Cassie Grisham Interview with “The Daily Hub” at University of Oklahoma (Nov 04)

April 28, 2010

In November of 2004, The Daily Hub at University of Oklahoma posted an article about the elimination of Cycle 3’s Cassie Grisham, who happened to be a student there during her time on the show. The interview summarizes her experience in the Top Model house, as well as the controversy surrounding her eating disorder. Here is the text from the article (written by Kelli Stegeman):


OU student Cassie Grisham has been hoping for many years that she would get the chance to become a supermodel. With the help of Tyra Banks, she was well on her way of making her dream a reality.

Grisham was watching the first episode of America’s Next Top Model when she saw the search was on for the second season. The small town girl with no previous modeling experience put her faith in her face, applied and was chosen.
Little did she know that she would be kicked off Wednesday’s show in the seventh episode.

Throughout the episodes many things were revealed about Cassie’s life.
Grisham is an international and area studies sophomore and she currently calls Branson, Mo., her home. The Daily conducted a phone interview to get the latest.

The Daily: “How did you get involved in modeling?”

Grisham: “Actually, I wasn’t involved in modeling until I got picked to be on the show, but I went through an audition process which after I watched last season they said, ‘If you want to try out the show you can print off the application on and send in some pictures and a video.’ And I did, so they called me back and I got on the show.”

The Daily: “What has been the largest hurdle that you have overcome. Have you always had a dream of modeling?”

Grisham: “It’s actually been my passion for a very long time. I’ve been in small towns my whole life so there was never really a way to do modeling, so this was actually the first chance I had gotten at a real chance to be a model. So it’s always been something that I’ve wanted to do. It’s still something that I’m going to pursue even though I’ve been eliminated from the show.

The Daily: “Did you find that there was a huge difference between where you are from, Branson, Mo., and New York City?”

Grisham: “There’s a big difference from any town and New York City.”
The Daily: “Were you overwhelmed or was it easy for you to make the transition?”
Grisham: “When you first get to New York and you see everything, you are kind of overwhelmed. But if this is the place where you are planning on living , you’ve got to get used to it really fast and I think I did. I think on the show they kind of portrayed me as hating New York and just really unhappy, but I’ve been back to New York City since the taping of the show and I absolutely love New York, so I would move here in a second.”

The Daily: “What is the one thing you have learned from being on the show? Is modeling everything you thought it would be or did you find any surprises?”

Grisham: “I have wanted to do it for a long time and since I was about 12 years old I have been reading magazines, looking at sites, learning about these women, so I think I had a pretty good idea of how cutthroat the industry is, and so when I came here and I got to do the photo shoots and actually feel like a real model I wasn’t surprised at all. They either like you or they don’t. You either take good pictures or you don’t, so it’s very black and white and you learn to either deal with it or a lot of girls go home cause they can’t.”

The Daily: “What was the experience that you had living with twelve other girls?”

Grisham: (Laughs) “Living in the close quarters that we did, any group of girls is going to get into fights. There are going to be rumors, and I knew that coming into it because girls are just that way. It was hard at times, but you know, I’ve made some friends out of it and I don’t regret anything and I’m glad I did it.”

The Daily: “Do you think that you were portrayed correctly on the show?”

Grisham: “A lot of the show I was portrayed as someone that I’m not and I can’t get mad at the process because we knew going into the show that footage was going to be edited, so I can’t blame anyone for it. But there are a lot of things that came out on the show that were untrue. For instance, they say that I have an eating disorder and that’s not true. They portrayed me as being really unhappy and kind of whiny the whole time and kind of a loner and all of that is not true. I have friends, I don’t have an eating disorder and yes, I had instances when I was in New York this summer that I was unhappy. Everyone did. All the girls were unhappy at some point in time, but they only put me on there as the unhappy one.”

The Daily: “Some people have been shocked by the fact that you are stripping to get through college. What do you want to say to those shocked people?”

Grisham: “A lot of people automatically assume that stripping is something that is horrible and they can’t believe I would do that, but a lot of those people have money and I would like to say to them that I don’t have the luxury of being able to afford college. I have a lot of student loans. I have two little brothers and an older sister that my mom is still supporting and it’s not like I can just call my mom and ask for money, so I took on stripping so I wouldn’t have to be a burden on my mother. I didn’t start stripping to buy drugs or to be wealthy because I strip. I do that to pay for school and I hope that everyone understands that. My parents are divorced, my dad doesn’t help at all. I pay for school with student loans and financial aid.”

To learn more about Cycle 3‘s Cassie Grisham, visit her bio page here.


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