Brace yourself. Cycle 15 has arrived.

September 8, 2010

Introducing Cycle 15.

Let the media frenzy begin.

Photo: CW

One Response to “Brace yourself. Cycle 15 has arrived.”

  1. mary anne Says:

    It is shocking that Tyra Banks decided to incorporate deals meant for models who’ve been toiling the natural way for years.

    Lisa Fonssagrives would be upset if she were alive today (she had 200+ covers of Vogue under her belt and did it the natural way which is more grueling than America’s Next Top Model).

    Nobody gets the cover of Vogue through a competition. If it has happened in another countries, then that’s shameful. The real deal is European fashion doesn’t make room for America’s Next Top Model because of the fact the show promotes ideals the national audience can identify with but does not promote ideals the fashion industry in which Paris, Milano or London identify.

    My advice is for people to watch the show for the fights and backstabbing. Don’t take it seriously in terms of fashion. If you do, then that means you do not know enough about what the industry stands for in Europe or in NYC.

    I don’t know how Tyra managed to squeeze in elite artists, especially with the path the show has chosen since Cycle 1. There is nothing authentic about it. When I read about the Milano industry collaborating with Tyra on I thought the editor of Vogue Italia and the executive of IMG were crazy. While Milano is THE hot fashion capital as of recent it’s going to gain a negative reputation, especially since most of the show’s contestants and nearly all the winners do not go on to finding real success in modeling.

    No successful model goes on a reality TV show to gain recognition. In terms of becoming successful as a model, it refers to receiving campaigns for haute couture houses and booking covers in and spreads for elite fashion magazines and the artistic ones. The national audience is a huge fan of the show’s content because it is simple, easily recognizable and not intimidating in any way.

    Now, the show may be a turn off because it will promote haute couture (it exists mostly in Paris because the city is where the genre originates), which is the exact oppposite of what the show preaches when it comes to the female body and self-esteem. Can millions of little girls find it comforting to watch thin, pale models who are not similar in looks to the winners? We’re talking about thin legs, thin arms, less-fleshy look and skin white as a ghost. You know the stick thin top models of Europe? The ones who are 24 inches in waistline or below? That is what the show will be promoting this cycle. It’s opposite of what Tyra has been telling girls: “Love your flaws, love how you look, love yourself.”

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