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June 18, 2010 posted an online profile about Cycle 5‘s Kim Stolz as she is now a VJ for MTV. Here is the text from her profile (written and posted by MTVU Staff):

Kim Stolz
Age: 23
Hometown: New York, NY
Alma Mater: Wesleyan University
Major: Government
Year of Graduation: 2005

A New York City native, Kim Stolz isn’t afraid to share her opinions on food (preferably fast), fame (reality-tv style) or foreign policy. Kim’s honors thesis, written during her senior year at Wesleyan University, was entitled The Influence of Exit Strategies on United States Intervention Abroad. When she’s not worrying about the international implications of military action, she can be found listening to electro-clash and indie pop music, reading (preferably post-modern fiction) and, oh yeah, walking runways. Kim’s fans may remember her from her appearance on season 5 of America’s Next Top Model. In her spare moments she still smiles for the camera on behalf of Elite Model Management.

1. Who are your all-time favorite bands?
The Knife, The Microphones/Mount Eerie, The Talking Heads

2. What was your best college experience/memory?
During my senior year I had just completed my thesis and obviously the theme of the night was to do everything you wish you could’ve while you were stuck typing away by yourself in the library. So after hearing my friend’s band play and doing a little crowd diving, my friends and I piled into a car and went to every fast food restaurant in town and ordered something off each menu. We took everything to the quad and had this great feast of food. Apparently then I got tired, because the next thing I remember is waking up on the grass and staring up at my professor—the same one I’d just turned in my thesis to.

3. Most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done?
There are so many, but anything I choose will be good since I embarrass myself so much! I’d have to say it was one night junior year; I’d been up working all night on a paper. You know how after you work a really long time you feel crazy, like you’re drunk even though you’re not? So 4 or 5 friends and I took a break and walked around the campus. We were passing a dorm that was under construction, and there was a tractor in the middle of the construction site. Somehow I thought it would be a good idea to get up on the tractor and pretend to be razing a field. Oh and I forgot to mention we’d put on all the clothes in our closets because it was cold out, so I was wearing at least two pairs of pants, four tank tops and two hats. Shortly after I’d gotten on top of the tractor, campus security drove up and all of my friends scattered, totally leaving me alone! Security cornered me and demanded to know who else was there, and of course I wouldn’t give [my friends] up. So I had to go in front of my college judicial board and explain to them why I was out in the middle of the night wearing my entire closet and mock riding a tractor. And I wasn’t even drunk…just drunk on writing papers.

4. Greatest class you ever took?
It’s a mouthful: Presidential Foreign Policy Decision Making Analysis.

5. Favorite cafeteria food?
Sunday brunch, which basically consisted of some old bread they’d recycled from sandwiches earlier in the week to turn into a questionable version of French toast. They had this combination of weird stuff they put on the bread; I don’t even know what it was but it was good.

6. Favorite book?
Underworld by Don Delillo

7. Thoughts on reality tv celebrity?
Ha! (laughing) Very sociologically interesting while you’re there, embarrassing when you’re watching it later, and completely life-changing afterwards.

To learn more about Cycle 5’s Kim Stolz, visit her bio page here.

Photo:   MTV

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