Lexie Tomchek Interview with Reality TV Games (Oct 2010)

October 17, 2010

In October of 2010, Reality TV Games interviewed Cycle 15‘s Lexie Tomchek following her elimination and appearance on the show. Here is the text from the interview (written and posted by “Aga”):

Reality TV Games participated in a post-elimination phone call with America Next Top Model 15’s Lexie Tomchek.


What is your full name?

Alexia Tomchek. (age?) Eighteen but I’ll be nineteen in a week. (height?) 5’11.75” to be EXACT, but we’ll go with 6 ft. (ethnicity?) German. (hometown?) My hometown is Geneva, Illinois, but I currently live in Chicago.

What is your occupation?

Right now I’m a hostess at a high end restaurant. It is a part time job – I have been waiting to start doing some modeling as my job and hopefully to get into acting.

Describe your family, do you have siblings?

I don’t have any siblings, I am the only kid in my family, but I’m not a kid anymore that’s weird. (Did/y you say that your mother had you when she was a teenager?) My mom had me when she was sixteen. The first five years of my life I lived with my extended family – my mom, my grandma and my grandpa and my uncle and sometimes my aunt and then my mom and I moved in with her boyfriend and then they got married and I lived there for a long time and then they got divorced and then my mom and I lived together alone. (So did you grow up in the same the same area?) Yes, this is the same area – Geneva and St. Charles, so I have not moved around a lot.

I met my dad when I was 14 though we still don’t talk. My family is very broken and very ‘eccentric’, but I love them all. They’re VERY supportive and wonderful. I’m very close with my grandma and aunt and as of recently, my mom. My family needs their own reality show STAT, my friends have always said this – between my sword-collecting grandpa, borderline senile-yet-hilarious grandma, eccentric aunt and out of control mother… we have something really great!

How did you come to be cast on Top Model?  Why did you try out?

I was on my way to the Cycle 14 auditions and I got into a car accident… I don’t quite know why I went to the Cycle 14 auditions – I always wanted to be on the show and I’ve always wanted to be on a reality TV show, but a reputable one and [ANTM] is a hybrid of two things that I love… I always wanted to be on TV and thought that I had the personality for it and I have been modeling since I was thirteen or fourteen. I thought that I would audition just for fun and see how it goes. I couldn’t make it to the cycle 14 auditions but I think that was a blessing in disguise because I got to make it to the high fashion cycle. I auditioned and I made it (laughs), it’s crazy. (Did you go to an open call?) I went to a closed interview where you have to send in pictures to a casting agent and I sent her a video because I thought that would be fun, so I sent in a video and got called in for an interview. The audition was a two day process and then I got the call that I was going to LA for casting week.

How did your interest in modeling develop?

I actually have no idea, all I know is that I have wanted to model for as long as I can remember. I started with runway, I did my first runway show when I was thirteen or fourteen and then I moved to print and I did a lot of test shoots with local photographers and worked with local designers.

What are the similarities and differences between your experiences and your Top Model experiences?

Hmm, the differences… well it’s funny, I just has a photo shoot this week and I was like, “it’s so nice to be in a photo shoot with the photographer taking the pictures and not looking over and seeing Mr. Jay shaking his head in disappointment… that’s nice.” That’s never, ever happened in my experience, I’ve never had harsh criticism, I’ve never had someone who shakes their head at me and says, “you’re just not doing it right!” during a photo shoot, everyone is very supportive and very nice with the exception of one stylist who told me I’m fat and needed to get out. It is the same in that it’s fashion and it’s a photo shoot but Top Model is just above and beyond anything else that I’ve done.

(So when Mr. Jay shakes his head in disapproval is that his personality or just his work style?)

I don’t want to put words in your mouth but I’ll admit to saying to the TV a few times,”well get off your butt and go over there and show her.”) Yeah that’s a good point… he said, “this cycle we are really taking the training wheels off,” and I was like, “when were the training wheels ever on?” I mean we got feedback and we got criticism, some more than others – I got a lot of criticism but no one taught us what to do. Some girls had never, ever been at a photo shoot before and others like me… I’ve gotten bad habits from working in Chicago and not having guidance there either, so I don’t know what he expected… oh well. (So was the “training wheels are off” comment made on day one or after a certain point?) It was from the beginning that would make more sense, like “we are really going to teach you girls what to do to be prepared, but that wasn’t the case and I am not quite sure why.

What was your favorite and challenge, teach and/or photo shoot?

