Tiffany Richardson Interview with Orwell (Apr 05)

May 23, 2010

In April of 2005, interviewed Cycle 4’s Tiffany Richardson following her appearance on the show. The interview discusses the girls to which she was closest, the most difficult part of being on the show and how Top Model has changed her life. Here is the text from the article (written by John Covert Boyd):

Interview With Tiffany from America’s Next Top Model

How did you come to be on America’s Next Top Model?

Tiffany: “I tried out for the auditions and was disqualified in LA, later I tried out for season 4 and made it.”

Have you always wanted to be a model?

Tiffany: “Yes. My grandma was an influence growing up and everyone used to tell me that I should try modeling. With my past of being in and out of trouble it made it hard to be involved in the industry.”

How do you think your ANTM experience will change your future?

Tiffany: “It has already changed my life. Everyone knows me now and it gave me the opportunity to be seen. Tyra is my mentor and is going to help me with my career. Also the show allowed me to develop patience and my attitude has changed now after seeing myself on TV.”

What advice would you give to aspiring models trying out for the next season of ANTM?

Tiffany: “Be yourself. I would do everything the same all over again. Let them mold you to be better but don’t change yourself.”

Is there anything you saw that your competition did well or something you learned not to do because of another example?

Tiffany: “The competition was crazy. I learned not to tell the designers what you liked and didn’t like. Don’t complain about things you can’t change but in the process don’t be run over either. Stay humble.”

Knowing what you know now, would you do it all again?

Tiffany: “On the night of the elimination I would have said no, but because of Tyra taking me on and helping me, I definitely would.”

Sometimes it’s hard to become friends with the competitors, did you find that true? If so, which contestant did you clash with most and why?

Tiffany: “It was easier than I thought, I was the problem. I was difficult to get along with. Though I made some good friends such as Rebecca, Brandy, Michelle, Naima and Kahlen.”

What was your favorite part of the show?

Tiffany: “Tearing down the diner and the hide and go seek game.”

What was the worst part of the show?

Tiffany: “Tyra yelling at me and the elimination.”

Do you normally watch Reality shows?

Tiffany: “Yes. I like Making the Band.”

What are your future plans?

Tiffany: “Tyra and her mom are my mentors, they are going to be a great help in getting my career started. once I get the go ahead, I am going to get out in Miami and get into some agencies to start looking for representation. I am interested in every type of modeling.”

To learn more about Cycle 4’s Tiffany Richardson, visit her bio page here.

Photo:  CW


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