Noelle Staggers Interview with Reality Shack (Apr 05)

May 24, 2010

In April of 2005, interviewed Cycle 4’s Noelle Staggers following her appearance on the show. The interview discusses the “flesh-eating disease,” being away from her son, and her elimination. Here is the text from the article (written by “Carrie”):

Interview With Noelle of America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 4

Noelle took some fabulous photos, despite being the shortest contestant this cycle. Janice didn’t seem to think Noelle looked the part in person though, and even Tyra told her she wasn’t ‘modelesque’. Find out how Noelle is taking her elimination, and how her son reacted to seeing his mom on television!

Hi Noelle! How do you feel about the reasons behind your elimination? Do you think that the photos are more important than the ‘in person’ appearance?

I think they’re both important. They’re the professionals, and if they don’t think I’m “modelesque” enough, then that’s their call. I trust their opinions; they’ve been doing this for years.

I’m not too upset about the whole thing though, really! I wish I could cry for you and make up some sob story, but I’m just not upset. It was a great experience and I got do to all kinds of things I wouldn’t have done otherwise. What’s to be upset about?

What do you think it was that set you apart from the thousands of other applicants?

I’m loud! Maybe they thought they could use me as the disease card, with endometriosis. Ha! Seriously, I have the ability to be comfortable in any situation. I mean really, I was willing to walk in front of strangers, and on national TV, in a bra and panties after giving birth to my son.

Speaking of that, how did you get your shape back so well after delivery?

Oh, you’re going to hate me just like everyone else who has asked that question! I only gained 12 pounds during the entire pregnancy. I carried my son really far back and really high, so I never got stretch marks or anything like that.

Well I don’t hate you, but I’m a little envious! Okay, did you have to wait until the end of taping to see your son?

I saw my son when everyone else got to see their families. It was hard, but the reunion was even sweeter after all that waiting. I saw him in the car when they were pulling up, and I was just in tears!

How did Damien handle being away from you for so long?

Well my mom and my boyfriend’s parents looked after him (thank God!) while I was away, and they showed him lots of pictures and I got to talk to him on the phone. They read him the same stories that I read to him, and sang the same songs – they tried to keep things as normal as possible.

It was hard for him though. He cried every night for me. It broke my heart when they told me that.

So are you going to continue modeling now?

Oh come on! Do I really have to answer that question? YES! Of course.

That was so not the last time you’re going to see me! I don’t care if I have to break down doors, I’ll still be modeling!

You said on the show that you don’t really get the chance to watch runway models on TV because you’re busy with your son. Do you think you had a disadvantage because of that, or were the other girls unfamiliar as well?

Well, a lot of other girls had no idea what haute couture was either. Rebecca knows fashion, and Keenyah – that girl is a modeling genius. She knows everything about everyone.

But really, I mean I do my makeup in the car with my son in the back. When do I have time to learn this stuff?

How do you wear your hair now – curly or straight?

Oh boy, okay. My hair is naturally curly. I have to get up in the morning and get myself and a two-year-old ready to go out the door. I can either wash my hair and blow-dry it straight, which takes hours, or I can wash it, flip my head over and finger-comb it, and walk out the door.

So the answer would be curly.

Oh yeah. I do wear it straight occasionally, and it’s grown out again. It’s back down to my hips. I need to get it cut soon.

Did you let Damien watch Mommy on TV?

We did. He freaked out! “Momma? On TV? Nuh-uh!”

Should I tell you this? Why not. Remember the topless shoot we did? You know there were no nipples or anything showing, but at that time Damien was learning body parts. So he’s watching, and all of a sudden he says, “See boo-bee! Mommy boo-bee!” It was too funny!

Okay, I know you’ve been asked this all day, but do you think maybe you over-reacted just a bit to Michelle’s skin condition?

Oh, here we go! Totally, yes, I admit it. Straight up, I over-reacted. But look at it this way – I never said anything until I talked to my mom. Rebecca’s mom and Tatiana’s mom both said the same things too.

So when you’re watching someone’s skin falling off their face, and your family from the outside is telling you about this horrible flesh-eating disease that’s making headlines and killing people, who else wouldn’t over-react?

So yes, I over-reacted, but with good reason.

If you could trade places with one of the judges for one day, who would it be and why?

Hmm, there are two of them.

First, Tyra. Duh. She’s like an enterprise all on her own. Everyone knows Tyra Banks. And to be honest, I’d love to have boobs for a day. I have no boobs now that breastfeeding is done.

Second, and my boyfriend is going to kick my ass for this, but I’d trade places with Nigel. Just to see what it would feel like to be gorgeous and have an accent. You know, you’re there with a bunch of women and there’s no testosterone, and then here’s this great-looking guy with an accent …

But it would be fun to be a photographer too, and see what life is like on the other side of the lens.

Noelle, thanks a bunch – it was great fun talking to you! Good luck!!

Thanks Carrie – you’ll be seeing me again!

To learn more about Cycle 4‘s Noelle Staggers, visit her bio page here.

Photo:   CW


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