Brittani Kline for Smak Parlour

February 27, 2011

To learn more about Cycle 16‘s Brittani Kline, visit her bio page here.

Photo credit: Christopher Gabello / Smak Parlour

5 Responses to “Brittani Kline for Smak Parlour”

  1. cynthialyn Says:

    she’s really stunning..I love everything about her,keep up the good yah…

  2. I love you are amazing!!

  3. fredz Says:

    i really really love this photos so high fashion so lovely and talented i also admire the photographer who photograph her

  4. PegasusKukl Says:

    While i watched the cycle 16, she remembered me to McKey Sullivan (her face style, skin, some poses) but when i’ve been watching newer photos of her, she looks very different to McKey, with her own style, very modern but very girly, i love her! With McKey, Ann Ward, Allison Harvard and Nicole Fox, one of my top 5 girls of ANTM.

  5. ANTM_Worldwide Says:

    I hate the fact that she quitted modelling 😦

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