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Samantha Francis was a contestant during Cycle 8 of ANTM.

Samantha Francis was working as a sales associate in Pinson, Alabama before she joined America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 8. In addition, she didn’t have any professional modeling experience prior to her appearance on the show.

Samantha finally had to the courage to live out her life-long dream of becoming a model when her significant other urged her to try out for America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 8 in Atlanta, Georgia. Although she successfully made it to the finals, she was not able to stay long in the competition, as she was the second girl to be eliminated from the show. For the second photo shoot, the remaining twelve girls were asked to pose as different high school stereotypes, and although most of them were able to pull off their assigned stereotypes, Samantha, along with her fellow Top Model finalist, Natasha Galkina, had a hard time bringing her stereotype to life. The judges decided to cut Samantha because they saw she lacked experienced and personality.

Samantha Francis is now an incredibly successful international model currently signed with Fusion Model Management in New York, Apple Model Management in Bangkok, and Style International Management in Hong Kong. She used to be signed with Elite Model Management in New York. She was featured as a “Top Model in Action” during Cycle 13.

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11 Responses to “Samantha Francis”

  1. emma Says:

    I think it’s great that she overcame the ‘I-probly-couldn’t-do-that-in-Alabama-‘-mood she had going. I really liked her.

  2. Marts Says:

    You know, it’s always funny to see how some girls who were eliminated in the first episodes end up having a far better career than some of the winners. Comes to say that ANTM doesn’t give you the career, but the tools to have one. From there, the choice is yours to use them right or not.

  3. Me Says:

    She kinda looks like Mila Kunis in some pictures. :) But I agree with you, Marts. ;)

  4. Paul K Says:

    My favorite contestant from cycle 8 is doing so well!

  5. Ashley Says:

    She is real pretty. :)

  6. slava Says:

    Oh, she is really ugly.

  7. sami Says:

    she looks like Vanessa Hudgens

  8. Kiki. Says:

    They were right about her being one of if not the prettiest of cycle 8. Glad she is doing well for herself them photos are fab!

  9. Violet Says:

    Samantha is my favorite model ever, along with Felicia and Natasha. And they’re all from the same cycle!

    Samantha is gorgeous.

  10. damncloudff7 Says:

    She is one of the Best looking girls of All Seasons. Samantha definitely has a very pretty face and nice body. All the Judges were completely out of theirs minds with this beauty. She proved them wrong once her modelling career took off.

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