Dani Evans Interview with Reality News Online (May 06)

July 17, 2010

May of 2006, the RealityNewsOnline.com interviewed Cycle 6 winner Dani Evans some time following her win and appearance on the show. Here is the text from the interview (written and posted by Phil Kural):

“I Seriously Plan on Doing it All!” – An Interview with America’s Next Top Model 6’s Winner, Danielle

Danielle was the winner this season on America’s Next Top Model, despite the judges repeatedly harping on her because of her southern accent. What did she think of her experience on the show? What is she most excited about? And where can we expect to see her next? Click right here to find out!

I think Danielle and Joanie has by far been the closest ANTM finale ever. Either one of them could have taken the competition and I would love to have been a fly on the wall while the judges deliberated because I’m sure they had a really tough time! In the end, though, it was Danielle who came out on top, and she deserved it – she had a great portfolio! I had a chance to talk to Danielle, and she came across just as sweet as she did on the TV. Read on to see what she had to say about her experience.

RealityNewsOnline: Hey, Danielle! First, congratulations on your win this season. It was very well earned!

Danielle: Aww, thanks Phil!

RNO: Had you watched previous seasons of the show, and what factored into your decision to apply?

Danielle: Yes, I watched the show ever since the first season, and I always said that I would never be one of those girls that did modeling reality TV. My brother was the one that talked me into applying for the show because I had always wanted to be a model, since I was about 12, but it’s such a hard industry to get into that finally I decided to just apply, and look at me now!

RNO: Your speech seemed to be a big concern for the judges. Had they mentioned anything to you about it before you made it to the house?

Danielle: No, and that’s the crazy thing about all this! I was never told anything about my speech until about halfway through the competition and that’s why it came as such a shock to me because it was never mentioned up until that point. It was very frustrating because I know a lot of models have accents, but I didn’t think it would be that big of a deal, and it wasn’t – until halfway through!

RNO: Before making it into the house, were you worried that your gap was going to be a problem for you in the competition?

Danielle: You know, I never thought it would be an issue, and that’s another thing that was never brought to my attention until when you saw them take me to the dentist. I do realize that it’s reality TV, and I realize that they do things for the dramatic effect, so I met them halfway and got it closed a little, but not all the way. I wanted to remain true to who I am.

RNO: How did you plan on standing out from the rest of the girls when the competition began?

Danielle: Well, like I said, I just wanted to remain true to myself and be the same girl that got there in L.A. during the semifinals. I was focused on the bigger picture. While some of the other girls were worried about winning the mini-challenges and getting caught up in the drama that was in the house, I was focused on winning the title of America’s Next Top Model. I think that separated me from most of the other girls.

RNO: Of the two times that you were in the bottom two, did you think that you would be the girl going home?

Danielle: The first time when I was with Sara, I didn’t think I was going home and had a feeling that they put me in the bottom tow to wake me up. However, when I was standing next to Jade and the judges were still talking about my speech, I have to admit that I was pretty nervous that it might be me going home.

RNO: What was your family’s reaction to your win on the show, and what did your mom think about the closed gap?

Danielle: They have been so excited for me, and it’s funny because none of them are taking advantage over the whole “mini-celebrity” thing I have going on right now. They are just happy because they know I am finally living my dream. As far as my gap is concerned, I’m glad I called my mom when I did because she put things into perspective for me and helped me realize that I had to do whatever it took to stay in the competition.

RNO: I loved your mom, Danielle! She reminded me of Tiffany’s grandmother from season 4. I was like, “That’s right, talk some sense into her!”

Danielle: (laughs) I know, right! She did!

RNO: Which of your prizes are you most looking forward to? I’m sure you’re excited about them all of them, but which one the most?

Danielle: Honestly, I would say the Ford contract. This is my dream, and to know that I’m with one of the biggest modeling agencies in the world is just insane. I met with them last Thursday and they were telling me how excited they were to have me, which made me feel so much better because you never know how these places are going to feel about you, especially since you are just walking in after being on a reality TV show. They want me to stay in New York, so that’s what I’m really excited about!

RNO: It seemed like besides your speech, the judges never really had any other criticism for you. Was that the case, or do you feel it was only emphasized when they would critique your southern accent?

Danielle: Nope, the speech was the only thing. Every now and then they would say something that really didn’t have a big effect, but the main thing that I was critiqued on was my southern accent, and I wasn’t provided a speech coach or anything, so there wasn’t much I could do about it.

RNO: I know it’s hasn’t even been a week yet, but how has your life changed since you became America’s Next Top Model?

Danielle: Well, I’m still the same girl that grew up in the south, but it’s just great to have people see me on the street, screaming how much they love me and just the fact that people know my name. I love it, and I’m having a blast right now.

RNO: Besides Joanie, who did you feel was your biggest competition this season, and did any eliminations shock you?

Danielle: During the semifinals week, I saw Mollie Sue and thought she was striking. I figured that she would be the biggest competition, and I’d say that her elimination shocked me the most as well. We ended up becoming great friends, but you didn’t see that on TV. I cried when she was eliminated because she really was my rock in the house until her elimination.

RNO: So where do you go from here? What is your schedule looking like and where can people plan to see you?

Danielle: Things are crazy and my schedule is so full! I’m going to New York in the next few weeks so you’ll be seeing me up there, and then I’ll be promoting the new CoverGirl Lash Exact. You’ll see me at New York Fashion Week and everywhere else you can think of. I seriously plan on doing it all!

RNO: I asked Joanie this question last week, and I’m curious to see what you say. Who is going to win American Idol, Katharine or Taylor?

Danielle: Oh, no, I haven’t seen American Idol since Fantasia won!

RNO: Danielle! That’s blasphemy. You can’t tell people that you don’t watch American Idol! You’re a reality TV girl now!

Danielle: (laughs) I know! Don’t quote me on that! I don’t need people yelling at me because I don’t watch it.

RNO: Do you plan on using your win on the show in order to break into other industries? Are there any other careers you are interested in?

Danielle: Well, I’d like to take a shot at acting, but modeling is my passion right now. Of course, I’d love to use my win in order to break into other industries, and I also plan on eventually starting my own foundation for children. That will take some time, but you can bet that I plan on trying to break other walls.

RNO: Is there anything you would like to add or say to fans of the show?

Danielle: I just want to thank everyone so much. I know it got rough there for a little bit, but I pulled through. I’m still the same Danielle and plan on staying that way. I’m so thankful to everyone that believed in me and supported me. I was true to myself and can’t wait to see what lies ahead!

RNO: Thanks, Danielle – congratulations again!

To learn more about Cycle 6 winner Dani Evans, visit her bio page here.

Source: RealityNewsOnline.com
Photo:   CW

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