Anamaria Mirdita Candid Photos

September 9, 2010

To learn more about Cycle 15‘s Anamaria Merdita, visit her bio page here.

5 Responses to “Anamaria Mirdita Candid Photos”

  1. claudia Says:

    Those are two different Anamarias. There is one from NYC that was on ANTM; she’s got brown eyes. The other one is a would-be myspace celeb. Not the same girl at all.

  2. Claire Says:

    No actually you had it right before, that was Anamaria Mirdita from ANTM. Same girl; ask her on her Formspring:

  3. jason Says:

    Have no fear, for I am with you; do not be looking about in trouble, for I am your God; I will give you strength, yes, I will be your helper; yes, my true right hand will be your support.

    Isaiah 41:10

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