Jael Strauss Gossip via Huffington Post (Sept 2012)

February 2, 2013


On September 10, 2012, the Huffington Post posted an article regarding Cycle 8‘s Jael Strauss and a recent news story about her appearance on Dr. Phil for an intervention about her meth addiction. Here is the text from the article (Posted by HuffPo Staff):

Jael Strauss Battles Meth Addiction On Dr. Phil; Former ‘America’s Next Top Model’ Contestant’s Struggle (VIDEO)

Jael Strauss, a former contestant on “America’s Next Top Model,” has been struggling with an addiction to meth and now, Dr. Phil is trying to help.

Strauss’s family contacted “Dr. Phil” (weekdays, syndicated) to help stage an intervention for the 28-year-old woman, but in the below preview of the episode, which airs on Thursday, September 13, it doesn’t look like Strauss wants the help. The “full-blown meth addict,” as Dr. Phil refers to her, physically fights to resist coming to the set of “Dr. Phil.” After finally agreeing and heading to the show, she runs away from the set and Dr. Phil heads outside to talk to her on the Paramount lot.

The now-struggling Strauss starred on Cycle 8 of “Top Model” and had to deal with a friend’s death from an overdose while appearing on the show in 2007. The experience really shook her “America’s Next Top Model,” but apparently wasn’t enough to keep Strauss herself away from drugs.

Check out the episode description and preview below and tune in for “Dr. Phil” (syndicated, weekdays) on Thursday, September 13 to see what happens.

At 22, Jael was an aspiring model and finalist on the hit show “America’s Next Top Model.” But at 28, Jael’s family says she’s losing her battle with drug addiction. Don’t miss what happens minutes before she’s to appear on Dr. Phil’s stage. Can Dr. Phil convince her to stop running and commit to getting well?


To learn more about Cycle 8’s Jael Strauss, visit her bio page here.

Source: Huffington Post
Source: Dr. Phil

One Response to “Jael Strauss Gossip via Huffington Post (Sept 2012)”

  1. Simone Says:

    I wish Jael all the best!!! She seemed to have a sweet way about her while on the show. She wasn’t one of the catty / rude type as some were. I was always a fan of hers on ANTM. May the powers that be help her find her way back home. Peace~

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