Lexie Tomchek Interview with TV Guide (Oct 2010)

October 17, 2010

In October of 2010, TV Guide interviewed Cycle 15‘s Lexie Tomchek following her elimination and appearance on the show. Here is the text from the interview (written and posted by Greg David):

‘Top Model’ contestant rails against Kacey

News flash: Lexie didn’t like Kacey. But then, neither did many of the girls in the America’s Next Top Model house. The 18-year-old from Illinois, who was booted off last week’s episode following the dreaded treadmill runway challenge, revealed why Kacey got under her skin, what went on when the cameras weren’t rolling and her plans for the future.

TVGuide.ca: Did the Top Model experience live up to your expectations?
Lexie Tomchek: I didn’t really have expectations. I envisioned it being different. It was way more stressful than I thought it would be. I would watch the show and when the girls would cry I would be like, “Oh come on, suck it up.” But now I totally understand why … there is a lot more that people don’t see, and it’s very stressful and hectic. I misjudged … well, never mind. I don’t want to say something I might regret.

TVG: When you say stress, do you mean the shoots and living together? Or do you mean the drama that unfolds when you’re all living together?
LT: It’s a combination of all those things and in addition to that. Everyone was taken out of their real life. I have a support system at home. I have my own way of doing things and I really value my freedom. When you go on this show, you’re not able to do everything that you want to, which makes sense, but it’s hard to deal with. I was only able to use the phone twice for five minutes each time. It was just really hard not to have contact with the people that support me.

I’m the kind of person — and I know people don’t think it from watching the show — that avoids drama in real life. The way I do things is if I don’t like someone I just won’t be around them. And I was forced to live with someone that I really didn’t like. Not only that, you don’t just live with them. You are with them 24-7. You do everything with them, and the house isn’t that big. You can’t avoid those situations.

TVG: How long did it take you to stop noticing the TV cameras?
LT: I stopped noticing them. Did you see me shoving food into my face? Clearly I did not take into consideration that I was being recorded! It didn’t take me long. The only weird thing was waking up in the morning and there would be a camera in my face.

TVG: Was the drama in the house as bad as it was edited to look?
LT: I think it was worse. They didn’t show an entire fight, which I don’t think I’m allowed to talk about. They only showed part of a fight. The tension between the girls and Kacey was so strong and there were a lot things she did and said that weren’t caught on camera. A lot of it was said backstage. Watching the show, you don’t understand what Kacey did. It looks like we are all ganging up on her, but I give the world my word: a lot of it was warranted.

TVG: Let’s talk about the conveyor belt runway challenge. No way do working models have to do that.
LT: I said that to myself when we saw that, too. I thought, “Wow, is this from Prada’s summer ’08 collection? I don’t remember seeing this.” It wasn’t that bad to look at it. I was an athlete so I knew I could do it. And then you get in the dress and the heels and then you take the first step and it jerks you forward. And then you realize just how fast it was going. Some girls got full-length dresses to wear. It was more difficult for some girls than others. We had to do it twice. The first time you did it, it was scary, but then you were done. Then they told us to do it again, and sped up the treadmill.

TVG: Do you think Top Model is a good stepping stone for a girl who wants to break into the industry?
LT: I will let you know in a year! I don’t know. I definitely get nervous when so many girls are on the show that you never see again, but there are a few that you do. And I know that this is something that I really want to do, and am able to do.

To learn more about Cycle 15‘s Lexie Tomchek, visit her bio page here.

Source: TV Guide
Source: The CWDeborah Anderson

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