Ask and you shall receive.

January 18, 2012

ANTM411 Fans:

I just want to begin by apologizing for my lack of updates.

When I began this blog, I was a freelance writer with a wealth of time on my hands. I would spend upwards of 10-12 hours a day on this blog, researching and updating photos and bios constantly.

It’s been challenging to keep up with the show and blog updates now that I have a full-time job.

BUT – due to overwhelming requests from you, my ANTM411 fan base, I will once again be updating.

Warm regards and please keep checking back!




24 Responses to “Ask and you shall receive.”

  1. JV Says:

    thanks modelscribe.

    my friends and I (from the philippines) love your blog. ANTM is big here. and it’s nice to know where these models are now.

    now i know why you weren’t able to update this. i thought you were just waiting for cycle 17 to end that’s why you didn’t touch your blog for a long while.

    i would really love to know what ann ward and alexandria everett have been up to.

    hope to read your posts soon!

  2. Lola Says:

    That would be awesome 🙂 Can´t wait.

  3. Doreen Says:

    Thank you!! I wondered what happened.

  4. antm411 reader Says:

    ❤ yay

  5. arasevera Says:

    Looking forward to the All-Star episodes. One of the best cycles – ever. PLEASE get the REAL story on the finalist issue. I am over-the-moon that the Ghetto Attitude Queen didn’t win. She didn’t even belong in the top 3.

  6. Galina Says:

    Thankx a lot!!! You totally rock!!!))))

  7. Holly Stephens Says:

    I just wanted to thank you for all this information. Especially considering you also have a full time job (and I am sure a family/social life!). This is incredible helpful and I appreciate the time you put into this. ;o)

  8. quirky doll Says:

    Thank You Sir! We appreciate your effort and congratulations for having a full-time job 🙂 More power to this blog 🙂

  9. margaret Says:

    I so love you for doing this site! Ty for doing the updates! :). And congrats on your job!
    BTW, does anyone know how to join antm411 – it says you need a global password?? Am I just not one of the cool kids? :p

  10. Parker Says:

    Thanks for all you do! I love your blog and really appreciate your thoroughness!

  11. nicholas Says:

    Thanks but i’ve been waiting a long time since i’ve seen this and you haven’t done anything!

  12. nicholas Says:

    i still don’t see any updates!

  13. biboy del rosario Says:

    I really love this blog and im waiting for cycle 17 and photos. thanks 🙂

  14. biboy del rosario Says:

    cycle 17 and 18 photos I mean

  15. silvercube Says:

    10-12 hours a day? Wow, Take a break and enjoy life, the blog can be updated any time. Your blog is priceless, you’ve put so much work into it. Best of luck with all of your endeavors : )

  16. Rachel Says:

    I love this blog seeing all of the contestants photos. I look forward to when you will post all of season 17 photos up 😀

  17. Jennifer L. Says:

    Thanks for your blog! My family complains of my ANTM addiction – I envy your way of making this kind of addiction ‘work’. I just want to say “thank you for doing what you do, to answer my questions and more importantly my curiosity.”. Thank you.
    Great job!!!

  18. nicholas Says:

    Come now! we’re on cycle 19 for crying out loud and you still haven’t done anything yet!I’ve been waiting months for a new update and i can’t goon all because i don’t have a global registration password,now i’m asking you politely,please begin updating for crying out loud!

  19. zagilicious Says:

    thank u sir!!!^^

  20. Brianna Says:

    I know I can’t be the only one that misses the updates on this site/blog. NOWHERE else on the web is as informative, accurate and entertaining pertaining to the whereabouts of present and past ANTM contestants. Any chance of re-booting?

  21. Katherine Says:

    When are you going to post more updates?

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