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Brandy Rusher was a contestant in Cycle 4 of ANTM.

When Brandy Rusher was a finalist on America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 4, she showed a lot of promise in the beginning, but as the weeks progressed, it became apparent to everyone that Brandy had a bit of an attitude problem.

During the first photo shoot with renowned photographer Nigel Barker, Brandy’s impatience and complaints angered Nigel, which led the judges to place Brandy in the bottom two. She was spared from elimination, but the experience did not seem to affect Brandy that much, as she continued to act rudely towards the other girls in the group.

After the third photo shoot, the frustrated Brandy verbally attacked her fellow Top Model finalist Tatiana Dante. Later on, Brandy was again placed in the bottom two, but this time around, the judges decided that they were fed up with her attitude, so they sent her packing. Brandy was the third contestant to be eliminated.

After appearing on the show, Brandy realized that even though she had the looks of a model, getting a job was a whole different story. However, Brandy’s experience on the show did awaken her to her flaws, and while she is still pursuing a career in modeling, she is also busy reinventing herself.

Brandy has taken test shots, but has not been picked up by an agency.

Source: Brandy’s Myspace
Source: Brandy’s Facebook
Source: Brandy’s Twitter
Source: Wikipedia
Source: BuddyTV
Source: All ANTM

Source: Brandy's Myspace / Photographer: Doss Tidwell

Source: ANTM

Source: BuddyTV

Source: ANTM

Source: ANTM

Source: ANTM / Nigel Barker

Source: Brandy's Myspace / Photographer: Doss Tidwell

Source: ANTM / Danielle Levitt

Source: BuddyTV

Source: ANTM / Danielle Levitt

Source: ANTM / Tracy Bayne

To see more photos of Brandy, click here.

16 Responses to “Brandy Rusher”

  1. KriStina Says:

    Необычная, но не привлекательная. Внешний вид и поведение какие-то отталкивающие

  2. катя Says:

    девочка и вправду симпотичная. мне она даже почти нравилась!

  3. Анастасия Says:

    Фаа, хоть кто-то русский осещает этот сайт. Бренди, мне понравилось её имя, но характер нет, плохо. Внешность, экзотика, но очень привлекательная, ага.

  4. Ulia Says:

    нифига…тут и русские тусят)…у нее характер скверный…а так..может она и ничего)

  5. nikki Says:

    Wow, those are great shots. Hopefully her career will pick up! Don’t stop!

  6. boo Says:

    Naw, she won’t get far. “How am I supposed to go back to my boyfriend looking like this?” Omg people, it’s this late with this many seasons of antm and people still griping about petty things. I think she did it all for show and really didn’t want to be a model.

  7. Debra Says:

    I’m actually embarrassed to know she is from Houston, Texas. It was a very poor representation of what comes out of our city. She made us look like gutter rats and that is embarrassing. She got what she deserved and she will never get modeling jobs with that nasty poor attitude. It is not personal, Brandy, you just take it all personally.

  8. datum pi Says:

    I’m glad that she said she was aware of her attitude problem and that she hopes to change but ultimately I think it caused irreparable damage to her career. :(

  9. hotlegend Says:

    you now what my girl made a mistake and she’s learned from it and by looking at her pictures she looks great and I wish her all the best in the future.

  10. K.B. Says:

    I am not at all surprised that Brandy has not been picked up by an agency. She had a horrible attitude on the show and nobody is going to want to work with someone or want someone to represent them with that kind of negative energy.

  11. sami Says:

    karma is a bitch….evident from her most recent shots and the state of her career

  12. Kim Says:

    Having attitude, being angry, being aggressive, and verbally abusive seems to be common some black women, regardless of age. Shame as it affects their lives in so many negative ways and limits their choices in life.


  14. myvoice Says:

    I just recently watched this episode and I’m sorry she never should have been given a second chance. Tyranny has a soft side for girls from the Hood but I’m sorry if you decide to act like an animal on national.TV you shouldn’t get a second chance especially if.their are other girls on the show who want to be there. If I was.that white girl who got kicked off instead of her is would have been pissed. And you can’t understand a word she was saying. It was an example of someone who had no education at all. I had to put the.close caption on to understand what she was saying. As an African American she really angered me. The way she.act the way she spoke she

  15. Kat Says:

    She got arrested too, a while back. I remember seeing on another site she had some side business called Braids with Flava (not my spelling, there) and there were some truly nuts pics from that time.

  16. rawtruth Says:

    She was and is so ugly, not attractive at all. Ghetto trash, NOT ARTICULATE AT ALL. EMBRASSING TO ALL MINORITY RACES. Country, ignorant and stupid.

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