Krista White Portfolio for Wilhelmina New York

May 24, 2010

To learn more about Cycle 14’s winner Krista White, visit her bio page here.

Source: Wilhelmina Models.

19 Responses to “Krista White Portfolio for Wilhelmina New York”

  1. ver hicks Says:

    Oh yes. She will be a supermodel.

  2. Kit Says:

    My least favorite winner.

  3. BECKY!! Says:

    You sure are racist!

  4. kiss Says:

    I am sorry, but she looks old and I think she didn’t deserve to win. Raina should have won. I am not racist; I am biracial. Don’t try the race card on me, Becky.

  5. Alex Says:

    SHE IS GORGEOUS!!! My favorite picture would have to be the profile one with the geometric shadows.

  6. Nana Says:

    Too ooold, too boooring.

  7. teiana Says:

    Well I have to admit she did look old in some pics. But when she did the cover girl and even on the cover of teen magazine she did great. All her pictures were fierce so I do think she deserved it.

  8. sheila Says:

    Kristy was my fav from the beginning. She deserved to win.

  9. Ms Sheeba Says:

    So you all wanted another white girl to win when we all know how depreciated dark-skinned women are in the modelling industry and in society period!

  10. Relah Says:

    Krista worked hard and improved throughout competition she deserved it for sure !

  11. Miss E Says:

    What exactly is Krista doing now? I have not heard much since she won Cycle 14.

  12. rex Says:

    That’s absolutely right. She deserved it!!!!She has something that other don’t have..She rocks!!!

  13. Beexi Says:

    She was so great and skilled when she was modelling on ANTM. She sure deserved to win.

  14. Countrydv1 Says:

    Her eyes look squinty and dead at most times…. so I quite understand that some of you do think that she is the least deserved ANTM winner, regardless of her race!

  15. Lewie Says:

    I loved Krista, she kept entering to get on the show and when she finally made it she worked hard, listened, applied herself, and deserved to win her cycle. She is a rare beauty. If you are Black everyone is drawn to the light skin girls…it was great to see a dark skin girl fight her way to the top. I hope she is still modeling for Wilhelmina. Hollywood, the music industry, and the modeling world continues to over looks dark skin girls…it’s beyond time for a CHANGE.

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