Brittani Kline for Carmelita Couture

February 27, 2011

To learn more about Cycle 16‘s Brittani Kline, visit her bio page here.

Photo credit: Christopher Gabello


9 Responses to “Brittani Kline for Carmelita Couture”

  1. krista Says:

    i just love watching brittani posing! u got it gurl!

  2. vp Says:

    Why is it people will post for alexandria but not brittani? I mean I really, really liked her. She’s like my role model 🙂 I pretty much guessed it in the fire wp itself that molly and brittani would make it to final five! That’s the kind of talent they have. I appreciate Brittani so much, especially the way she really wants to be able to care for her mother. and what she said, anyone can do it. doesnt matter where or how you were raised and to never give up. makes me cry every single time.

  3. Sam Says:

    this girl is arguably the most beautiful contestant america’s next top model has ever had.

  4. Brittani Kline is yet the best winner in ANTM! I’m not surprised to look at these Beautiful Photoes, the way she delivers it is perfect and i love her Runway walk!

  5. diane Says:

    i love brittani she have angelic face that i like so much..her body is perfect for modeling..

  6. Mercedes Ga Says:

    brittani is very charming,unique beauty and had a nice attitude..i really like her a lot..keep it up brittani,love you!

  7. she’s a perfect girl high fashion ,a kind of edgy girl

  8. i would buy her photos and display at my home

  9. Jany Aboite Says:

    beauty, beauty…!

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