Lexie Tomchek Interview with Wet Paint (Oct 2010)

October 17, 2010

In October of 2010, Wet Paint interviewed Cycle 15‘s Lexie Tomchek following her elimination and appearance on the show. Here is the text from the interview (written and posted by Wet Paint Staff):

Exclusive ANTM Interview: Lixie Spills on “Rude” Kacey

Lexie was sent home last night for failing to wow the judges with her wrestling poses, but not before getting involved in more house drama. We talked with her about the Kacey rivalry, why she’s rooting for Ann, and what’s cookin’ now.

On last night’s episode, Tyra said that you are genetically a model, but couldn’t translate that into the photos. Is that how you were feeling – that you had the right look but something just wasn’t working out on set?

I thought what she said was very nice. I guess I felt that way, at least with Top Model. I haven’t had an issue with that with pre-show work or post-show work.

When it was just you and Jane in front of Tyra, did you think you were going home?

I knew I was going home after the photo shoot. But it was good because it gave me time to come to terms with it.

Last night’s episode focused a lot on your rivalry with Kacey. We saw what happened in the first episode with Jordan, but how did it escalate to that level?

Well, it happened over the whole course of living in the house. Kacey was very inconsiderate and rude. If I’m gonna talk about someone behind their back, I’m gonna say it to her face… After the first fight, even after we came to some sort of resolution in the end, the rest of our time there, we were on pins and needles. We were constantly on the verge of a fight. It was actually a relief to be out of there. Despite what you might think, I actually avoid drama in real life (laughs).

It seemed like all of a sudden, everyone in the house was against her, but we didn’t get a full picture of why that was.

Yeah, I thought that was weird. She’s just mean and inconsiderate, so living with her is difficult.

Ann had her fourth win in a row last night. Were people in the house starting to think she couldn’t be beat?

I guess. I left before I could see people’s reaction to [the last win]. We had a slogan in the house, which was “Dammit, Ann!” Because everyone loves Ann. You have to love Ann. Ann is wonderful.

What was it like meeting Tyra? Any funny or crazy moments with her?

Not really. We didn’t get a lot of interaction with Tyra, to be honest. I didn’t really get to know her that well. So no crazy moments. I wish there was.

Who are you rooting for now to win?

I’m rooting for Ann only because she’s my good friend in the house. Obviously, she doesn’t need a cheerleader because she’s kicking a** (laughs). But I’m rooting for her because she’s my friend and I support her.

Are you still pursuing modeling? Do you have other career goals in mind, as well?

Yeah, I’ve been test shooting the entire time the show’s been airing. But I definitely want to pursue acting more, kind of make that my main gig. I think that would work out better for me

To learn more about Cycle 15‘s Lexie Tomchek, visit her bio page here.

Source: Wet Paint
Source: The CWMatthew Rolston


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