Monique Weingart for Aldo Risolvo Photography

March 1, 2011

To learn more about Cycle 16‘s Monique Weingart, visit her bio page here.

Photo credit: Aldo Risolvo


11 Responses to “Monique Weingart for Aldo Risolvo Photography”

  1. Says:


    • Chatty Kathy Says:

      She is a beautiful person outside but not on the inside and it shows. She is SOOOO boring and she has no clue how to model. Anyone can do what she does in her photos. She just looks SAMO ALL THE TIME, CLUELESS>

  2. cynos Says:

    God Monique you have such a nice butt.

  3. kena Says:

    Omg! Is this really Monique? She looks different here, especially in the pics wearing jeans and white tees. But still awesome. I really cried upon watching the last episode. She’s still the most beautiful girl ever in antm history.

  4. ALLXXX Says:

    I thought that she was the very HOTTEST girl I’d had ever seen on this too often very lame bunch of girls. She should go hardcore and do FHM, Maxim.

    Sorry, this lame ass show (ANTM) made me angry; always the prettiest that leaves too early!

    Monique is definitely a beauty! Keep it up girl!

    • Alex Says:

      Apparently she has said that she would love to one day be a Vistoria Secrets model, well I really hope she gets there!

      But also try at acting cause the “Fierce Roast” commercial was really excellent!
      She should try and work on Mad Men.

      She is a beauty, hope she gets what she wants and needs!

  5. Lisbeth Says:

    OMG….those pictures are SO cheesy, it hurts. She’s beautiful but she as no clue how to model…..

  6. sleepallday Says:

    She was my favourite on the show, she always looked absolutely amazing! But what are those pictures in the beginning? She looks horrible! I wouldn´t recognize her..

  7. Wesley S Says:

    Without a doubt she is a confidence builder.Simply Stunning Beauty!

  8. she’s such a bitch. and these pics are horrible. ah well, if you got an ugly soul, it shows.

  9. izabel Says:

    Firstly, she is a miss diva, at least she thinks she is.Rolling her eyes is rude and disrispectful. She is beautiful, but you can be the most beautiful girl in the world and still be the ugliest beacuse of the way you treat your fans. She looks terrible on those pictures.

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