Yaya DaCosta Johnson Cast in TV’s Ugly Betty (Aug 09)

April 13, 2010

Entertainment Weekly posted an article announcing that Cycle 3’s Yaya DaCosta Johnson has landed an acting role in TV’s Ugly Betty. Here’s the text from the article:

Somewhere Tyra Banks is smiling.

Polarizing America’s Next Top Model alum Yaya Dacosta—she was cycle 3’s runner-up—has been tapped to take over the recurring role of Wilhelmina’s defiant daughter Nico on Ugly Betty, sources confirm to me exclusively.

The character—originated by Jowharah Jones—resurfaces in the Oct. 9 season premiere and promptly gets caught up in one of the show’s new mysteries.

Dacosta’s previous acting credits include All My Children and that forgettable dance movie with Antonio Banderas.

On a scale of 1-10 (1 being “ugh, she was an arrogant snot on Top Model!” and 10 being “woo-hoo, I knew she was destined for greatness!”), what do you give this recast?

To learn more about Cycle 3 runner up, Yaya DaCosta, visit her bio page here.

(VIA EW.com)

2 Responses to “Yaya DaCosta Johnson Cast in TV’s Ugly Betty (Aug 09)”

  1. Elli Says:

    I’m pretty sure she was in the last season of House, she played Forman’s love affair.

  2. Kalli Says:

    Wauwwww some bio 😦 is there still room for a comment? thank you yaya.
    Wel i was glad she didn’t won ANTM Yaya seemed way to arrogant and fake to me.I wish her the best but she wasn’t my favorit. 😦

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