Brenda Arens Post-elimination Interview with Reality TV Games

April 17, 2010

Reality TV Games conducted a post-elimination phone interview with Brenda following her appearance on the show. Click on the link below to learn more about the search for her biological father, her previous modeling experience, how her friends and fans reacted to her new makeover, and how she feels about her future in modeling.


To learn more about Cycle 14’s Brenda Arens, visit her bio page here.


One Response to “Brenda Arens Post-elimination Interview with Reality TV Games”

  1. Alexa Says:

    I would like you to tell Brenda to read this, please.

    I want to tell Brenda that she shouldn’t have picked on Angelea. She was upset at that girl because she got to keep her hair while they cut Brenda’s.

    But it wasn’t her fault. It was those stupid designer’s idea.

    Tell Brenda that she should grow her hair back, put on few pounds and try a career in television. She looks mature, but she does transmit something. Mature people listen to her. I liked her on video and I think she would have a bright future in television.

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