Michelle Babin Interview with Hip Candy (Nov 06)

February 1, 2013


In November of 2006, Hip Candy interviewed Cycle 7‘s Michelle Babin following her elimination and appearance on the show. Here is the text from the interview (written and posted by Hip Candy):

Michelle, one of the twins was eliminated last week on Top Model and I interviewed her earlier today. Check out my phone interview with her below as she reveals her future plans, who (besides her sister) she would like to see win it all, and the NBA team she’s currently rooting for…

Michelle: Hey.

Me: Hi Michelle! How are you?

Michelle: I’m good, how are you?

Me: Pretty good. Congratulations on making it to the Top 5!

Michelle: Thanks.

Me: Were you surprised that you lasted so long on the show?

Michelle: Um, yeah, I really didn’t think that I would last that long, but after seeing all of my photos, I wasn’t that surprised.

Me: Well you did take some good photos, but I gotta tell you, I was terrified of interviewing you or your sister Amanda because I could rarely tell you two apart on the show. (Michelle laughs)

Me: So who’s the oldest, you or Amanda?

Michelle: Amanda’s older.

Me: Really? I was figuring you to be the oldest. Tell me, was it harder or easier being on the show with your sister?

Michelle: I think it was easier because I had my sister there for moral support, but at the same time, it was harder because I had my sister to worry about.

Me: Well I was watching some footage of you and your sister and found out that both of you were in college before the competition but you were actually attending separate colleges.

Michelle: Yeah we went to rival colleges. Her college had a better theater program and my school had a better basketball program so we chose our schools based on what we liked.

Me: And you played basketball, were you any good?

Michelle: Um, well, I wasn’t like the star of the team but I enjoy it, I have fun with it.
Me: Ok, let’s talk Top Model. Would you say that your experience on the show was a good one?

Michelle: Yeah, I feel like I had a really good experience on the show.

Me: I’m just asking because you seemed to be a little unsure of who you were and what you really wanted to do while you were on the show.

Michelle: Well yeah, I mean, I’m a normal teenager, I didn’t know what I wanted. While I was on the show, I just wasn’t sure if I had the same passion as the other girls, and because of that, I kind of felt bad at times for being there.

Me: You did say that the being on the show helped you to figure out a little bit of who you were as a person, are you more resolved on who you are now?

Michelle: Yeah, I can agree with that.

Me: Ok, let’s get to the elimination, because when it got down to you and your sister being the last two to get a photo from Tyra, I thought that your sister Amanda might be eliminated by the way Tyra kept praising your “natural talent”. Were you surprised when you were eliminated?

Michelle: Um, I expected it from the beginning because I kinda knew that it would end that way… you know, I thought I was gonna go because judging from a couple past episodes, the judges usually keep the one who wants it the most.

Me: The judges made a comment that they thought you might have been “sacrificing yourself” so that your sister could have a better chance at winning the Top Model title. And you even said that you thought you might have been a distraction to your sister and that you didn’t want her to leave because it was her dream. So do you think you sacrificed yourself for your sister to have a better chance?

Michelle: Maybe subconsciously a little bit I might have sacrificed myself because I knew my sister had taken a bad photo in the last challenge and she might have gone home that week. But I didn’t consciously go into eliminations thinking that I’m going to purposely not do well, I actually thought I was in the clear because I had taken a pretty good photo. But the panel challenges got me, I was just never really good at those.

Me: Do you have any regrets in the competition, anything you wish you could go back and do differently?

Michelle: Um, no I don’t regret anything, I probably wouldn’t do anything different, maybe during my final panel challenge, I might have talked a little less!

Me: Are you going to keep the red hair?

Michelle: Right now, it’s not red anymore, because it was a semi-permanent color, so it’s pretty much faded out, but I’ll probably color it back.

Me: Well it looked good on you. So what are your plans now that the show is over?

Michelle: I’m gonna finish out this semester of college and then continue to pursue modeling.

Me: Besides your sister Amanda, who would you like to see win this season of Top Model?

Michelle: Um… Caridee.

Me: Ok, let’s do my fun questions! Since you play basketball and you now have modeling experience, I’m gonna throw out some terms and see how good you are… Ready?

Michelle: Okay.

Me: What’s a “bounce pass”?

Michelle: That’s where you bounce the ball on the court to pass it to another player.

Me: What’s a “jump ball”?

Michelle: At the beginning of the game the officials throw up the ball between two people and whoever tips it to their player, they have possession of the ball.

Me: Wow great! But I have to tell you, I didn’t know some of these terms before I looked them up… (Michelle laughs) Ok, on to the model questions. What’s a “catwalk”?

Michelle: It’s the runway path when you’re walking down the runway.

Me: Alright, how about a “go-see”?

Michelle: The audition that you go on to meet with different modeling agencies.

Me: Do you have a favorite NBA team?

Michelle: The Lakers right now.

Me: How about a favorite fashion model?

Michelle: Gabrielle Reese.

Me: Supermodel, basketball star or both?

Michelle: Both!

Me: Well that’s all I have! Thanks Michelle for taking the time to speak with me, and much success to you in the future!

Michelle: Thank you!

To learn more about Cycle 7’s Michelle Babin, visit her bio page here.

Source: Hip Candy
Source: The CW / Jim De Yonker

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