CariDee English Interview with J’adore’s Liife (Aug 2010)

September 22, 2010

In August of 2010, J’ interviewed Cycle 7‘s CariDee English to catch up with her some years after her win of America’s Next Top Model. Here is the text from the interview (written and posted by J’adore):

Liife & Such: CariDee English

I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing many people, but no interview tops this one. This young talented woman is obviously a wonderful human being & I am glad that she allowed me to share everything she is with all of you guys. Enjoy.

Q: America’s Next Top Model winner & now Drummer girl, How bout you remind my readers who Caridee English is.

A: I would love to tell your readers exactly who I am; I would like to know who I am. There are a lot of things in this life that have made layers to my “core”. This industry, life, has def added some that I am no longer comfortable with, and some that just don’t protect me. So I’m in the process of pealing back those layers and finding me. So with that I’m pretty venerable and naked to the world’s rays. That’s what a transition is all about. Some days I get a little lost in translation in my transformation, and others I get so confident in me. Those are the days I’m making really good music, having an amazing shoot, talking to my fans, calling my family. Model, musician, drummer, spokesperson, writer, composer, actress, ambassador are all really amazing titles, and I have worked my ass off for them. But the core of me is a girl, a woman, a survivor and an artist. And that’s who CariDee is.

We obviously all know you from Tyro Bank’s hit show; Americas Next top Model. & we also know that you were the winner of your cycle!

Q: How has it been since winning?

A: I don’t know, I haven’t stopped running to look back since. I think it’s going pretty fucking well though.

Q: do you still model?

A: Yes. Because I consider myself role-model, I model every day.

Q: Did the show serve as good preparation for the fashion industry?

A: Absolutely, you never know what you were getting into each day of filming ANTM, and for fashion, there is no expectations. That’s why I love it… its art.

I’ve interviewed a contestant from ANTM before & she says Tyra Banks is NOT all she’s edited to be

Q: What’d you think of Tyra Before & After?

A: To understand Tyra Banks is very easy for me. I see A LOT of me in her. She is the most gracious, genius, planned, talented, outstanding human standing on this earth today. I won, but she gave me the opportunity to race. For that, I will always stand by her 100 percent.

Q: You were on the show with a bunch of other model hopeful’s; do you keep in touch with any of the girls?

A: Eugenia Washington is my best friend. Anchal and I are close, Megg and I are close. When ever I get to see the other girls its like the time hasn’t happened. These girls and I got apart of our life’s captured in history. The moments were beautiful, hard, embarrassing, heartbreaking, lifting, inspiring, frustrating… anytime you share that amount of emotions with others, you remain bonded for life. At least I do. All those girls are my best friends, and I will always support them. (besides Monique)

Fashion is undeniably a difficult industry to get into & remain relevant in, but you have done a great job @ both

Q: Any advice for young women who also have dreams of walking catwalks?

A: Don’t pay a dime for it. Get ready to hear 1000 “no’s” before you get your yes” when you get your “yes” run harder

OK enough Model talk, I hear you are a kick ass drummer!

Q: How did you get into drumming? How long you been doing it for?

A: Drumming. My first time drumming was when I was 7 months old. My mom was singing to me, and I was beating the highchair table with my spoons to the beat of the song. 24 yrs. later I have now switched out the spoons to sticks…

Q: And from modeling to music; why?

A: I’ve always been a musician- just being pretty paid the bills quicker.

Q: Are you planning to play any major shows? Maybe join a band?

A: I am currently working on a project that involves me drumming live to DJ’s. The venues range from Clubs, nightlife, concerts, pool parties. Anytime a DJ is appropriate I figured a hot female drummer would be too. (i dont jam at weddings though) I am recording my first album in the mix of it. I write, produce and sing my own songs. I am also collaborating with some amazing talented musicians, artists and song writers. Sometimes I drum and sing @ the same time, sometimes I pick up a guitar, or get behind a piano, or use my fingers in Logic. I have Adult ADD, I must be getting my hands on something. (Btw I think ADD is a shit term and I would like to take a moment to switch it to something I like….. “Always Doing -n- Determined” -CDE. Yep, that’s me) If you are a way you are, it’s not a disorder, it’s your order. Embrace it.

Q: Who inspires you musically?

A: … I don’t have a “type” of music I like. I just love music so much- if it puts me in a place of understanding than I will appreciate it….

The following people are to me leaders. I have lit my candle from there torches… I would not be as great or confident if it wasn’t for them being them….

I think Trent Rezor from NIN has to be one of the most genius deep composers I’ve ever listen too. When I compose a song I channel him, the way he uses instruments to give the listener exactly what he’s feeling is beyond talent. It’s insane. His communication through song hits a place I can’t describe. I don’t hear his music, I feel/become it. Its dark beautiful and peaceful; that’s probably why I relate so much. If I ever met him I wouldn’t say a word, I’d just close my eyes and feel.

