Noelle Staggers Interview with Reality News Online (Apr 05)

May 24, 2010

In April of 2005, Reality News Online interviewed Cycle 4’s Noelle Staggers following her appearance on the show. The interview discusses her auditioning experience, the flesh-eating bacteria debacle and her elimination. Here is the text from the article (written by Phil Kural):

“I Looked Just A Little Too Much Like The Girl Next Door” – An Interview with America’s Next Top Model 4’s Noelle

Noelle was the fourth girl eliminated this season on America’s Next Top Model. Find out here what she had to say about the experience, how she ended up on the show and what the deal was with Michelle and her alleged Flesh Eating disease.

It’s only every so often that I interview one of the “Top Model” girls, and the interviewee keeps me laughing the whole time. Noelle was one of those girls. Bubbly and energetic through the whole interview, Noelle had no problem laughing about herself and talking about her experience. This was probably one of the most fun interviews I’ve ever done, and Noelle really shed some light on certain things. Read on to see what her thoughts were concerning why Lluvy has stuck around, what the mood of the house was when Brandy was gone, and what Noelle would compare Janice Dickinson to.

RealityNewsOnline: Had you watched any other seasons of the show, and what made you to apply yourself?

Noelle: I watching the show from the first season, but I wasn’t obsessed with it or anything. I knew who Adrianne was, and I know who the past girls are, but I can’t say I saw every episode.

How I ended up applying for the show was totally a fluke. My mom actually signed me up for a contest that I won, which let me film my audition tape right at the UPN studios, and allowed me to bypass the line and see the judges right away. Otherwise, I don’t think I ever would have ended up on the show.

RNO: So you didn’t even really “apply” for the show by going to an open call or sending in a tape, huh? You pretty much just got lucky?

Noelle: Exactly! I was totally lucky. I had no expectations of all this happening, just from my mom entering me in that contest!

RNO: Would you say that being away from your child was the hardest thing to adapt to through the experience? Had you not been a mother, do you think it would have been easier?

Noelle: Naturally, for me, the hardest part of the whole thing was being away form my son. I had never been away from him that long, so it’s rough since none of the other girls, except Tiffany, could really understand what the separation anxiety was like. However, I wouldn’t say that it would have been easier if I didn’t have a son. He’s part of the reason I made the show, so everything happens for a reason, and there was an order for it all. I just guess it wasn’t meant to be.

RNO: With the way Lluvy’s pictures had been critiqued, did you think you would be safe when the two of you were left standing in front of Tyra?

Noelle: No! It’s funny that you say that because everyone has been like “Oh, well, why didn’t Lluvy go before you?” Apparently, I wasn’t “modelesque” enough for the judges, but at least I got a reason as to why I was eliminated, when it seemed like some of the other girls didn’t get a reason. The judges look at more than just the pictures, and I think I looked just a little too much like the girl next door.

RNO: Did you feel bad that you started a wave in the house that Michelle had flesh eating bacteria, and did she ever find out people were saying that about her?

Noelle: Oh no! I knew this question was coming. She knew that we were saying we thought she had a Flesh Eating bacteria. I mean, after my mom said something, and I told the other girls, and their moms confirmed it, it was a domino effect. I guess I never should have gone around saying stuff though, since I do tend to have a big mouth. I guess it’s good that Tiffany’s grandmom put us all in our place.

RNO: How many hours in a day did you have for “down time?” Did you use that time to call your son?

Noelle: That would depend on the day. I tried to call him every night before bed, but sometimes we would be out so late doing a challenge or a shoot, that I would have to call him early in the morning. I did talk to him every day though, that’s for sure.

RNO: Did you have any modeling experience whatsoever before the show started, or was everything new to you?

Noelle: Everything was pretty new to me, but I did go to some modeling convention thing when I was 14. I was called by a few modeling agencies as a finalist, and did some local runway and print things, but nothing all that big. I had dome some acting, since I went to school for it, but that’s about all the experience I had.

RNO: Which shoot was your favorite to do, and which one would you like to take out of your portfolio?

Noelle: I had two shoots that I really loved. The first was the shoot that we did for 1-800-FLOWERS. I love animals, and working with the dogs was great. I also loved the “Got Milk?” photos that we did. I think it was the hardest, but it showed edge. The hardest photo, and probably the one I liked the least, was the shoot for the signs of the Zodiac. I wear a size 10 in shoes, so I have some pretty big feet, so it was hard for me to balance myself. I’m very clumsy, and had some real issues with the harness.

RNO: Was there ever a time besides the most recent elimination that you were concerned you might be going home?

Noelle: Oh yeah! I thought I was going home after the Zodiac shoot. I even went back and cried to all the girls thinking that it was my time to go. I had so much trouble on that shoot I figured that it was going to be Lluvy or myself.

RNO: What do you think Lluvy has that has allowed her to escape two eliminations so far, yet clearly has the weakest pictures of all the girls?

Noelle: You don’t understand how unique Lluvy’s features are. She has very full lips, she’s tall and has great eyes if she can pose them the right way. All that combined, she has shown that she has potential, and the judges want to see if they can pull it out of her.

RNO: When Brandy was eliminated, did things seem a little less tense in the house, or was she edited worse than she really was?

Noelle: Well, Brandy and I were really good friends prior to when we moved into the house. However, once the finalists moved in, we clicked with different people and slowly grew apart. The thing about Brandy was that she was very defensive and everything that happened to her in the house she took a great offense to. What you saw on TV were the same things we saw. I would say things were much more calm when she left, and MUCH more quiet.

RNO: It always seemed like when one of the girls had a problem, you were right there to listen. Do you think that trait comes with being a parent, or have you always been that way?

Noelle: Both! I have always considered myself a good friend. When I was going through problems, my friends were there to listen to me, and I wanted to be the same kind of friend and comfort people. However, being a mom, the instinct kicks in when you see people having problems. As a mom, you want to see everyone happy, so you do what you can to hear people out and let them vent, just like I did with Michelle. I’m the kind of person that when something is obviously bothering people, I confront them about it, and that’s what happened with Michelle. I didn’t go in there for her to tell me her secret, I went in there demanding why she was flipping out all the time, and she ended up spilling her guts.

RNO: As the number of girls began to dwindle, did any of the girls start to change their personalities from friendly to competitive?

Noelle: Some of the girls changed in that respect, but that’s the nature of the game. I think I was the same way. As girls were eliminated, I became more reclusive. Every step in the competition I got, I had to pull from within.

RNO: Which would you say is more painful — having a child, or listening to Janice?

Noelle: I would compare Janice to a contraction. At times, she was okay, giving us pointers and telling us what and what not to do. Then, when we were in front of the judges, she would totally let loose. So at times she could be bearable, but then there were those times when you thought it was the end!

RNO: What’s next for you? Did you want to try and still make it in the modeling industry, or do you plan to just focus on being a mom first.

Noelle: Oh, this is only the beginning from me. I want to do everything – modeling, acting, and whatever else comes my way. This is not the end of Noelle, no matter how much you want to get rid of me, I’m not going away!

RNO: Thanks, Noelle!

To learn more about Cycle 4‘s Noelle Staggers, visit her bio page here.

Photo:  CW

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