Lluvy Gomez Interview with Reality News Online (Apr 05)

May 24, 2010

In April of 2005, Reality News Online interviewed Cycle 4’s Lluvy Gomez following her appearance on the show. The interview discusses how she felt about having the “worst photo in top model history,” if she thought she was edited fairly and if she’ll continue to model. Here is the text from the article (written by Phil Kural):

“Jay Told Me To ‘Lube Up’ Before My Shot”: An Interview with America’s Next Top Model 4’s Lluvy

It was three strikes for Lluvy, who was the fifth girl eliminated this season on America’s Next Top Model. Did she know that this third time in front of the judges would be her last? Does Jay Manuel ever give a compliment? What is she up to now? It’s all right here!

I remember before the show started this season that I had said Lluvy didn’t seem like she had the “looks” to be on this show. I’m the first to admit I was wrong. I think the great thing about Lluvy is that she is not your typical model. She would be great for runway, and if she can figure out how to pose with her unique features, she could be a breakout star. Alas, it wasn’t to be though – at least, not yet! I had a chance to interview Lluvy, and it was definitely my pleasure. Lluvy came across as energetic, goofy, and able to look back and laugh about the experience. In this interview, Lluvy touches on a number of topics, like her reaction to Michelle’s impetigo, the kinds of advice she was given, and where her self-confidence is now. Read on to find out!

RealityNewsOnline:What factored into your decision to apply for the show?

Lluvy: I was a HUGE fan of the show, and I had always wanted to be a model. I remember watching since the first season and just saying I wanted to be a part of it. I was in Kansas at one of the times they were having open call auditions, and my fiancé basically pressured me into going, since I didn’t think I had a shot.

RNO: So you ended up going to an open casting call, and not even sending in a video? What do you think it was that made you stand out?

Lluvy: Yup, just like you said – I never made a video, it was all pretty much by luck. They liked me in Kansas, and sent me to another audition in Houston. Honestly though, I have no clue how I got picked. At the audition in Houston, I had lost my voice and seriously sounded like a frog . I guess they just thought I looked different and not like any of the girls they had so far on the show.

RNO: Did you originally think that your features would be an issue during the photo shoots?

Lluvy: Yeah, I pretty much knew. You have to be realistic about these things, and I knew my features were a lot different than the other girls. What makes it even harder though, is when people are constantly reminding you that you have to work harder because you are a little different.

RNO:Had you done any modeling in the past or had any kind of experience before the show?

Lluvy: I had done a little bit, yes, but nothing big at all. You know, I did that modeling thing Tyra talked to us about with paying the agency thousands of dollars, and it ending up being a scam. I went to modeling school too, but like I said, it wasn’t anything “big time.”

RNO: Standing in front of Tyra for the third time, did you think that it was your time to go, or were you confident you would have another chance?

Lluvy: Oh God, I knew the third time that I wasn’t going to get another chance! It’s such a hard process, and I know you see me on the phone with my fiancé crying about getting critiqued, but it’s all part of the show.

RNO: Well, did you think the other two times you were in front of the judges that you were going home?

Lluvy: Honestly, no, I didn’t. There is always that little feeling that it could be you, but those other two times I didn’t think it was me. Personally, I think it was because I was taller them .

RNO: You were told over and over that you had so much potential. Were you ever given any pointers on how to channel that potential during you shoots?

Lluvy: You saw this week how I PLEADED with Jay to give me some advice, and he basically just told me to “lube up” before my shot. I don’t know – maybe I just didn’t get it. I was so confused at times with his advice.

RNO: Speaking of Jay, is he as annoying in person as he seems when he’s directing the shoot? Does he ever give out a compliment? Honestly, did the fame go to his head?

Lluvy: Haha! No, he’s really not that bad, but I know what you mean. He seemed more fun and outgoing during the first season of the show, but I think he just takes it more seriously now, and he’s a lot more focused on the tasks at hand.

RNO: It seemed like you were lacking self-confidence, so would you say that being on the show helped that, or hindered it even more?

Lluvy: The show has been so hard at times to watch because like I said on the show, I’m my biggest critic. I don’t even like to hear my own voice on the answering machine. I think the show has helped me though. I didn’t realize I was such a dork until I saw myself on TV, and my friends and family have confirmed it – I am a dork!

RNO: Do you think you overreacted to Michelle having impetigo, or was everyone freaked out in their own way? I’ll tell you one thing, I’ll never forget when you did your little gagging motions.

Lluvy: Oh no! I still feel so bad about all that. My mom looked at me and goes, “I can’t believe you did that!” I think I was so freaked out about the whole thing was because Tiffany was grossing me out, telling me I was going to get it to since we shared the same makeup that morning. They didn’t show that I helped Michelle with all her medicine and creams and stuff!

RNO: Did anyone try to stop Brittany from dancing on the table in the middle of a restaurant since it looked like she was making a scene?

Lluvy: Ehh, we tried for like a second, by telling her not to do it, but she continued to do it, not to mention kept trying to get the other girls to get on as well. The funny thing is, nobody said anything the day after it happened either. I guess we were all over it. Well, most of us!

RNO: Did you feel the judges were being a bit too hard on you by saying your Zodiac shoot was the worst photo in Top Model history?

Lluvy: They didn’t actually show it, but I smiled when they said that, since I was thinking to myself: “Oh no, you’re THAT girl!” I can’t believe they made that the episode title! The funny thing is, watching all the other seasons, I’m thinking of other shots, and they were bad too. Mine was bad because I was only allowed to do one pose, and the makeup was bad too. It wasn’t just me that was bad, it was a combination of things.

RNO: Do you think you would do the show again, knowing what you do now?

Lluvy: Oh, I would do it all over again in a second. It was so much fun, I got to be on my favorite show, which I still don’t believe, and I made a whole bunch of new friends.

RNO: Where do you plan on going from here? Do you want to continue on the modeling path, or are you ready to move onto something else?

Lluvy:When I was on the show, I was confused about what I wanted and where I was in my life. Now I truly know that modeling is what I want to do. I plan on moving to L.A. once the show is over, and hopefully I can find some work. I would love to do runway, since it’s my passion.

RNO: Finally, what’s the one thing about you that the cameras didn’t show? Would you say you were edited fairly?

Lluvy: I don’t think the cameras showed how close I grew with some of the girls. I’m getting married in November, and I know that some of the girls are coming to my wedding. I was edited pretty fairly though, except I came off looking like a dork, but it turns out, I think I really am one, which I’m happy with!

RNO:Thanks, Lluvy! Good luck with everything!

To learn more about Cycle 4’s Lluvy Gomez, visit her bio page here.

Source: RealityNewsOnline.com
Photo:  CW

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