Sara Albert-Hallmark Interview with (May 06)

July 23, 2010

In May of 2006, interviewed Cycle 6’s Sara Albert-Hallmark following her appearance and elimination from the show. Here is the text from the article (Written and posted by Jackie Helm):

Interview with Sara, the 10th eliminated lady from Cycle 6 of America’s Next Top Model.
By Jackie Helm

Jackie:  Hi Sara!  Congratulations for making it so far!

Sara:  Oh thank you.

Jackie:  When you were o­n the chopping block with Danielle did you know it would be you to go?

Sara:  I definitely had a feeling that it was going to be me.  I know that I learned a lot through out it.  In terms of skill I think that Danielle had me beat at that point in time.  I felt like I had a good run and I was proud with how far I got.  I definitely felt like it was my time.

Jackie:  We kept hearing the mall, the mall, the mall.  You mentioned that you felt it was being used against you.

Sara:  Whenever they said the mall it did make it seem like “lack of desire” or that I didn’t pursue it at all.  But I did feel like it was something that was serendipitous.  At the same time it was used against me for the rest of the competition.  So I don’t know how serendipitous it really was.

Jackie:  Had you considered modeling before the show?

Sara:  I definitely thought about it.  I was considering pursuing it.  I didn’t know exactly how.  I knew there were lots of scams and I didn’t want to be a victim of that.  But up until that point I had just graduated from college, I had always been an athlete. I had a lot of other commitments that I had finally completed.  This seemed to be the right place at the right time.  I feel very fortunate that I was there that day.

Jackie:  How did you feel to hear Joanie hatin’ o­n you?

Sara:  I was actually really surprised.  Up until that point I never knew she had those feelings.  Joanie and I are really good friends.  We have gotten a lot closer since the show.  Her boyfriend lives in DC now and we watch the show with him every week.  It was definitely a surprise to me.  At the same time I feel like people do say things…it was a very competitive and stressful situation and I by no means ever meant to step o­n anyone’s toes.  I think that during that shoot she did an awesome job and I was inspired by her.  But hearing that I am some sort of copy cat…I guess doesn’t seem accurate.  I tried o­ne pose that she did.  But at the end of the day the judges picked a picture where I was doing my own pose.  I am proud of it and I don’t hold anything against Joanie.  I think she is a great person.

Jackie:  Are you going to continue to pursue modeling?

Sara:  Going from being in the mall to being top four in America’s Next Top Model, I can finally see potential and I am pursing that.  I also loved it.  I had so much fun doing it.  I definitely want to pursue it.  I am excited that this day has come.  Now I can actually go out and do it and give it a go.

Jackie:  Are you going to keep your “makeover” hairstyle?

Sara:  It’s grown out a little bit but I like the shorter look.  It all depends o­n if I get an agency and what they want to do with it.  It was a surprise…a pleasing surprise but I do like the shorter look.

Jackie:  What girls are you still in touch with?

Sara:  I talk to a lot of them actually.  I talk to Joanie, I have gone out with Joanie quite a few times.  I’ve talked to Mollie Sue, Danielle and Brooke.  I’ve been playing phone tag with Leslie.  I talked to Furonda, Nnenna…there are o­nly a few girls that I have not kept in touch with.

Jackie:  I appreciate you talking with me today.  Do you have any last words or shout outs.

Sara:  I appreciate you taking the time to talk with me as well.  I am starting a web page so I can keep in touch with fans and a point of contact for agencies that may want to pick me up.

Jackie:  Thanks Sara.

Sara:  Thank you.

To learn more about Cycle 6‘s Sara Albert-Hallmark, visit her bio page here.

Photo:   The CW / Jay Lawrence Goldman

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