I loved, loved loved the Matthew Rolston photo shoot! I loved working with him, he is sooo nice and you can tell he knows what he’s doing, he’s very professional and really great… I loved that photo shoot. (least favorite?) It’s a tie between the Fallen Angel photo shoot and whatever that was last night… uh, I don’t get it to this day. I don’t have a huge problem with the Fallen Angel photo shoot.. well nothing really that I can talk about, but I did not have a huge issue with it until I saw what the photographer said and that made me mad – not because she was criticizing me… because of what she said and what they aired doesn’t go along with the whole spirit of Top Model – it pissed me off and I thought that it was really unprofessional and mean for no reason. The Mexican Wrestling photo shoot… ugh, I don’t know what to say about it but it was very stupid.

Were you surprised when you were eliminated?

I saw that coming from a mile away. I knew I was getting eliminated, it was very obvious to me… yeah, I knew it. (When did you know it?) I knew at the photo shoot… I knew that my time was pretty limited unless I was going to be one of those great comeback stories which I did not see happening. Just from Mr. Jay’s feedback alone… he hated me and he never said a single nice thing to me, I don’t mean that in the sense that he’s mean but in the sense that I wasn’t doing well. At the photo shoot, he was shaking his head the entire time, he was like, “you just don’t know what you’re doing.” and at that point I knew I was going home.

How did you (do you) feel about your makeover?

My hair is chin length and dark brown, so I already changed it. I was surprised at my makeover… and so were a lot of the hair stylists that we met later on. I am surprised that they gave me extensions and they dyed my hair a very average color brown. I thought it was an interesting choice but I did not necessarily hate it and I did not love it, so my feeling is “all right, that’s fine.” Now it is a darker than it was for my makeover, my makeover color faded a lot so it ended up being blonde-ish towards the end, so now it is short and dark brown.

How did you like living in Los Angeles and the Top Model house?

Eh, haha, I’m a very laid back person – I know you can’t tell by watching the show – : and normally I just remove myself from tumultuous situations. When I don’t like someone, I avoid them, so living in this house, taken away from my support system at home was very difficult, there was so much going on, so many strong personalities, it was tough. I generally enjoyed it, though and I miss living there with some of the girls, but I value my freedom above anything else and I didn’t have much of that there.

Who were your closest friends in the house?

Ann and Rihanna but I got along with everyone except Kacey… and I did not get along with Anamaria that well either, but everyone else I am still friends with – I still talk to Jane, Chelsey, Esther.

So what happened with you and Kacey, you two met on the bus, right?

No, I met Jordan on the bus. I met Kacey when we were paired as roommates at the hotel in Palm Springs… that’s where it all began… and then she really set me up and admitted it. (So what was the set up?) [When we were in our room], Kacey and I talked about everyone in the competition – there really wasn’t much else to do… [it was] just between the two of us. Kacey told me… she was like, “someone wants to here for acting and they don’t actually don’t want to model.” And I was like, “oh that’s stupid,” and she was like, “yeah, it’s Vanessa,” and I was like, “oh that’s dumb,” and I was like, “well I met a girl on the bus and she thinks the whole thing is a joke and she really does not want it like everyone else does… she said that… and she is so anti-consumerism or whatever.” And then when Kasey and I were sitting with a group of girls she was like, “someone doesn’t want to be here Lexie, tell them about it.” She put me on the spot and I had to decide if I should do it and fall into her trap and get camera time or not, so I decided to just own up to it… I mean I did say it but the way Kacey did it was so dumb. (We saw you two get into it in the last couple of episodes, how were things between the casting episode and then – were there flare ups before? were things OK? was there tension?) Lots of tension… I was trying to keep the peace and I tried really hard to like Kacey… a lot of what I did was passive-aggressive, I would make comments here and there about… whatever, I don’t know. It wasn’t as volatile and then eventually… once, we had our first fight it was downhill from there… with drama. (What is it about Kacey’s personality (or her actions) that you didn’t like?) She is very self-centered, she thinks the world revolves around her and that she is the exception to every rule and she’s… mean, she’s just a mean girl and I don’t like girls like that. I don’t know, she’s very manipulative and I didn’t get along with her. (Do you regret discussing Jordan with Kacey?) I don’t regret telling Kacey anything to be honest, it made me look bad but that was my own fault and I don’t necessarily regret it.

Now that you are out of the competition, who do you think should win – who is most qualified for the prize package?

I don’t necessarily know who is most qualified to win the prize package but Jane has the best look. She looks like she just stepped off a runway but I am personally rooting for Ann because she was one of my best friends in the house.

