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May 25, 2010 interviewed Cycle 4’s Brandy Rusher following her appearance on the show. The interview discusses her “attitude problem,” her favorite part of being on the show and what she thought of Tyra. Here is the text from the article (written by Latoya West):

A Chat With Brandy – – America’s Next Top Model Contestant Answers Our Questions

Watching America’s Next Top Model 4, I couldn’t help but think that Brandy — a 20-year-old cosmetology student from Houston, Texas — was the contestant with the biggest attitude problem. But was the girl who complained the most simply misunderstood? Here’s what Brandy had to say when we chatted after her elimination.

Looking back, do you agree that you had an attitude problem?:

Looking back, I don’t really think that I had an attitude problem. I just think that I didn’t really know how to channel what I was feeling. I didn’t know how to come at people because I’m so used to having to defend myself…I learned a lot from watching myself and it just showed me how to work with the attitude. I don’t want to be portrayed as that for the rest of my life. It opened my eyes to a lot of things.

Is there one moment that you really wish didn’t happen?:

The moment I wish didn’t happen, because it caused a ripple effect, was the first time we had a photo shoot. I thought I was doing the right thing by telling them honestly my feelings…If I was tired, if I was sleepy, I wish I would have kept it in instead of saying I’m tired and sleepy.

What was one of the best moments you had on the show?:

One of my favorite memories from the show would have to be when we first met Tyra because it was just amazing. That’s when I knew ‘Oh my god. This is real!’

What did you think of Tyra Banks?:

I think she’s really down to earth and I feel like she really knows this industry well enough to be the host of the show. I think very highly of her.

Why do you think you related to Tiffany more than the other girls?:

Tiffany was one of the girls who was honest about a lot of things. She wasn’t talking behind my back. If she felt I was wrong, she would tell me I was wrong. A lot of the girls just hid it and said stuff behind my back and then I’d find out. Of course, [the producers] would show me confronting them or something.

How long have you been modeling?:

The show is actually the first modeling I’ve ever done. I had no previous experience.

Will you pursue modeling in the future?:

I definitely am going to pursue modeling in the future…As long as people just know that I really have changed. I hope that they really just notice that, and that someone wants to work with me still. I hope I haven’t lost everybody!

To learn more about Cycle 4‘s Brandy Rusher, visit her bio page here.

Photo:   CW

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