get into the modeling industry or is it just not for you?

Michelle: I really do want to pursue modeling, and I plan on doing just that once the show has finished airing. We’ll have to see!

RNO: What are your other plans besides modeling? What else would you like to accomplish?

Michelle: Mainly to just finish school and get an education. That’s important to me.

RNO: Is there anything you would like to add or say to fans of the show? Do you have a MySpace page or any way that fans can get in touch with you?

Michelle: I don’t have a MySpace page yet, mainly because it’s against the rules of the competition and we aren’t allowed to. I’ll probably put one up after the show is finished. I do want to thank my family and friends, and everyone that has been so supportive of me!

RNO: Thanks, Michelle!

To learn more about Cycle 7’s Michelle Babin, visit her bio page here.

Source: Reality News Online
Source: The CW / Jim De Yonker

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