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Angelia Alvarez was a contestant during Cycle 16 of ANTM.

This Pembroke Pines, Florida native was 20 years old during her appearance on America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 16. Though from Florida, Angelia is originally from Germany.

Angelia was the first girl to be eliminated from her respective cycle.

Source: The CW / Troy Jensen / Pottle Productions

Source: The CW / Russell James / Pottle Productions


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8 Responses to “Angelia Alvarez”

  1. Makister Says:

    Beautiful. The “next door” girl.

    • Hazel Hyuga Says:

      You’re really pretty, but you just didn’t express that. Second Chances are just around the corner! Don’t Stop Modelling!!!

  2. Gustavito Says:

    She reminds me of Khloe Kardashian; not a compliment.

  3. Alise Says:

    I tought she looked fierce, too bad she was sent home so soon.

  4. Hazel Hyuga Says:

    Don’t stop modelling! You’re pretty!

  5. maha88 Says:

    Honestly don’t get why she was elimintaed first, that photo is gorgeous!

  6. Katie Says:

    She was stunning, and it was too bad she didn’t go on further. She has a gorgeous face. I love her eyes.

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