Heather Kuzmich for Wedding Essentials (July 08)

December 13, 2009

To learn more about Cycle 9‘s Heather Kuzmich, visit her bio page here. Photo credit: Studio This Is.

3 Responses to “Heather Kuzmich for Wedding Essentials (July 08)”

  1. GUEST Says:

    I was horrified when Bianca and other girls bullied and belittled her because of her disability. This reminded me of the worst in human nature and grade school bullies. I will always support any product Heather advertises but those bullies No Way!
    Continued success to Heather.

  2. Gio Says:

    What a beautiful model and person :). She is truly inspirational!

  3. LibraTine Says:

    Heather Kuzmich is the BEST model this show has ever had!! She’s gorgeous, she can pose like a “real” model, and her eyes are on FIRE! She’s the very definition of “model”, the noun AND the verb!! She’s a great artist, too!

    I agree with the above guest; the words “Aspberger’s [sp.] Syndrome” and “autism” scare people, and they create an automatic prejudice in most. Most people are not very bright; on top of that , it’s (evidently) a basic human instinct to separate people into groups and to find a reason to feel superior to others.
    The definitions and symptoms of AS and autism are very vague, even within the medical and scientific communities. Many, MANY behaviors fall under the umbrella of “Autism Spectrum”.

    On the flip side, I think AS might work in her favor, at least in terms of the posing and facial expressions needed to model. She really seemed to have an innate ability to convey TONS of expression with her eyes that none of the other contestants have had, before her or since.

    Best of luck to you, Heather…. not that you NEED it! YOU ROCK, GIRL!!! I wish you every success and happiness in life!!!

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