Lexie Tomchek Interview with Digital Spy (Oct 2010)

October 17, 2010

In October of 2010, Digital Spy interviewed Cycle 15‘s Lexie Tomchek following her elimination and appearance on the show. Here is the text from the interview (written and posted by Lara Martin):

Lexie (‘America’s Next Top Model’)

Lexie Tomchek’s final week on America’s Next Top Model saw her battling to stay upright on a moving runway, chatting with Karolina Kurkova and exuding some serious attitude during a photoshoot with masked Mexican wrestlers. Despite Tyra praising her “unique face”, the Chicago-based model was sent home last night after landing in the bottom two with Jane because the judges were concerned that she wasn’t connecting in her pictures. Does she agree? We caught up with her to find out…

Tyra said you looked nervous at panel. Did you think you might be leaving?
“Oh, I knew I was going home. I wouldn’t even say I was nervous. Actually, after deliberation Jane was like, ‘Oh my God, I’m going home’. I was like, ‘Jane, no! You’re not going home. I’m going home’. She said, ‘No I think I’m going home’. I was like, ‘Jane, you’re crazy! I’m clearly going home’, and I did. Oh well!”

Why were you so adamant?
“I just wasn’t getting good feedback the entire time I was there. I never really got like, ‘Wow, good job!’ That’s okay. I watched the show before and I have seen if Mr Jay doesn’t like someone you’re not going too far. That was kind of my indication.”

What did you think of the judges’ reasons for sending you home? They suggested you weren’t connecting or investing in the pictures…
“That’s fine. I mean, that’s something to keep in mind in my post-show work. I have never heard that before but at the same time they know what they are talking about. I will definitely take it into consideration but I’m not dwelling on it or obsessing over it. It is what it is.”

You said the judges didn’t give you good feedback but during the deliberation Tyra said you had a unique face and potential, so you did get some support from her…
“That’s definitely true. It wasn’t anything I saw when I was there though. I always wondered what they said in deliberation so that was an interesting part of watching the show. I’m surprised and I was also surprised that Andre was actually pretty nice about me. But, Mr Jay is the one we interact with and is at the photoshoot giving the feedback. I got the worst feedback ever the entire photoshoot so I knew from that. I was like, ‘Oh well, that’s fun. The photoshoot is over and I’m going home!'”

You also spawned Tyra’s new word “deadatorial”. Do you think it will go down in Top Model history alongside smize and dreckitude?!
“Oh, God! Maybe! That would be great! I’m glad I could have inspired such a phrase! I saw a lot of coverage online because I read everything.”

What do you think about Ann winning the top photo again for a fourth week?
“I think it’s awesome, I love Ann. I don’t know if you could really tell on the show but we were good friends and we still are. I loved the part [in last night’s episode] where she was like, ‘Now people can be proud of me’. I was so happy for Ann, I don’t know why anyone would be angry about it or how anybody could be angry at Ann.”

How was it hanging out with Karolina Kurkova?
“That was great. She is so nice. She is really down-to-earth and answered any questions we had. She was hanging out with us and gave us good tips and seemed really great.”

We all know that you and Kacey didn’t see eye-to-eye from the very beginning. What went wrong between you?
“I would say her personality went wrong (laughs)! We just don’t get along. In real life – not Top Model life – she is the type of person I would avoid, but she is always around. She just has a bad vibe and she is kind of like a really big Debbie Downer but also mean and selfish. I can’t keep my mouth shut around people like that. I’m not going to lie to her and I’m especially not going to say things behind her back and not own up to it. In real life I don’t think that would have happened because I wouldn’t have put myself in that situation.”

She said that you only speak up against her when your “back-up bitches” are around. What did she mean?
“Yeah, I saw that watching the show and I thought it was ridiculous! It just so happens to be that everyone else agrees with me; it’s not like I had my back-up bitches or whatever the hell she said. That’s just the kind of mindset she has. She is obviously wrong, everyone agreed with me and was around. We were all sitting upstairs and she came and started screaming at me when we were having a good conversation without her. It got to the point where Kacey would walk into a room and everyone would stop talking; that’s how bad it was. She walked into our room upstairs and Liz was like, ‘The kitchen is downstairs, your bathroom is downstairs, your room is downstairs, you stay downstairs. There is no reason for you to come up here and start stuff’. I completely agreed. She was just trying to start problems and whatever. I wasn’t having it.”

When you left you wished everyone support but Kacey. Do you regret saying that?
“Yeah (laughs)! I wouldn’t say I regret it but I was like, ‘Wow! Bitter!’ I just seemed really focused on Kacey but I could have said worse things. It was still true to my personality, it just happens to me one of the bad parts of my personality that the whole world got to see. I don’t regret it though.”

You masterminded the infamous hair prank earlier this season. What made you do it?!
“Well, we were home alone and decided to stir things up. It gets kind of boring in the house and we didn’t want to do anything in an ultra-dramatic start-a-fight way, we just wanted to do something funny. Everyone was obsessing about the make-overs and what they would get after Tyra gave us the hints. It was all we were talking about, us included. So we just decided to make a note and I like how it played out!”

You were very dramatic about your fake hairstyle! Are you after a career in acting?!
“Absolutely! That’s what I want! I’m happy that that was shown! I read a lot of things with people saying, ‘Oh she is just doing it for attention’, which doesn’t make sense! It was just to sell the whole thing because otherwise people wouldn’t believe it. I’m obviously into pranks and people would have guessed it was me. I was also the one saying I would never cry over a makeover so I did it for irony.”

Will you continue to model?
“I’ve been doing test shoots while the show was airing but I don’t know how much I will pursue modeling. I’m really focusing on the acting thing. I do enjoy modeling but there are certain parts of the industry that I don’t enjoy and don’t want to be a part of.”

To learn more about Cycle 15‘s Lexie Tomchek, visit her bio page here.

Source: Digital Spy
Source: The CWKeith Major

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  1. A.T. Says:

    Ugh… the word “deadatorial” is utterly cringe-worthy. (But I guess that’s what happens when you say “predatorial” instead of “predatory.” LOL.) At least it didn’t catch on like “dreckitude” or “smize.”

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