What few words pop in your mind about…

Jay Manuel – No comment.

Jay Alexander – Love him! Absolutely one of the best people I’ve ever met in my life and I am so glad I got to meet him! I was surprised, I kinda thought that going into that he was going to be mean and like a diva and he is NOT, he is so nice! He takes time off camera to talk to us… that’s great… [he’s] very genuine and very helpful.

Andre Leon Talley – He was really nice too, for some reason I thought that he would not like me but he was really nice and really helpful. I liked meeting him when he came to the house and I actually got to see him when he was not judging. He was great and any compliments that I get from him, it’s amazing because he’s very involved in the industry and very influential.

Nigel – He was harsh, I don’t know if it is just this season or always… he was very harsh. More attractive in person, but not that nice – to me at least.

Tyra – She’s nice, I did not get to talk to her that much as some people, but she was nice.

What are your plans when it comes to modeling?

It depends on the offers I get but I think I will probably end up in LA… I’m so sick of winters, I just need a beach, but I am not leaving Chicago for a while, [I’ll be here for the six months]. (There is fashion work in Chicago, right?) There are a lot of really talented people working here… yeah, it could be a stepping stone. [later] There’s definitely commercial work here… if I wanted to do commercial work I could definitely do that [in Chicago], but I am not sure if I can – I don’t know. I think I am going to go to a couple of open calls and see how it goes, but with a lot of agencies you have to fully commit to them and you have to have an exclusive contract and I don’t want that to happen so I am just going to see what’s out there. I don’t want to commit to Chicago, I don’t know how I feel about having my mother agency in a smaller fashion market. I will look over my options and see if I even have any (chuckles).

Who are your favorite designers?

Marc Jacobs – I’m incredibly attracted to him and his work haha. I also adore Galliano and DVF of course. My issue is that they all use fur – I have no idea why, fur is so passe and so utterly disgusting. I can still appreciate most of their work, though.

Who are your favorite non-ANTM models?

Abbey Lee Kershaw, Kristen McMenamy, Gisele [Bundchen], Lara Stone.

Not counting Cycle 15, what is your favorite ANTM cycle?

I don’t have one. (Who are your favorite ANTM competitors?) Lauren Utter is definitely my favorite, I’ve been talking to her a good amount since I’ve been on the show… we agree on a lot of things and she seems like a genuine person.

What is on your iPod?

Five thousand works of greatness. I am obsessed with music, I listen to everything but country, Nickelback and certain pop music…. though Ke$ha is my definite guilty pleasure. LOVE her.

Favorite TV shows?

Skins, Arrested Development, Gossip Girl, To Catch a Predator – yeah, seriously, Planet Earth, the Real World, The Office, Entourage, Weeds.

Do you have any regrets, would you do anything differently?

In general, I don’t like to have regrets but one thing I wish I didn’t say was anything about my mom. In the casting episode when I talked about my past and my childhood, it really upset her and I wasn’t thinking about that and the fact that I signed up for the show, my mom didn’t and I should have been more considerate about that and I should have been more considerate about people who mean a lot to me, so that was not good.

How did Ann’s fried oreos taste?

So good! Ann’s a genius! I know that before the show started people were talking about talked about Ann being so skinny and that she needed to eat something, and when Ann and I were talking, I told her that I could not wait for people to see the fried oreo episode. They are so good and I’ve made them since I’ve been home, so I can thank Ann for that.

If you can say a word or two about each of the remaining girls in the competition, what would it be? (Note: we did not get to all the girls.)

Ann – Love her, I am on Team Ann!

Chris – So funny and I hope to see her on Comedy Central one day.

Chelsey – She is so talented and has a great look and I know that she has a great career ahead of her.

Esther – Sweetheart.

Kacey – Not quite sure why she’s still there?

Kendall – Hilarious… in her own way.

Liz – Fun and I miss her.

Rihanna (even though she’s gone): – I love Rihanna, we still talk all the time and we talk to each other while we are on Reality TV Games.

Are you on Facebook, Twitter or any other social networks?

Yes I’m on all of those and I’m on RTVG! I am lexie.tomchek on Facebook, LexieTomtom on Formspring and my Twitter is LexieANTM. I can’t promise you I say anything interesting on any of those sites. But if you want to follow/request/read any of those… go fr’it.

To learn more about Cycle 15‘s Lexie Tomchek, visit her bio page here.

Source: Reality TV Games
Source: The CW

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