Terra White Interview with TV Guide (Sept 2010)

October 5, 2010

In September of 2010, TV Guide interviewed Cycle 15‘s Terra White following her elimination and appearance on the show. Here is the text from the interview (written and posted by Greg David):

Terra Firma: Terra Calls Foul Over Her Post-Makeover Elimination

I felt badly for Terra White. Not only was she devastated with her makeover — her hair was cut super-short in the back leaving her in tears — but she was dumped for looking bad in her makeover photos. I imagine it’s hard to look sexy and sultry when you’re crying.

We caught up with Terra and spoke with her about her elimination last week, that fake makeover list and the bond she strengthened with her sister, Chris.

TVGuide.ca: I’m sorry that you were eliminated right after the makeover. Looking back, do you still think that it was unfair to be cut from the show right after the makeover?
Terra White: I do think it was unfair. There was nothing I could do about it. I have to just keep pushing forward. When I came home, I was trying to figure out the reasoning behind it and I’ve given up trying to come up with a reason.

TVG: Did you ever get used to your look?
TW: No. (Laughs.)

TVG: Have you let your hair grow back then?
TW: My hair grows back pretty slowly. I had about an inch of hair in the back and I probably have three to four inches back there now. It hasn’t grown back as fast as I would like, but I’m doing what I can with it.

TVG: Has being on Top Model been a positive experience for you?
TW: It was an experience that a lot of people don’t get a chance to take part in. I’m grateful for the experience and it hopefully opens a lot of doors for me.

TVG: What did you learn from the show?
TW: I wouldn’t say that I learned much. I knew who I was before I went on the show, so I can’t say I learned anything spectacular about myself. I’m grateful that my sister and I both made it because it made us form a stronger bond as sisters.

TVG: There have never been siblings on the show before, has there?
TW: No, and I’m grateful that we got to experience that because it opened a lot of doors for us. I love setting examples and we got to set an example for other sisters that might want to try out for the show.

TVG: Speaking of bonds, did you form any with anyone else in the house?
TW: Yeah, I talk to Kendal almost every couple of days. I email Rhianna all the time. Liz and I actually work in the same area in the mall we work in, so I go over and talk to her.

TVG: Did you know about the fake makeover list before you watched this week’s episode?
TW: I wasn’t too worried about that. A lot of girls got upset over it, but I knew they would never leave behind top-secret stuff on a piece of notebook paper. It was ridiculous.

TVG: What’s next for you?
TW: I just want to continue to model. Any doors that open, I will take the opportunity and run with it. If it takes me down that path, I will continue to do it and if it doesn’t, I was taught to have a back-up plan. I have a degree in health, so I will take that and become a health teacher.

To learn more about Cycle 15‘s Terra White, visit her bio page here.

Source: TV Guide
Source: The CW / Keith Major

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