CariDee English Interview with Entertainment Weekly

September 25, 2010

Entertainment Weekly conducted an interview Cycle 7‘s winner CariDee English with regards to an update on her career and life since her win. Here is the text from the interview (written and posted by Staff):

‘Top Model’ Favorites: Where are they now?


Even though the Cycle 7 winner had to postpone our chat once because she had heartburn, things are moving along nicely for her. She’s only the second Top Model — after Cycle 6 winner Dani Evans — to re-sign with CoverGirl. (The Cycle 8 and 9 winners are still under their show-prize contracts.) Other highlights include a JC Penney campaign, a handful of magazine covers (Social LifeAmerican Salon, andSeventeen, among them), as well as a recent guest spot on Gossip Girl as arm candy. Next, she’ll host and executive-produce a reality show for MTV that begins shooting in April. She’s mum on details, but insists, ”It’s never been done before.”

FAVORITE SHOOT ”I really had fun with the last one I did, for Cosmo. It was your main man versus your mane man, like your boyfriend versus your hair stylist. You know how they’re both so important to you in different ways — it’s about how you balance it out. I had two hot guys with me all the time. I’ve had a boyfriend for three years so it’s like the only time I can kiss another guy and get away with it.”

To learn more about Cycle 7 winner CariDee English, visit her bio page here.


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