Eminem his lyrics; His writing, his brain, his translation of his life, honesty, pain to fit so perfectly in a rap is beyond super human. I relate too and so much to his struggles, stories, life, it’s obseered. Sometimes a lot of the times I chose not to share my life’s demons to the public… As long as Eminem is spitting his truth he speaks for me too. It’s weird to say I know someone without ever meeting them, but I understand his head, his talent and torture. If I never get to meet Eminem I’m totally 100 percent satisfied going to a place to gain my own understanding when I turn up his songs.

For drumming, hands down Travis Barker. It wasn’t a Blink thing that got my feet tapping; it was when he branched into producing and doing hip-hop. He started the original Drum and DJ concept with DJ AM. On YouTube there are tons of videos I’ve gone to for motivation. His video to “Crank that” has over 3 million views- I’d like to take credit for about a million of those. One day I have to shake that mans hands. Carefully of course.

Well naturally you being the beautiful woman that you are I have to ask

Q: Is there any man occupying Ms. English’s heart?

A: Yes, 4 have my heart beating and they all are named TOM, (2 floor toms, 2 rack toms) I am in an abusive relationship with my drums. And maybe one day I will meet somebody who loves this as much as I do, or at least gets it. Until then music is my boyfriend

Q: Is there any more television in your future? I seen you kicking it on VH1’s T.O. Show

A: I will continue to do cameos as they come along. I love acting, and was in musical theatre since I was 3 but as far as me going out to pursue acting is something that I don’t put a siren on. I like my fans to see “me” when there is a spot light on. It’s the honesty in having my supporters watch me, listen to who I really am in my art that is more motivating. I think a lot of people idolize actor’s characters, but it’s a character. If I am going to be a character and perform, then I prefer for it to be an authentic forum of me.

I myself will actually start filming a reality show;

Q: Any advice for me?

A: Well I got topless when I didn’t want them to film me… since you’re a boy… whip it out. And don’t drink. I’m not a big drinker myself, but when I do drink I am happy that it’s in the company of close, loving, understanding friends… vs. the world.

I LOVE when you talk on Twitter about your Camaro, lol you bring her to life

Q: Do you like fast cars?

A: I am OBSESSED with cars. AMERICAN made cars, trucks, bikes; anything that is made to look nice and move fast I can relate to. I grew up with crap crap cars and was always having to fix them myself on the side of the road, so I learned to love and appreciate and get an intuitive feel for cars. Other girls were talking Baking in high school, I was in the garage with the boys showing them how to change your own oil and look good doing it.

Q: Tell me some more things that NOBODY else knows

1) I started classical piano @ 4. I could read music before I could read words. I was 1st chair flute for 7 years, in marching band, taught myself guitar, drums, and how to compose a song.

2) I spend a lot of time alone.

3) I’m beyond fearful ill never be able to have my own kids because it means that much to me.

4) Toilets scare me. Always have. Might have been a goldfish in a past life and wasn’t ready to get flushed.

5) I have yet to quit sucking my thumb in my deepest of sleep.

6) I have never slept with someone I didn’t love

7) I’m a farmer’s daughter

Speaking about Twitter; Social Networks are now THE mode of communication. & for people with celebrity status like you it puts you in tune with your fans

Q: Do you like having the ability to reach out to your fans & vice versa?

A: I depend on them for strength when I can’t get there myself. I am a very very very private person, and it might not seem that way because of what I share to the world but until the day it becomes a threat to me or my family I want to get the world to get an understanding of the legend I will become. And it’s a great place to speak the truth when someone’s out there to put a twist on it. I also follow some people because they have an amazing torch I light my candle off of. And I know others light there candle of my torch… so tweet on

Another thing taking over the online world is BLOGS;

Q: What are your feelings towards blog’s being the new go-to source for everything current in media?

A: I don’t read blogs. I read my interviews to make sure I was captured honestly before sharing it to my followers… but I made a promise 2 years ago to never read what I didn’t say. It can literally be life threatening to your career if you’re in this industry if you read what others say about you, with out knowing you. And as far as reading about other celebrities in blogs… I could really give two shits about what celebrity is “so shocked and embarrassed” about there sex tape being leaked…ha, what people do to get a headline is so sad.

I’m more of a Rolling Stone Magazine girl. Id like to say I watch the news, but it can give me anxiety, and lose my focus that I need right now for my projects. I have a super huge heart that I wear on my sleeve; it breaks easily.

In this industry, I don’t chase the bright lights; I use them to guide me.

Thanks for letting me have real talk. Don’t shorten what I said please… I didn’t have my team on this one because I trust you, and wanted to just for once speak for myself. xxcd

To learn more about Cycle 7 winner CariDee English, visit her bio page here.

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