Angelea Preston for Fashionista Magazine

January 10, 2011

To learn more about Cycle 14‘s Angelea Preston, visit her bio page here.

16 Responses to “Angelea Preston for Fashionista Magazine”

  1. samatha kane Says:

    I never liked her. For me, she does not have a race group. She looks Spanish and yet she claims being black. And she was extremely jealous of Krista White. That is why my granny always said: when you’re jealous, you always lose.

    • Taylor Says:

      So what if she doesn’t have a “race group”? She is a light skinned black girl. Stop being so ignorant.

      • JimmyJohnCrackBaby Says:

        When she arrive in Greece, she be lookin for the bathroom. Maybe she full of $h’t.
        Or maybe she gotta tingle……..

      • JimmyJohnCrackBaby Says:

        She in the same race group wid Lisa D, Ally-son, and little Laura. Theys racin. I seed it on TV.

  2. Kacy Says:

    Angelea is a f*cking b*tch who is a wanna-be-girl-top-model. You think that everybody will respect you if you don’t have respect for yourself; who do you think you are? You will never make it in this industry if you don’t start using your head. You just cuss around and you have a f*cking attitude that no one can stand. You were probably one of the WORST contestants to ever be on Top Model. You are a real nasty piece of work. If you had concentrated on pushing through and doing great work, you could have won, because people who concentrate on bettering themselves rather than sabotaging others always WIN.

    • Cassis Says:

      I am shocked at some of the comments made about Angelea. I love you Angelea. You represent the women that don’t come from just one race or one place. You are who you are “Angelea”. Keep your head up boo.

    • JimmyJohnCrackBaby Says:

      I believe her genetic pools are alien mutants.

  3. Millie Says:

    Angelea is inspiring.

  4. Angelea was real. She embraced her negativity and tried to better herself. Who cares if she didn’t win? Honestly, who can name all of the past winners anyway. Most of the successful girls from the show didn’t win. She’s already a winner, because people remember her and she’s a star.

  5. I love Angelea..And if she could make it in Bflo, she can make it anywhere

  6. Roz E Says:

    I like Angelea and wanted her to win. I don’t know what happened but I wish her the best and hope that she received enough interest in the fashion industry to have a wonderful and prosperous career.
    Best Wishes to you and your family!!!

  7. Kimari_E Says:

    Does anyone know when was this Fashionista cover shot?

    Have a look at the photo at the top of this link:

    Angelea looks PREGNANT in the linked photo and failing miserably at hiding it. When you compare her body type to Cycle 14 and the progression over Cycle 17, then factor in her emotional instability and cookie-tossing…. It’s impossible not to at least consider the possibility. IMO, Angelea was a poor representation of what ANTM should be. I understand overcoming your history, but one should evolve and improve and grow emotionally (not just around the middle, as the photo shoot of her in the bikini also clearly showed!). Where’s the professionalism and polish? Or at least the want to attain it?
    Anyhow, the punishment (disqualification and lack of seamless edit) has to fit the crime. ANTM wasn’t supposed to produce a major fail for its all-star cycle, but unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened.
    Whether you’re a fan of her (Angelea) or not, THIS wass not the way things were supposed to happen. Iron clad confidentiality clauses are obviously in place and they are NOT benefitting the fanbase who have supported Tyra Banks for SEVENTEEN cycles.
    If this doesn’t change Tyra’s approach, I’m not sure anything will. In which case, I foresee the viewership changing in ways that ANTM could have prevented.

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