CariDee English Post on Reality TV Games (Mar 2010)

September 22, 2010

In March of 2010, Cycle 7‘s CariDee English posted an update regarding her life/career/struggles on Reality TV Games ANTM Forum. Here is the text from the post (written and posted by CariDee herself as screen name “The Real CariDee”):

Hey darlings…

I just wanted to take the time and say hi, and introduce you to the girl that you love, and well, love to hate. (When did this happen?!) My name is CariDee English. Yes, I read up on what you take the time to post, because I put my heart into my work and read the feedback.

Yes, I have shorter hair now, and no I don’t have fake lips, the short hair made my lips stand out more since there is nothing covering past my ears.

I decided to cut my hair after my most recent flare of psoriasis. I wanted to shed anything that was covering me, and start fresh. I had series of challenges this year and think it’s only fair if I can share with you myself.

I was hospitalized 3 times this year. I had to recover in the hospital for about a week, and 2 weeks of at home nurse after care. I had emergency surgery both times because of sever infections through out my body. I then had to get off my psorasisis treatment.
As you all know I have an auto immune disease, psoriasis. (much more than a “skin disease”) And having it effects sometime severally my immune system.

The FDA took my treatment off the market because of the severe side effects, and found it no longer safe.

So I had to be taken off after my surgeries, because obviously my immune system needed to get some power back to it.

This caused a 65 percent body flare of psoriasis. Trying to heal at the same time, and stay positive, and stay in my work was a bit of a juggle. I couldn’t begin to explain how hard it was sometimes to keep my head up. Like I said before, I am only a woman.

But I took the time to see why this was all happening, and what I could do to make it all “on purpose” CariDee came back, and I was going to be on top again.…

I made a decision on my own not to go on another treatment to control my disease for a while. I thought about all the boys, girls, men and woman that confide in me with their personal struggle of psorasisis and life, and knew I had to make my advocacy bigger. I have this for a reason, and I am going to embrace it and document it. I wanted to expose myself as who I am, and what my disease looks like.

So what did a top model do when she was covered in psorasisis? She got in front of the camera and smiled with her eyes, skin flare and all! Duh darlings, its me here! The pictures are raw, and most importantly, they are me. Naturally Dee.

Then I was pretty much over being covered and sheltered and I wanted to get back to work. So I talked to my Doctors, got educated and found a treatment that is currently working for me.

Now Im stomping on this ground with a whole new motivation, and a whole new drive. I am and will always be CariDee, and lets not forget I will and promise to always surprise people, by being crazy, silly, sweet, funny… isn’t that what made you love me in the first place?

Oh and the ABC interview thats posted above.. I had this bud in my ear, feeding me an interview from a lady I couldn’t see, and hardly hear. I got shoved in there last minute with no prep, and I was EXHAUSTED from all my work I loaded in the last 3 weeks. I wish I could fix the top right part of my hair when watching it. And whomever did my lip liner, I’m a little concerned about … So I didn’t do so great on one. Watch the NY1 interview… it was earlier that day, and much more prepared.

I’d like to fill you guys in what life has been like for me since winning top model, speaking for myself so maybe some of you can understand I am still that girl you loved on the show,I know you all had so much support for me during the show, and I still need it now.

Yes, I moved to LA and I hosted a show called Pretty Wicked, I thought when I signed on I would be able to have my personality shine again, but just like modeling, sometimes a host just has to do the job, and keep “you” out of it.

(Such a struggle for this girl btw!!!)

I chose to be exclusive for the network for about a year when I first signed on. It was up to the network and other factors to decided to make 1 or 5 seasons in that year. Either way I agreed to be only available to them for a while.

I gave it my all, and appreciated the fun it was to work with such an amazing network and amazing production. I learned so much, and now have the hosting, television bug!

I also learned moderation when It comes to the catered food…. I gained a bit o weight as we all saw. But man it was fun doing it. But not so fun to watch and read people talking about my body. Talk about bizarre and a bit hurtful.

Whateva, if you all could even understand what those mash potatoes, and gravy tasted like! Mmmmm. Oh and unlimited supply of oreos and milk?! Come on, I was out of model country (nyc) and I had a real Hollywood trailer, and cater to go along with it!

Ok, so moderation. I get it. Jeeeeeeez.

As you can see on page 58, I’m back in my modeling forum. AND most importantly a healthy one!!! I love working out with my skin being clear again, I’m loving swimming in this LA weather!

My agreement with Pretty Wicked was fulfilled and now I have my hands in something else.

I’m working on my own show now I created, that I know all of you will love, and get to know again the girl you saw win antm. Plus I get to have creative rights to it, because after all it was this blondes idea! So go get your adult diapers ready. If you smell what Im steppin in.

Also, because my flare of psorasisis was so bad for so many months this year, it allowed me to dive into another side that I love. Music.

I’ve been recording with Better Than Ezra’s Tom Drummond, and Todd Wright in New Orleans. I’m doing lead vocals and drumming, playing guitar, piano and having a fabulous time. We have 3 songs done so far, and its been so fun, and the music is great.

I can’t wait to share it with you guys. Soon.

And if you’re wondering if I can actually sing, I’m just going to say I’m not as rangy as Mariah Carey, but Im far from William Hung. Haha, dont worry, music is second nature, and it’s not as off beat as my runway walk.

It’s amazing. I’m working with amazing, successful, musicians too. They wouldn’t take me on, if I was talentless in music.

So now we have it. An honest update of me, CariDee.

I have so much love for you guys, and appreciate your support.

My facebook and myspace ( will be updated on my new work, and whomever pulls my images from there and post them on this site, I appreciate it.

How about that shot of me and Anchal huh? Love her.

Remember one thing, there is no elevator to success, you have to take the stairs.

Magically yours …

To learn more about Cycle 7 winner CariDee English, visit her bio page here.

Source: RTVGames

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