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Source: CW / Jonathan Mannion

Source: CW / ANTM

Source: Tyra's Twitter

Contestants for Cycle 14:

Alasia Ballard, 18, Marietta, Georgia
Alexandra Underwood, 21, Kerrville, Texas
Angelea Preston, 23, Buffalo, New York
Anslee Payne-Franklin, 23, Dacula, Georgia
Brenda Arens, 23, Houston, Texas
Gabrielle Kniery, 18, St. Louis, Missouri
Jessica Serfaty, 18, Conway Arkansas
Krista White, 26, Pine Bluff, Arkansas
Naduah Rugley, 22, San Diego, California
Raina Hein, 22, Minnetonka, Minnesota
Ren Vokes, 22, Grand Prairie, Texas
Simone Lewis, 19, Lenexa, Kansas
Tatianna Kern, 21, Ewa Beach

Notes: This cycle is back to 5’7 or taller. Miss J. Alexander is no longer going to be on the judging panel; he will be focusing on runway coaching only. Andre Leon Talley (Editor-at-large of Vogue Magazine) will be replacing Miss J on the judging panel permanently this cycle. This cycle takes place in New York City and the international destination was Auckland, New Zealand.


Tyra Banks
Andre Leon Talley
Nigel Barker

Photo Shoots:

Ep 1: “Be my friend, Tyra!” (casting)
Ep 2:  Dreckitude!
Ep 3:  Let’s Dance!
Ep 4:  America’s Next Top Vampire
Ep 5:  Smile and Pose
Ep 6:  New York Women!
Ep 7:  Big Hair Day
Ep 8:  Welcome to New Zealand
Ep 9:  Hobbits Vs. Models
Ep 10: Ugly-Pretty Woman
Ep 11: America’s Next Top Model is …


Contract with Wilhelmina Models
$100,000 contract with CoverGirl Cosmetics
Cover and six-page spread in Seventeen Magazine

Winner: Krista White

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32 Responses to “ANTM Cycle 14”

  1. SANDY Says:


    • sher Says:

      They looked older! Krista has the youthful bouncy Grace Jones look. not even the guess judges said she looked old. those you mention a few judges talked about them not looking fresh. it never came up with krista and she certainly don’t look like a quarter back like Raina. also, remeber the go see’s said they would not book her. ATMN one time picking a person solly on face was a big failure. remember the 2nd season Yoanna!!!

  2. boo Says:

    Yep, I didn’t agree with this win. This season wasn’t memorable, as well. I don’t understand how Raina didn’t win. Plus, the runway! Yeah, I don’t understand how they decided on a winner with that runway.

  3. sondra Says:

    Raina should have won; she has everything. Her face and her brow is fantastic. Krista is only strong in walk, but for the photo shoot, not sure.

  4. John Says:

    Worst season ever! More vulgar than Jersey Shore and a winner perfect for high fashion but miles away to deserve and stand for Seventeen Magazine because she looks like a mature woman and not a teenager. Anyone remember Celia Ammerman (cycle 12) and the reason why the judges voted against her? Well Tyra, you are a big, big phony.

    • Gustavito Says:

      Thank you. I couldn’t remember why this season was so upseting to me; Jersey Shore, yeah these girls where all Snookie / J-Wow personalities, excluding Raina and Jessica. All the rest, god, they all really need some counsuling or therapy like ASAP.

    • Miss E Says:

      Ugh! I could not NOT stand Krista personally. I nearly laughed at Tyra’s words of praise when she won. Since this is not a Miss Congeniality contest I can see why Krista took the crown. She does have a degree of androgyny that can be versatile in high fashion. It all depends on how far Krista got to use it though. From what I hear Raina seems to be getting the “international,” when the judges felt Krista had the stronger shot at it. What irony!

  5. kiss Says:

    I did not agree. Raina was beautiful. Krista was too skinny with weird shoulders. I didn’t like the season. I think Tyra talks to much about herself more than ever getting to not lke the show.

  6. eliza Says:

    Am I the only one who liked this season? I like it because when it came to like top 6 or 5, all of them were taking good pictures. I actually thought there’s a lot talent in this season. I love Raina, but I do agree with Krista winning because she showed her versatility in the competition. Nevertheless, Raina got most work after the show, so … :)

    • mykal Says:

      I loved this season and I also agree with the judges decision of choosing krista as the winner. When it came down to the wire she did a marvelous job of showing that she can pretty much do it all.

