Krista White for Fiasco Magazine

July 7, 2010

To learn more about Cycle 14’s winner Krista White, visit her bio page here.

Photo credit: Pino Gomes.

2 Responses to “Krista White for Fiasco Magazine”

  1. Anjy Munroe Says:

    The first look at Krista told me she was the next winner. Krista eminates victory all the way! I wish you continued success, Krista. Stay focused on the positive, but do not run from the negative either because you are tough enough to overcome challenges. Funny once you do that, you find your worst challenges were based on fear (mostly others’ fear of change!). Keep it fresh by holding on to your positive experiences and letting the adverse ones be the ground you walk on! BTW, I can’t find any “after” shots of you! Who is your publicist? I should see your work just like all of the other past models accessible everywhere including youtube, etc…even the CW site is dried up with old footage! Love you much. Stay fearless!

  2. Juanita Says:

    You are BEAUTIFUL; are you still modeling?

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