Rhianna Atwood Interview with Wet Paint (Sept 2010)

October 3, 2010

In September of 2010, Wet Paint interviewed Cycle 15‘s Rhianna Atwood following her elimination and appearance on the show. Here is the text from the interview (written and posted by Kim Kaufman):

ANTM Exclusive Interview: Rhianna Says Hugging the Girls Goodbye Was Her Favorite Moment

We won’t go so far to say that we thought Rhianna would take the Top Model tiara this cycle on ANTM, but we didn’t think she’d go home so early. But then again, the judges’ critique for her was the ever-so-common Top Model-ism that she showed only one expression every week, which meant she had to go sooner than later. In a jam-packed episode full of roller coaster rides and slimy sea creatures, Rhianna couldn’t break through the watery barrier between Matthew Rolston and Top Model Royalty. Rhianna dished to us about which male model she was seriously crushing on and whether Kacey was worried about her BF seeing her flirt session. Read on for the exclusive scoop…

What’d you think of the judges saying you had an old school kind of beauty, almost Victorian look?

I completely loved that because I think a lot of people have told me that I have an old soul and I think that I really responded to that because I believe in old things that can be great and timeless and classic, so I try to portray that.

Did you think you should have gone home this week?

Well, of course not. Right when I was in the bottom two with Liz I knew I was going to go home because she had won the challenge and that’s when I got really worried and I started crying. But I had a great experience. I don’t have any regrets or anything.

Do you think it was just her challenge win that kept her in the game?

I think that it was.

How did the Lexie and Kacey fight play out? Was she provoked?

Lexie was doing all the dishes and they found a whole bunch of Kacey’s leftover food rotting in the fridge and she never does her dishes and Lexie just got really pissed about it. I was just sitting on my bed and Kacey walked in and Lexie was like, “You’re a total b*tch” or something and “clean up after yourself” and then everyone heard the fighting, got inside of our room and just listened, and everyone had their own opinions.

Did everyone really hate Kacey like Lexie said?

I don’t think anybody really hated anybody, but a strong dislike. We made up after the whole thing. I don’t think they showed it, but we all hugged and made up and then the next morning it was all weird again. It was back to the same.

How did Kacey decide to call up her model crush to bring his boys over?

That was me and Kacey’s idea. I completely thought my male model  was a hottie. I was like, “You better bring those boys over here. I want to see those guys again. They’re all super nice and handsome. What else would I want to do with my time? Spend another minute with you chicks?” [giggles]

So they came over and it was really that awkward?

It was pretty awkward. I was trying to talk to Brad, but he was just tired or something. He didn’t really want to hang out that long. It was pretty weird.

Was Brad the one who said he had to go?

Yeah, he was like, “I gotta go home.” He was so hot.

Did anything happen between Kacey and her guy?

No, not anything at all.

But she was flirting and she does have a boyfriend. Doesn’t she know he’s going to see the show?

I think what was going through her mind was to live every moment as if it’s your last. You may have a boyfriend but if you actually enjoy somebody’s company — I mean don’t cheat on the guy, give him a break — but meet people as you wish. You’re only on this planet for not a very long time.

What was your favorite moment of the competition?

My favorite moment would have to be when I got eliminated and I went to hug everybody and they all hugged me back. I was so happy.

Did you think they weren’t going to hug you back?

No, no, no. I mean they all came and group-hugged me. I don’t think that’s ever happened that early in the competition. Just to know that I made some really strong connections and if you’re good to other people they’ll be good to you back.

What is the biggest lesson you learned while you were there?

I didn’t get really any advice over the whole session. It looks like they’re trying to teach you things but I just rocked it out with what I came with and I left with just little tidbits here and there of real experience, which is really the only thing that can help you is experience because you can imagine what things are like, but until you actually experience them, you have no idea.

Did you enjoy the experience overall?

Oh, yeah, of course. I made so many new friends and I have so much great experience with what things are really like. I keep in touch with all the girls that have Facebook. Me and Lexie and Ann and Jane and Esther are the ones talking to each other mostly right now.

Who do you think will win?

I think that Esther or Jane might win. Maybe Kayla.

What’s next for you?

I’m gonna go agency shopping and just try and get to the right people.

To learn more about Cycle 15‘s Rhianna Free Atwood, visit her bio page here.

Source: Wet Paint
Source: The CW / Matthew Rolston

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