Raina Hein for Adore Vintage

January 10, 2011

To learn more about Cycle 14’s Raina Hein, visit her bio page here.

Photo credit: Caitlin Bellah

7 Responses to “Raina Hein for Adore Vintage”

  1. moey Says:

    Hi. It’s good to have a blog that shows everything about ANTM!! Love your blog. 🙂

  2. dench Says:

    Hi. I like Raina. I’m glad she is doing better than Krista in the modeling world. Am i right? I hope so.

  3. tatu19ph Says:

    The modelling world isn’t only on Top Model, though Top Model is a big door for opportunities, only Raina truly embodied the Top Model Krista lacked. I find it a slap to the judges face when they picked Krista over Raina. This was the season of Top Model where I haven’t gotten over, even if it’s over. I love Raina. 🙂

  4. Cody Says:

    So unfair krista have won the competition. Love Raina!! She’s the whole package gosh i love everything about her , personality ,looks and i love her eyebows so cute! and yeah your right , that was the worst decision the judges ever made. And yeah im glad Raina is doing well at the fashion world.I believed in her since i first saw her.
    And since that day till nowadays she’s my favourite of all the cycles.

    Raina is wish you all the best and have an wonderful future. I Believe in You!

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