  7. Jess Says:


  8. Khatarina Says:

    Fron the beginning Alasia, Angelea, Krista and Anslee annoyed the sh*t out of me. Always complaining about everything and looking like drag queens in every photoshoot. I sincerely hope none of those four ever get anywhere. Biatches…..

  9. Khatarina Says:

    And btw, this was the crappiest cycle ever. Even worse than the one with the alien-head-Teyona winning, cycle 12.

  10. Costello Says:

    I don’t agree with Krista winning, she was soo fake with the other girls. And I don’t think she has the right look for Top Model.

  11. Marie Says:

    I agree with liking this season and I thought Krista was very good as the winner but I also think Raina deserved to what it is she is doing as well. Even though Krista is not the best on smiles she is a firm model, style, walk and the works and that is all she need. Raina has a beauty smile and will go far as a model and in her other career; she is very likable.

  12. Marie Says:

    Yes, I like this season was very likable and I like the winner as well as the runner up. Actually, I think Tyra and the panel got it correct. Krista was the best one for the winner; she is very poised, she had the walk, style, and worked hard to get it done. Raina, beautiful smile, easy to get along with and will make it far.

  13. I really loved that cycle but come on…RAINA SHOULD HAVE WON.

  14. Jules Says:

    Krista is too skinny! Raina is beautiful and funny, she was my favorite.

  15. Julia Says:

    I still CANNOT believe she didn’t win. Perfect face, awesome pictures, beautiful body. What the hell is wrong with these judges?!

  16. Sammy Says:

    Jessica reminds me of miss australia 2010, hehe xx just sayin.
    I think that Raina and Jessica are the prettiest… OMG Alashia annoyed me so freaken much, when i heard she was eliminated I yelled, i screamed and i started crying with joy. No offence but she is a bit of a bitarch

  17. Stephie Says:

    This was by far the worst series of ANTM, and i know cause I have wacthed every episode of every season…..The best season was cycle 9. GOOO CHANTAL

  18. Annie Says:

    Well Jesica Michel-Serfaty was the bbest ever. plus her brothers a good friend of mine

  19. rebecca squires Says:

    thank you for all the comments i wanted to stop watching this show was a mess. i found this and feel some what relieved it is so lame the degree of volatile angles played out. and yet the winner in the end was a nice person.., but i am so glad that Raina got second the teaming up is there but this time made me illl.CYA

  20. rebecca squires Says:

    i like Raina to win and she is just a doll. but this one just got to me and then the next show i missed but i hope they all get success in some way it is awesome to see how they are doing wish this was around when i was young. I wish the best of luck to those beautiful young girls. And thanks for letting me comment!!!

  21. Joel Davies Says:

    I hated this season, Angelea and Krista were bullies in my opinion and I hate that the eliminated girls get to walk with the final two in the runway.

  22. ???? Says:

    How weird is it seeing them without their makeovers? In most cycles, you see them for at least one episode without makeovers so you become used to it, but you only saw them for a little bit before their makeovers so it’s weird seeing that…
    Wow, Raina and Jessica look soooo blonde cause I’m used to them being brunette…

  23. All of you who dont agree with krista winning, I sure would like to see how you look. krista did a very good job she deserve her hard work to pay off. shes just as beautiful now how do you look?

  24. kate Says:

    i dont know y i tink tyra doesnt pick the best pics for some girls…

  25. cassy Says:

    I really love that cycle 14 ,unfottunatly Raina Hein doesn’t win:(

  26. jon Says:

    Anyone who is surprised Krista won was not paying attention at all during this cycle. The woman was leagues above the rest of the competition. She took the best photos, was consistently called number 1 (three times in a row) and succeeded in the most challenges. Raina was sub-par at best. In fact Angelea should have been second place considering she booked 6/6 Go-Sees (has that EVER happened in ANTM history?)

    The real trainwreck of this season was Alaysia- how in the hell did she make it that far? Dumb as a stump and not a model in the slightest. Two best photos in a row? Rigged.

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