Furonda Brasfield Interview with Reality News Online (May 06)

July 28, 2010

In May of 2006, RealityNewsOnline.com interviewed Cycle 6’s Furonda Brasfield following her elimination and appearance on the show. Here is the text from the interview (written and posted by Phil Kural):

“Is This Interview Even About Me?”– An Interview with America’s Next Top Model 6’s Furonda

Furonda was the ninth girl eliminated this season on America’s Next Top Model. In this interview, Furonda talks about how she ended up on the show, where she is headed next, and you’ll even get to see her sass yours truly!

Okay, this has to be one of the most interesting interviews I have ever done. Everything seemed to be going well, then Ms. Furonda decided that the interview wasn’t going the way she wanted, so I had to skip to the end of my questions, since she all but told me that the interview would be taking a turn, and from that point on all we would talk about was her. So, this is how it went:

RealityNewOnline: Hey, Furonda! Thanks for taking time out of your schedule to talk to me today. Had you watched previous seasons of the show and what factored into your decision to apply?

Furonda: Yes, I watched mostly all of the other seasons. I actually applied for season two, after seeing Keese on season one. She was another girl from Arkansas and she motivated me to apply. I wasn’t picked and lost hope, but they were actually getting ready to throw a box of applications away when they stumbled upon my video and gave me a call saying that they would be in my hometown for open casting, and that I should go. I truly was blessed to end up on the show.

RNO: Do you regret handing out a list of do’s and don’ts to the other girls so soon after moving into the house?

Furonda: Absolutely not. I should have handed it out sooner. The same girls that said it was patronizing of me to hand out that list were the same girls that were being disrespectful and had issues. I just wanted everyone to know that I wanted to be talked to if someone had a problem with me. I didn’t feel like any of us needed anymore stress. We were in a situation that already had us stressed out enough.

RNO: It seemed like throughout the competition, you and Jade had something of a love/hate relationship. Could you tell us a bit about your friendship with Jade?

Furonda: I don’t see where you are getting a hate aspect in our friendship. Jade has been hurt by the industry. At times, Jade was very sincere and moving, but you only get to see the things about Jade that the editors want you to. She did put up a façade at times, but under her shell Jade is a very sweet person.

RNO: At the first elimination, when you were standing next to Kathy, did you think you would be eliminated at that moment?

Furonda: Kathy was a great girl and I was sad to see her go. However, I still wanted to stay, and I was just hoping that it wasn’t me at that point. If I had gone home so early, then what would have been the point of me even doing the show, you know?

RNO: Surely you knew that Nnenna was a favorite of the judges. Did you think that it was your time when were standing next to her in front of Tyra?

Furonda: Once again, you don’t really have time to think about it. All you can be is optimistic. You don’t know what the judges are basing the elimination on, so the best think you can do is be confident. It looks like Tyra is holding more than one picture at the end, so for all we know, if someone isn’t looking confident, she might make a last minute switch. You just have to carry yourself well at all times in front of the judges.

RNO: It often seemed like we got to see a more fun side of you when you were around the judges. Do you feel that enough of your personality was shown throughout the competition, other than what we got to see with the judges?

Furonda: I was so full of personality that had they shown all the sides of me, it would have been “The Furonda Show.” I mean, I understand that they had to give the other girls some camera time as well, and develop them as characters. However, I was happy with the way that I was edited and was shown on the show. It could have been a lot worse!

RNO: Okay, I need to know! What was up with your signature walk? Why didn’t your arm ever move? Did you plan it that way?

Furonda: Well, at first, the arm was out and I was looking a little prissy. However, I started keeping it to the side and it stuck, and that became my signature walk. I have worked on it now though, and I’m proud to say that there is a cure for the paralyzed arm!

RNO: Did anyone ever say anything to Sara about copying almost every pose that Joanie did for the photo shoot? Were you surprised that the judges didn’t make a bigger deal of it?

Furonda: I think we all said something to her. I know Mr. Jay did at one point and Sara asked me what I thought and I told her that if she was going to copy Joanie’s poses, she would have to do them better. I don’t count on the judges for anything at elimination. It all depends on the mood they are in and how they are feeling. I never know what they are looking for, so them not saying much to Sara about it didn’t really faze me at all.

RNO: Being Jade’s roommate, did you ever take her aside and suggest to her that maybe arguing and making excuses in front of the judges might not be the best way to get on their good side?

Furonda: Yes, I did, but once again – all of us said something to her at one point or another. I told her that you can’t talk back to the judges and you have to agree with whatever criticism they are giving you and just nod your head. They will determine your fate, so you don’t want to get on their bad side.

RNO: Whose elimination shocked you the most?

Furonda: Nobody’s elimination really shocked me. It’s a TV show, and you have to remember that it’s a factor in everything. If someone’s personality isn’t popping, they will go home. If someone has a bad photo, they might go home. You never know who is going home, so I was never shocked.

RNO: Now that you have been eliminated, who do you think has the best chance of winning?

Furonda: I really don’t know. Is this interview even about me? You are asking me questions about the other girls and I don’t think you’ve asked me any questions about what I’m doing now or what I’m going to be doing in the future. I don’t want to answer these questions, especially if they don’t pertain to me.

RNO: Okay, no problem, Furonda.

Sorry dear readers, at this point, I skipped to my final questions since I didn’t really care to speak to her anymore anyway.

RNO: Is modeling still something that you plan on trying to pursue?

Furonda: Yes, it’s still something I want to do. You can always find out what I’m up to by going to http://www.Furonda.com. I’m currently looking for an agency to sign with and I’ve been doing some work for KnowHIVaids.org, which is the cause that Nnenna and I did the commercial for.

RNO: What is your plan B in case you decide to take another path besides modeling?

Furonda: I’d like to get into acting and writing, and I’ve been writing some articles about body image. I know that people saw me on the show and know me as “skinny Furonda.” I want girls to realize that it’s about being yourself, and you don’t have to be as skinny as I am to feel good about yourself.

RNO: Is there anything you would like to add or say to fans of the show?

Furonda: I just want everyone to know how appreciative I am for all the support I have gotten. I’m glad that I was seen as such a positive person, and that I didn’t feed into the drama. It was a great experience.

RNO: Thanks, Furonda!

To learn more about Cycle 6’s Furonda Brasfield, visit her bio page here.

Source: RealityNewsOnline.com
Photo:  The CW

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